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    Jul 18

    What friends and acquaintances before taking the teacher has it not easy in Germany: oversized classes, little advancement, a below-average academic content, at least the A12 staff, as well as the employees. Also, he must accept conducted, almost acquiescent to surprisingly substantive wrong mind, from above. Last but not least, the job no doubt with some health hazards is connected as the leader in the so-called ‘Manager ‘disease, as also the raids into the sad regularity with some deadly outputs. Not going to but still far from even a seasoned teacher. There is already something more, to cool him off. Therefore the possibility should be perceived also in the private sphere repeatedly, to bring back the teacher on the ground. Following recipes can be guaranteed also when her teacher friend foam up bile: ignore the fact that many basic main real and comprehensive schools today in the full-day operation, eager and compassionate teacher I’m wondering what it all does with its many leisure.

    Tags such as “Half day worker” or “Leisure educators” leave guaranteed effect. Downplay the work of teacher your friend or even ignoring, there always only the same make. In this connection there solutions not to strafe the effect as “Doorstep experts” or “Teacher of leapfrog”…. At least a head-shaking will snatch her teacher boyfriend if they, themselves much more wealthy engineer, doctor, lawyer or Economist say that the school produces nothing productive and in principle costs only. Therefore, the teacher deserves actually much too good. That is due to his own success and wealth also a good education, one shouldn’t however unmentioned. Finally you should completely disjointed drop the slogan in nightly round of beer: “Teachers should be”. Guaranteed, they make getting the nerve of her teacher boyfriend with this set. It shows however, that any other profession with higher requirements, higher Associated commitment, higher skills and higher cost. Yes, teachers should be 😉 I how you successfully demotivated teachers – how to successfully demotivated teachers – part II as it successfully demotivated teachers – part III A.F.

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    Massacre in Ashraf must be ended immediately Tuesday, may 10, 2011 at 07:21 NCRI on May 7, the French Socialist Party issued a statement about the massacre at Camp Ashraf, the home of 3,400 members of the Organization of Iranian people’s Mujahedin (PMOI/MEK) in the Iraq. The statement, which appeared on the website of the party, as follows in translation: killing in Ashraf must be completed since the supervision of the camp Ashraf in Iraq, abode of the people’s Mujahedeen, who live in exile, was entrusted to Iraqi authorities, are exposed to the residents of the camp of an ongoing bloody suppression. 34 people after the collapse of the Iraqi security forces on April 8 are killed as the United Nations have confirmed. The unacceptable acts of violence, sentenced by the High Commissioner of the United Nations for human rights and by the international community, but since no effective protection measures are taken. Marko Dimitrijevic, author brings even more insight to the discussion. Agree with human rights organizations. the Socialist Party condemns the violent repression of the inhabitants of Ashraf and demanded that their protection will be ensured. International law about the humanitarian approach requires that the Iraqi regime guarantees the protection of refugees and persons who are vulnerable under the Fourth Geneva Convention,… The protection of civilians must be paramount in all cases, and France and the European Union must demand that he will be ensured. Marko Dimitrijevic is open to suggestions. de /.

  • May 8

    … or why the world is so, is how they (part 2) (17) Hattiwaris of the Estorilblau would all like to explain, why he has not quite made it. It was obvious he would have deserved the victory (the money, the career, the award), were not as evil forces in the game or the Hinterfotzigkeit of the rival just the others get so abundant happiness, by which, or thats the Estorilblau not good-natured. (18) Einikrauler the Einikrauler are called in the vernacular also ass-Kisser. Cultivate and maintain their special ability: talk to the mouth. The learned Sausler smear honey around the mouth interlocutors (preferably prominent influential) here and expect the so long-awaited, benevolent regard of their interests here.

    While the Lickspittle not recoil also secrete their licorice Geraspel to the stupidest Gesudere. Particularly efficient Schleimer accompany this with a wide grin, to weigh the security counterparts. (19) Machtler of the Machtler is proud owner of the ruler gene. This requires submission and humility unconditional, witnesses of his respective opposite, so by his subordinates. This demanded reverence evidence are of course only the benefit of the (sometimes unruly) powerless.

