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    Jul 15

    The ERP-software portal ‘ ERP Guide. de’ multiplied the number of its visitors already 2 weeks after the official launch. “Baldham 02.12.2009 – about 2 weeks after the successful launching of the ERP-systems Portal ERP Guide” has multiplied the number of visitors of the portal. So was the ERP guide even shortly before the launching on November 18, 2009 on place 218.080 of the most visited Internet sites of in Germany and could increase today place 74.613 stand, thus he has to improve in the last 2 weeks to over 140,000 rank places. For even more opinions, read materials from Andrew Cuomo. With visitor growth of well over 2000% (source: Alexa.com) is the ERP guide is one of the fastest growing portals in the entire business software industry. Be the rank places of the visitor numbers, which of course as the stock price daily companies vary an amazon.com, Alexa.com, and the visitor numbers of Web pages to determine one of the few relatively neutral sources, and similar to make. There is enormous interest in our ERP solution Portal ERP Guide”, so could even 2 partnerships in the first 2 weeks be closed, says Oliver Fischer, project manager of the ERP Guide.

    “To the one with the stock exchange information service instock.de” with 1.200.000 page impressions and 430,000 visits per month of one of the stock exchange recognized for many years in Germany. Here, the ERP guide provides the content on the portal site with his current RSS feed directly. “And on the other with the referral portal you can recommend also the ERP guide benchpark.com (www.benchpark.com) on the recently (link to the share of the ERP Guide: 637113/empfehlen.htm) on the ERP-Guide.de, the ERP guide is an independent trade book and information portal on the subject of ERP” (enterprise resource planning) with the headings: trade press, glossary, books, appointments, jobs, ERP news, ERP blog, ERP studies and ERP systems comparison. The ERP portal offers all companies (software vendors, consultants, systems integrators, publishers, etc.), which are active in this sector, the possibility of itself from 0 EUR to present or link your event dates or job vacancies free. “This allows this all visitors, is a comprehensive overview of the ERP market, or on the subject of ERP” to give.

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