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  • May 17

    John Sheehan changes mood media Ireland and strengthen the marketing and distribution in the United Kingdom, London, January 21, 2011 – John Sheehan was appointed Sales Director of mood Media UK, a business unit of mood Media Corporation (TSX: MM / LSE AIM: MM), for in-store marketing, called the leading experts. John Sheehan reports directly to the SVP of mood Media Europe Vanessa Walmsley and will work closely with Claude Nahon, President of mood Media Europe. He is also with the marketing directors of the company for Europe to maintain a close cooperation. So far, John Sheehan was the Managing Director and Sales Director of mood media in Ireland. “Vanessa Walmsley, SVP of mood Media Europe, explains: we are thrilled that John Sheehan now provides his talent, he has demonstrated with his work for mood media Ireland now abundantly clear, us for the British market.” with his support we are nationwide our integrated in-store radio, our visual systems and fragrance solutions one greater number of companies imagined, to provide them with valuable assistance in increasing its number of customers and enhance their brand reputation.” John Sheehan wants to his recent success in Ireland, for example, the national integration of in-store media solutions for on post ‘, an Irish postal service providers and the local businesses of Telefonica, once the implement. The mood Media Corporation is a leading expert in-store media, the customers with the combination of background music provides effective support for a targeted promotional communications at the point-of-purchase Visual marketing and fragrance marketing..

  • May 9

    As the official watch partner of the FC Barcelona, Seiko enjoys extensive marketing rights for the next three years. The Japanese watchmaker Seiko and the most successful football club in the world, FC Barcelona signed a partnership agreement in the Seiko is appointed as the official watch partner of the FC Barcelona for the next three years and worldwide marketing rights can take advantage of early March. Seiko enjoys extensive marketing rights as the official watch partner of the FC Barcelona. So the Seiko will be logo on the scoreboard at the Camp Nou, the home stadium of FC Barcelona, to find. In addition, you can see it on the Board of the fourth referee. Seiko will communicate the partnership with FC Barcelona in diverse marketing activities and in establishing the new Sportura this summer at the core collection.

    A new Sportura chronograph was chosen by FC Barcelona as a team watch. It will be presented by players from summer 2011. The design of the clock in the team colors and the Club crest on the dial underline the partnership. Seiko once again expresses his close ties to the sport with the agreement. Javier Faus, President of FC Barcelona said in announcing: we greatly appreciate the cooperation with such renowned and world famous brand, which for many years closely cooperates with professional sports and has extensive experience.

    We are convinced that this partnership will support both sides in their quest for excellence.” Shinji Hattori, President and CEO of Seiko Watch Corporation stresses in its opinion that combines values, the both sides: We are very honored that FC Barcelona has appointed the international watch partner Seiko. The history, the culture and the ambition of the FC Barcelona are the fundamental values of the brand of Seiko and we look forward to a successful cooperation in the coming years.” Both the FC Barcelona as Seiko also not only have long traditions and have ambitious goals, both sides put a Special emphasis on the youth work. In addition to the current team manager and coach Josep Guardiola enjoyed her training in the klubeigenen youth centre La Masia many outstanding players of FC Barcelona as Messi, Iniesta, Puyol, Xavi, Pique, Pedro or Valdes and have matured into world class players. Same philosophy followed Seiko: all major clock components are manufactured in our own company and the watchmaker be in-house developed and trained. Many of these watchmakers are now the best in the world. FC Barcelona FC Barcelona was founded in 1899 and won his first title in 1902. With 20 league titles, as well as 25 Cup successes in Spain and three-time winner of the UEFA Champions League, FC Barcelona is the most successful football club in the world. Particularly spectacular FC Barcelona has entered 2009 in the history of football: the Association in all six national and international competitions, where he went at the start, could win the title this year. In the current season of FC Barcelona is at the top of La Liga Division and in the finals of the UEFA Champions League.

  • May 9

    The Epson Germany GmbH has placed the expansion and the development of their affiliate marketing program, and search engine marketing in the hands of 3GNet. The EPSON Germany GmbH (printers, scanners, projectors and displays) for expanding and improving their affiliate marketing program and search engine marketing (SEM) on the competence of 3GNet familiar since the beginning of the year 2008. The experienced Munich agency 3GNet is since January 2008 for the prestigious, Japanese imaging professionals with products and solutions in the fields of print and digital image processing. Aim is the optimization of advertising support online marketing, as well as establishing a strong affiliate network. This EPSON relies on the extensive expertise of 3GNet partner programs, as well as the resulting and perfectly manicured affiliate contacts.