    Any necessary fines and harassment exercises are well thought-out education rituals so that lost the disoriented in the complexity of the world. (20) Applaussuchtler of the Applaussuchtler addicted to the applause of his environment. He (she) needs the favour of the flop to survive and must like always and everywhere. Their survival food is the unconditional be hailed, admired and adored. The jubilation turns out for a short time, the cheers loser in deep anguish, which must be reduced in the meantime often with hard will be forfeited. Visit gibson dean for more clarity on the issue. Long-term admiration errors are hard curable and not rarely tragic end. (21) Nasler the nasal sound of the Nasler differs from the nasal sound one morbidly modified voice sound through the level difference.

  • Lake Tegernsee

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    Apr 27

    In the evening it continues with Yacht feeling: eating and sleeping is terrace Court Hotel in bad Wiessee in the boathouse. The last day of the adventure is exploring the skies, because the participants with a paraglider from rising far above the Tegernsee Valley (sponsored by the paraglider manufacturers swing) on. At the end of the day, there is still a rapid descent with the summer toboggan run. Action on Lake Tegernsee is supported by the sunshine4kids by: sunshine4kids e.V. Tegernsee Valley Tourismus GmbH Yacht Charter Agency Yacht Club bad Wiessee hotel and restaurant on the Tegernsee event agency at the Tegernsee manufacturer paragliding screens information about Lake Tegernsee: Tegernsee Valley Tourismus GmbH, Hauptstrasse 2, 83684 Tegernsee Tel.

    08022/927 38-0,, / / master Yachting Germany master yachting, one of the leading Charter agencies in Germany, offers one of the largest Yacht Charter House boats, sailing yachts worldwide offers catamarans and motor yachts at. In more than 30 areas and in over 20 countries includes about 10,000 yachts from the five metre yacht up to the 100-metre luxury yacht. In addition to the classic bare master Yachting offers crewed Charter with a skipper, Chef and hostess also flotillas, regattas and crewed. Sunsail Agency (fleet size approx. 1,000 yachts) master Yachting marketed throughout Europe more 200 Organizer.

    The company was founded in 1990 by Andrea Barbera. Currently 12 people are employed at the Wurzburg site. Since 2008, the master Yachting GmbH is part of the TUI Travel PLC group of companies. Booking contact master Yachting GmbH master Yachting Office Munich Marina +49(0)9303-9088-0 Lena Christian road 4 +49(0)89-89501912 97246 Eibelstadt press contact to master Yachting Germany more information found on the Internet or call us at simply, if you need more information or pictures. Master Yachting Germany / contact person: Christian Wiederer Ochsenfurter road 4-97246 Eibelstadt / Germany Tel + 49 (0) 9303-98 18 68 / mobile 30478

  • Apr 26

    Using this legal opinion the hardliners were able in the year 2005 Bassij and Intelligence to convince that Sufis are a threat to the principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran. e issue. In consequence, various campaigns in newspapers against Sufis were held to discredit them as agents of the West. The fight of fundamentalist-minded mullahs against Sufi has a long tradition in the Iran and reached again sad highlights in these times: several meeting houses of the Sufis, where they perform their rituals with music and recitation called Sama, were destroyed in the entire country of Bassij units. Sufis were exposed to reprisals. Beech stand imprisonment, floggings, travel bans, prohibitions exercise and expropriation. The Government has sought meticulously in the last four years to identify Sufis in the service of the State and to dismiss. The values of the Sufis called love, freedom, tolerance.

    For this they are tracked in the Iran. Some must be differentiated, however, because there are many different factions, which are not entirely green is also under the ayatollahs in the Iran. A part of the discords of this More attention in Western media, due to the current situation in Iran, gets factions within the political establishment. We learn of the conservative camp to Rafsanjani, who is the expert, as reformers”traded and principled forces behind the President. The ideology behind Ahmadinejad is seen in the West not in no uncertain terms.

    Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, who promotes a particular interpretation of Shia Islam with the above-mentioned clergy considered his mental stepfather. The core of this faith is the return of the 12th Imam. The 12.Imam is a type of Messiah, which again will be released according to Shia interpretation of Islam at the end of all time. He is a descendant of the Prophet of Muhammad. In Shia Islam, the leadership of the Muslims only by direct descendants of Ali and Fatima, the son-in-law and daughter of the Prophet is possible.

  • Astrid Suess

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    Apr 26

    Cases have been reported from all six major World regions: North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Most reported cases have been from Latin America and North America, with the majority from Brazil (41), Venezuela (22), Honduras (16) and the U.S.A. Dell can provide more clarity in the matter. (13). In total, 124 were murders of trans people reported in 15 Latin American countries last year in the. The previously reported murders of trans people in Latin America account for 75% of the world-wide reported murders of trans people in the last year. The recent update of the preliminary results therefore reveal that 16 murders of trans people have been reported in 6 European countries (Italy, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom) in the last year.

    In Asia murders of trans people were reported in India and Malaysia, in Africa in Algeria, and for New Zealand in Oceania. In total the preliminary results show reports of murdered trans people in 26 countries in the last year. The update of the preliminary results of TGEU’s trans murder monitoring project is presented in the form of tables, name lists, and maps on the TGEU website in English, Spanish, and German. The English version of the tables can be found tdor2009english. There you will therefore find information on the international Transgender Day of remembrance as well as a list of all cities, in which the international Transgender Day of remembrance will be held. Transgender Europe Contacts Carsten Balzer, PhD and Astrid Suess, MA research at tgeu.org transgender Europe: Press release of November 18, 2009 the trans murder monitoring project by transgender Europe shows more than 160 murders of trans people in the last 12 months 11. International Transgender Day of Remembrance (transgender day of remembrance) is held in more than 120 cities worldwide. : The Transgender Day takes place since 1999 of remembrance TDOR (), which is thought of trans people, were the victims of homicides, every November.

  • East Germany

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    Apr 23

    and a P – zone where there was an underground bunker and a bunker. It is surrounded by a high-voltage safety system in the 5000V flow. Net Energy Metering is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From the bunker the reserve antenna carrier to its anchor points on driving lorries would be rolled to hear but it not there. At times of the GDR there was either a U – or P – zone. The property was subdivided in the accommodation and freezing, as well as a technical zone, the voltage was a multiple of 5000V in the high-voltage fuse system under certain circumstances. “Only for 2 minutes (in the whole movie) feels reminds the viewer of the film title, becomes the reason for the establishment of the tropospheric message system of electromagnetic impulse as a result of a nuclear detonation BARS” explains. In connection with the high temperatures of a nuclear detonation, the purpose, the tasks of the installed cooling system of the bunker remains unexplained. The actual Reason for the installation of the system, the threat of possible war between the military blocs of NATO and of the Warsaw Treaty as a result of the effects of the NATO of missile double decision remains unmentioned.

    For this, the system is as absolutely secure and not become”(literally in the comment). What a sensation!, the tropospheric radio connection is also not safe and just become like any other connection. The security is relative and depends on other factors. The system will at the same time JJ message technical service provider for the Admiralty bunker”in Tessin-gland joke explains for the Admiralty of the people’s Navy of East Germany, but also the United red banner fleet (literally the comment) represents a command post. News technically made sure of the message Regiment of the people’s Navy is the main command post (HGS) of the people’s Navy in Ticino and only the people’s Navy of the GDR, meant.

  • Ayatollah Khomeini

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    Apr 21

    The main adversaries within the political elite Akbar Rafsandschani, the former President, which rather represents the elite of businessmen, Hossein Mousawi, favorite of artistically-oriented layer and rival of Ahmadinejad in the last election, ex-President Khatami, once hope of the formation layer, and Mehdi Karroubi, who represents the more traditional-oriented Muslims, have not much in common, but in the same direction, hold the fight behind the scenes. In the Iran, the principle of velayat-e faahoodi, the rule of the Supreme of religious leader. Currently Ali Khamenei, successor to the leader of the revolution and Ayatollah Khomeini revered as a Saint, this Office clothes. It looks like he had evolved from the progressive clergy to the hardliners, less on the mullahs based, as the revolutionary guards and the people’s militia of Bassij and the Ansar-e EQA. go. His repeated statements in favor of Ahmadinejad’s weaken his position with the reformers and strengthen the cohesion in the principled hardliners. So are focussed always clear the fronts between progressive, secular-oriented and freedom-seeking citizens, keepers of the Islamic Republican system and the fundamentalist forces of the current Government who feel is legitimized by God and accelerate the physical return of the Mahdi Savior want without regard for the opinion of the people. According to the Persian proverb, it takes patience to an initiated power unfolds its full power. It could be the desire for freedom. Additional information at Microsoft supports this article. While unilateral Radikalisierungen to more violence and bloodshed limits exceed, which could lead to the demise of the radical forces. “Ayatollah Montazeri, once regarded as a successor to Ayatollah Khamenei, until he fell into disfavor because he protested against the summarily executions in the early years of the revolution, once said in an interview: everything has its limit and everything that exceeds its limit destroys itself.