    About the EPSON Germany GmbH, the EPSON Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation. Epson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of printers, LCD projectors, as well as small and medium-sized LCDs, which enjoy an international reputation due to high quality, functionality, compactness and energy efficiency. For more information, of the 3GNet 3GNet GmbH was founded in 2002 and is one of the leading German agencies in the field of online marketing and provides individually tailored solutions, from the individual to the full service support. Around 70 fixed and free employees from different fields of activity work for the Agency with offices in Munich and Berlin.

  • Mar 14

    TRANS scoop 09 exacerbated Dusseldorf TimoCom GBG, December 15, 2009 – the success of a company not least depends on the quality of his business contacts. For this reason the new SME cooperation TRANS scoop 09 successful with the Pan-European party logistics solutions TimoCom cooperates. Since July 2009, a closed user group (GBG) in the TC TimoCom freight Exchange is the trans scoop 09 members available and thus a number of advantages in the MRP truck & cargo arise for them. Speaking candidly Macys told us the story. The freight and truck replacement goes into an electronic cargo and freight exchange faster and more efficiently by providing. Tulip Retail: the source for more info. Faster go if unite companies in associations or partnerships and meet within such exchange in a closed user group (GBG). TimoCom, provider of international freight and freight exchange TC truck & Cargoo for their customers several such GBG established, to simplify these everyday disposition.

    Also the founder of trans scoop 09 knew that a medium-sized cooperation of shippers and carriers. Launched in July 2009 the new alliance with 14 member companies; now, the number has more than doubled. One reason for the successful growth of this cooperation is the trans scoop GBG Frachtenbose TC truck & Cargoo. The co-ordinators of the network provided for the establishment of this GBG from the outset: cooperation since 09-members can all TRANS scoop, the TimoCom customers are, replace their excess transportation capacity in the mentioned GBG among themselves. The benefits for members are enormous: a they are ahead of a major step the competition that offer or the appropriate business partners found even faster. On the other hand, partnerships are strengthened and designed on a long-term and trusting cooperation.

    Coordinator of the network of Karl Gerd Jux: we are happy to be able to cooperate with such a powerful partner such as TimoCom and are sure that the quality of service for our members thus greatly increasing. In the future, we will work closely together with TimoCom, for our members to benefit from TimoComs creative logistics solutions again and again.” The principle of such a GBG: only members of the Union, who meet here and offer their freight and truck deals exclusively with each other have access to the GBG. While the familiar user-friendly program navigation is maintained; It appears at the beginning only an additional window, you can specify how long an offer in the GBG. Should, where appropriate, until the expiry of this period selected by the user itself internally still no principal found have, automatically moves the offer in the open exchange and truck & Cargoo customers is made thus available to all TC. The partnership between TimoCom and TRANS scoop 09 promises a successful year 2010 both parties. Primarily but members of the Union will benefit you in the future even faster and more efficient will make their business processes. Learn more about TimoCom and TRANS scoop 09 You can find under or. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Public Relations Manager Isabel winking Lahari, M.A..

  • Jan 17

    Business start-up success initiates founders week Germany 2010 strategy specialisation in the time from November 15 to 21 by the Federal Office for Economics and technology. In whole Germany, there are events and information relating to the topics of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Also the Fulda region is active. The Fulda University of applied sciences, as well as the consulting firm ebbing are already partners of the founder’s week. (Not to be confused with Thredup!). “” The officer Tanja Ebbing explains: like we make success due to our seminar or workshop business formation strategy through specialization “a contribution to Germany’s founder week.” The Fachhochschule Fulda transfer, the free event passes the 16.11.2010 in the Fulda, University of Applied Sciences Centre Henry Bibra-Platz 1 b, in the period from 09: 30 to 13:00 by. The officer Tanja Ebbing as trained SMEs consultant business start-ups”aims to impart practical knowledge to win entrepreneur for the adventures of self-employment and to motivate their Visions to realize. This determines opportunities and advantages of self-employment and pointed out the conditions and properties of successful existence founder. In particular participants will deal with the question, how they can develop a strategy for a successful establishment. Macy’s Inc. has much experience in this field.

    This bottleneck focused service as a guide the EKS strategy”by Prof. Wolfgang Mewes, which is internationally protected. At the end of the speaker is alternative project financing as well as explain the benefit of claiming an start-up advice of of existence of, which expressly publicly funded. Learn more about the week of founder of and the events there are on the website of the heading events and calendar of events. Since the number of participants is limited, one is timely registration under recommend.

  • Jan 9

    HAMP loan modification, home affordable modification plan, loan modification programs the Obama federal loan modification programs is the talk of the town as many people are getting involved in the modifications. The actual figures of the loan modification and their approval are not clear. Loansstore has till date completed many of the modifications and is actively serving the nation providing assistance to the needy individuals. The Obama federal loan modification program is the talk of the town as many people are getting involved in the modifications. Western Union understands that this is vital information. The actual figures of the loan modification and their approval are not clear. Loansstore has till date completed many of the modifications and is actively serving the nation providing assistance to the needy individuals.

    Numerous people are participating in its HAMP loan modification plan and are benefitting. Now people can stop their foreclosure while participating in the loan modification plan. The Obama government is very transparent and has clearly mentioned all the HAMP loan modification program rules to its consumer. The government is continuously working to help the needy homeowners and make them understand the loan modification plan. It’s constantly upgrading its effort to involve more number of people and trying to convert the trial loan modifications to the permanent ones. Before applying for modification the homeowner should know the home affordable modification program requirements. The government is aware of the fact that still many homeowners are in need of help and thus they are trying their best to actively involve all of them. The Obama administration is trying hard to permit people to stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure.

    They have even trained professionals who can help the needy homeowners. Loansstore is participating so actively in providing the loan modification services and has assisted many homeowners. The main aim of the Obama loan modification programs is to send all the eligible consumers to a trial loan modification and convert them to permanent modification within 3 months of time. Loansstore is therefore helping people to convert trial loan modification to the permanent ones. According to the rules of the home affordable modification plan the borrower once approved has to make monthly payments for three months without fail to convert a trail period into permanent ones. HAMP is truly a vital part of the Obama administration effort to provide relief to its consumers and creating a history by stabilizing the housing market. You too can participate in the HAMP plan, just call Loansstore now and seek help.

  • Aug 16

    The cookbooks of the writer Carlos Iggenheim Berlin, January 24, 2010 – Wolfgang Fiedler was born on the 23.12.1956 in Landau an der ISAR in the beautiful Lower Bavaria. For 26 years, he lives with his family in Hassloch/Bohl Iggelheim. “Singer: Mr. Fiedler, you have last year the book but please carbohydrate-poor” published in the tredition-Verlag, Hamburg. Where did you get the idea for this cookbook? Fiedler: The idea came from a very good and old friend, I very much appreciate. It is the writer Jutta Schutz. Singer: As I’ve seen, you have published also an electronic Cookbook, in the same publishing house.

    Intend to bring this fish book later as a book in the shops? Fiedler: Yes certainly, but previously is still the 2.Teil of the fish book and then we summarize all and results in a new book that you can get in the book stores. Singer: I could keep track of, you’re quite successful after only a short time with your book. How do you feel about that? Fiedler: Well, not much otherwise, as before. But it makes me some pride to have brought this. And as a result were automatically more ideas. Singer: Was it easy to publish the book for you? Fiedler: With the participation of Mrs contactor ran it very good.

    We brought together my first book on the way. Singer: Will there be a sequel to the book of your fish? Fiedler: As already mentioned, there will be a 2nd part. “Singer: How did you actually get on this low carb diet form”? Fiedler: Myself, since 2005 brought several severe diseases behind me and have increased by over 30 kg, Mrs. Schutz on low carb brought to my attention. I dealt me with this topic, what was completely new for me and could also thanks to my hobby for cooking everything good in the fact implement. Last year Ms contactor and I organized a great low carb reading tour through Germany, were also in the Benelux, England and in the United States. This year should go to Africa in the summer. We have a great invitation of various hotels. Of course we link, that means our two families, this low carb journey with a great vacation. Singer: have the book projects at work? Fiedler: Now there are 2 different books which are in work. A book about my German army time and a book about the airplane disaster at Ramstein. Ideas for a 3rd book are also already there, it will deal with it to bullying, machinations by employers, how they want to get rid of their longtime employees. Singer: Mr. Fiedler, I wish you continued success for your book projects and thank you for the interview. Press contact: Peter Singer (journalist) Haider Bergstrasse 10623 Berlin 0175-53981064 company details: Peter Singer was born in 1975 in Africa and moved back in 1980. He is at home in the car industry and as a hobby, he writes for many newspapers.