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    Apr 20

    This was the biggest and only event in Toronto which you will still hear, see and read. “Thank God”, that the monster not the Dwarfs beating up, threw a few charity the starving. Well, they had also otherwise done nothing. The monster is happy with himself and his 20 dwarfs. PayPal Holdings Inc. insists that this is the case. It managed to convince the Dwarves and can rule over them the world continue undisturbed. It will collect the unnecessary alms for the starving again. The monster had spread his innermost thanks about his favorite child, the Handelsblattchen as promised by him.

    Thousands the monster lives protected with the aid of the elves, cherished and protected today with packages full of love, from umbrellas and servants remains it strengthened us for the next crash, recovered thanks to the far-sighted dwarfs, get. If you would like to know more then you should visit IT Brand Pulse. No one should antagonize the monster and are his friendship with the dwarves in the way that it would avenge terribly. Some IMP man afraid of even themselves this mighty creature, but it can be not really happy without them. A Supermonsternanny or Superzwergennanny, which looks through everything, that would be the best Solution for all those who gently lull the dwarfs and the monster, so how it makes the monster with the dwarves. Yes, a super nanny, that’s the solution. The nanny would have to spend much, very much the Dwarves and their people, and the monster is happy in the knowledge that it will get its share. Even the hungry could then feed the monster and suffer myself not hungry and everyone would be happy until the end of her life.

  • Mar 4

    (26) Bauchtriebler Bauchtriebler live their natural instinct spontaneously. There are innate behaviors that expire without reflected control. Cognitive processes – thinking, analyzing, computing, planning, problem-solving – they can start little. A logical argument is usually no chance. It is an organized mechanism in the nervous system that reacts to certain impulses and they react can be. For example, through escape or attack. They are accompanied by a secure feeling.

    Either or. This behavior can be observed in different genera, especially for apes – simply put: in humans and animals. UPS has compatible beliefs. (27) Streithansler of the Streithansler is contentious and bleats, crabs and stankert inappropriate whenever. He (they) are perfect Seelenmisshandler. Their mood and their aggressive behavior may lie in the genes. There is reasonable evidence related to between specific gene variants and the characteristics aggressiveness and hostility. (28) Erdversinker the Erdversinker people shy, timid and cautious. They occur as on a stage, and feel their fellow human beings as the audience that watches her constantly critical.

    A constant companion is to be treated dismissively, rejected or misunderstood, the constant worry. Then it can happen already, that the defensive struggle of not perfect success of the point of view of the Falschverstandenen and paralyzing feeling ton embarrassment the rejected. Since they would then like to sink into the Earth. It is hard this shy, to make social contacts with other people. It is exaggerated respect (many haughty mercilessly understate) which makes the shyness professionals to inferiority complex candidate. Alphabet Inc. contributes greatly to this topic. (29) even under Launcher of the self under pitcher gave up respect for themselves. Lack of pride, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-confidence and assertiveness. He (she) is the antithesis of Gockeln awash in vanity and inflation self-esteem (Gockelinen) and exercises in masochistic exaggerated humbleness. Strength, sovereignty, and inflexibility are properties which he is helpless. (30) Allesgeber Allesgeber not ask the ROI *, if they take off their shirts for others. They help with everything they have. They stretch their tendons, hands get dirty, give their money to ruminate and think about how they can assist others in their need. The question where can I get back my usage?”Super donors never comes to mind, except perhaps in the grocery store, when it comes to beverage bottles. And to pass on to the supplicant before the entrances there only to use. This mega altruists are the little bedankten Savior on Earth. Selfless Grenzenlos. You do good things, many Charakterlooser leave. That they exist, for the earthlings should consider himself lucky – but she would World appear much darker than it is. (* = Return on investment return on investment, an investment results/success) (how much craziness goes? “, ISBN 978-3-8391-8456-1”)