  • Jul 23

    Breeze24.com a company from Stuttgart which their online shop online has made recently. There are also lots of additional information in the blog just in time to start the season the MT electrical and refrigeration systems GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany has put online shop your end customers under breeze24.com. The product portfolio includes mobile devices designed for private use as well as smaller split systems as a priority, but also for the commercial market, air conditioners are offered there. Among the leading refrigeration manufacturer Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Sinclair and Frigoline are represented. To know more about this subject visit Governor Cuomo. The MT electrical and refrigeration systems GmbH attaches particular importance to comprehensive customer advice, which includes also a telephone order hotline at 0711-504272 42. Therefore, online shop offers also the opportunity, check there acquired and installed equipment by an authorized refrigeration technician of MT electrical and refrigeration systems GmbH for leaks and fill with the appropriate refrigerant. Also in the area Heat recovery and energy saving heating with heat pumps is leading MT electrical and refrigeration technology and offers all products in the online shop. In addition, a knowledge database is offered by declaration of the function of air conditioning, energy consumption, instructions for operation and installation significantly easing the purchase decision. Also manuals and documents of the individual devices are there.

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    Apr 7

    Anyone who knows this strong, wordy, flexible and system-independent programming language, is not surprised by their durability. According to a survey, 93% of respondents believe that COBOL is also in future play an important role in your company are and the average American works in interaction with a COBOL program still 13 times per day. IT modernization is high on the project list for many companies and organizations. “” Almost always, that means detachment “, reprogramming” not so for COBOL! But COBOL even lift off after so many years”, is remarkable. 61% of respondents in the survey didn’t know that COBOL is already floating in the clouds”. COBOL applications in cloud environments to can be operated as well, such as the trouble-free communication with any other new technology.

    Congratulate you should Grace Hopper (Rear Admiral of the U.S. Navy (Reserve), has created this treasure in 1959. How right she had: the technology is always changing, but the logic remains. Who can claim that half a century of stability and functionality? And now the gates are again wide open for COBOL! EasiRun Europe has made a famous name as COBOL specialists in nearly 20 years. COBOL compile after .NET Windows and even in the Java environment, which is our daily bread. From COBOL logic out graphical user interface design, modern printing requirements and create Web-capability, also open the world of the RDBMS for COBOL applications, it has focused our company.

    EasiRun packed COBOL so that the integration of new technologies is just like IT philosophies changed adapting itself and still remains open for further developments. Now EasiRun goes on another issue relating to COBOL programming: the education and training of programmers. 50 years term which also means that valuable knowledge by the Generational change is lost. Companies and organizations and their employees can catch up now.

  • Mar 29

    Dutch quality of camp leaders gaining ACSI popularity who is? 47 Years, ACSI (car camper service international) has become the brand name among campers and campsites. Since 1965 the Publisher provides the industry travel with current camping information and innovative camping products. Andelst, July 26, 2013 – the German camper appreciate always more the high Dutch quality of the ACSI camping guides. This appreciation has resulted in that already 2 ACSI camping guide (with high circulation) in the ACSI webshop are sold out; the ACSI camping guides Europe and the CampingCard ACSI. Campers receive our guides reliable information about the camping sites they want to visit”, so Director van Reine. ACSI inspects all ACSI camp sites as sole publisher of camping Guides every year. 9800 Seats are in total.

    About 200 facilities be controlled per campsite. Campers will receive reliable information.” CampingCard ACSI & pitch Guide The CampingCard ACSI is located among the leaders sold out. Camper in the off-season can stay very cheap with the purchase of this guide. This successful product of ACSI gaining popularity for years. Among other things by the simple system; you pay only 12, 14 or 16 on the discount card.

    Can also no longer delivered to bookshops in the ACSI CampingCard & pitch Guide. There are still some copies in the ACSI webshop. This guide is a Special Edition for campers. Is ACSI camp sites listed the CampingCard under infliction of numerous campsites across Europe. Also the discount card is also included. Now the inspectors by ACSI’re 2014 to collect information for the camping season. Who still have a copy of the ACSI camping guide 2013 wants to rise, can find possibly a copy in German bookstores or caravan traders. In ACSI webshop can still the ACSI on webshop.acsi.eu Campsite Guide Germany (incl. CampingCard ACSI) are ordered.