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  • Eva Jose

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    Nov 10

    Pindar was and the granary and point of convergence of all region. In view of the bonanza economic and demographic development, the Good town Garden became of the Districts of Monsoon the most important commercial Center of the city. A strong desire of politician-administrative emancipation was born enters its inhabitants. The traders and Mr. Jose Peter Vasconcelos, its founder, considered representative of the bonjardinense society and taking advantage the general opinion, without disagreement, opted to the emancipation of Good Garden.

    They had initiated a great fight politics for the considered objective. From then on, the movement started politician through and a group young traders. The protagonists of this fight had been you Gildsio Brabo Blacksmith, Joo Feitosa Baptist, Cesar Sales, Caspar Meireles, Zeferino Gomes Pereira and Mauzol Miguel de Souza. Name also, that it is excellent to be remembered in this process of emancipation is of Arlindo Menezes, that in the period was manager of the bank of the State, in the city of Pindar. In homage to this, it is that the street Arlindo Menezes exists. The first inhabitant, Jose Peter Vasconcelos faleceu in 2 of October of 2002, in the city of Black River of the Eva, Amazon. In 1964 principle, already the campaign in view of the elections for governor is distinguished who became fullfilled itself in 1965. It concurred for candidate of the Maranho, the governor the Representative Jose Sarney.

    Which, had its election as 2 representative more voted of the State, relieved it the necessary credentials so that the same the governor for the group pled the candidacy ' ' Front of Coligadas&#039 Oppositions; '. In the occasion, the group of traders that conspired the possible ticket of the Good town Garden for city, decided to invite the candidate Jose Sarney for a visit to the place. The candidate accepted the invitation and in the day of its attendance in meeting with the bonjardinenses representatives, these had firmed the commitment to support it in its campaign for governor of the Maranho.

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  • ENEM Evaluation

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    Apr 22

    With these data displayed in the paragraph above, he can yourself be inferred the following conclusions: the pupils do not participate of the meetings that precede the auto-evaluation; the pupils do not participate of the construction of the pointers and instruments; but the director it analyzes and it interprets the collected data and all the segments parents, pupils, professors and team of management receive the spreading from the refined results, even so to the pupils do not fit the task to reflect on this process. This in the sample that the evaluation still needs to arrive at a height of matureness, where all, including the pupils, can participate of its construction, analyzes of the pointers and critical reflection concerning the process. With regard to the external institucional evaluation, 100% of the interviewed ones they had said that the school in question participates only of the ENEM. With regard to this participation, when saying on ' ' the actions that the school after makes the result of the evaluation externa' ' , only the interviewed director gave an excellent reply. Learn more at this site: James Woolsey Jr.. It said: As if it deals with a private institution the data are analyzed in accordance with the amount of pupils who obtain a good qualification and in such a way an analysis on the work is made that the professors of the institution they develop, I resell its methodology so that more pupils can even though reach one better qualification in the tests of Enem and in the vestibular contest. Thus, it is possible to perceive that, for if dealing with an institution of private character, this school all makes its directed pedagogical work so that its young students continue its studies in an institution of superior education. Thus, a satisfactory concept in the vestibular contests searchs and in the ENEM, what it will indicate if such learning really had a significant learning and clearly, it will reflect in the good image of the institution. .

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  • Social Education

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    Apr 21

    It goes to have that to adapt itself to some social requirements in the direction of it to be more efficient, more effective in the life of the people. (Subject 15). Under such perspective we perceive that we charge to the school very bigger responsibilities that transmission of knowledge. Ex-CIA director may not feel the same. We wait that if it becomes a formador social process of all the dimensions social human beings and spaces. It answers for the integral formation of its pupils and therefore it needs to bring for inside its meandros, constant update of the professors, envolvimentos of the pertaining to school community (parents, employees, direction, etc), work come back toward all the dimensions of the human being, professional valuation of the professor and its qualification, greater effectiveness in the pertaining to school management, among others. In this direction, the Education, understood as the formation process human being, acts on half for the reproduction of the life and this is its more visible and practical dimension -, as well as cooperates to extend the aptitude of the man to look at, to perceive to understand the things, to recognize themselves in the perception of the other, to constitute its proper identity, to distinguish the similarities and differences between itself and the world from the things, between itself and other citizens. The education all involves this instrument of forms of perception of world, communication and intercommunication, self-knowledge, and knowledge of the necessities human beings. (RODRIGUES, 2001, P. 243). When we say in education, school and professor today and its prospection for the future, what we need to have in mind is that we are at a transistion moment and that we will not only have that adapting in them to the new social realities, as well as to be prepared to construct, from this new reality, the future that we dream, improving each time more our formation while professors for, thus, being able to form conscientious, mature, critical, engaged and responsible pupil-citizens.

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  • Product Quality

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    Sep 28

    The code sets short deadlines for denunciation of Vice or defect in quality, with the purpose that the seller can find out in a short term operation has concluded. As to the term of denunciation must distinguish: to be defects, defects in quality or quantity that are apparent, that is, they can be known by the buyer upon receipt of the goods in the first case the purchaser must denounce the vices or defects in the Act of delivery if you examine the merchandise, because if you don’t report at this time!the buyer loses all rights to claim for this cause. The examination may be voluntary or compulsory in the event the seller demands it. If buyer does not examine them in the Act, to be packed, you have four days since you received them for making the denunciation of the vices or defects if these are internal, i.e. (Not to be confused with Western Union Company!). when the vices or defects are not recognizable in the examination of the thing at the time of delivery, the buyer has a period of thirty days to denounce them.

    These deadlines may be changed by the will of the parties. The complaint must be the seller or his representative in any way, because what is important is the buyer put in your knowledge sudisconformidad with the provision made. The effects of the complaint lies in that the buyer retains the action to claim against the seller. If the vices are apparent buyer may request resolution of the contract or its compliance and in any case compensation for damages. If the purchaser is of hidden defects may exercise the actions recognized in this case by the DC in the term of six months as from delivery. Original author and source of the article

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  • Jul 19

    Is the coach should avoid such terminology? If yes, what is the reason? After the introduction of new vocabulary develops participants, making them more knowledgeable. Michael. Business coach. Sometimes, the best of intentions we depart from the rules and act at the behest of his heart. Your desire to develop the training participants, introduce them to new words is commendable. However, one should distinguish between words that are led by the coach during training.

    In that case, if these words are studied on the training topics (eg: "congruence", "reflection", "sales funnel"), and their introduction is necessary for better understanding the meaning of the disclosed topic – that is one thing. You can operate these terms, provided that the original parties to give their definitions and explain the meaning. Another thing – the use of professional terms adopted in the environment of business coaches about which you wrote ("", "Sharing, etc.). There is two major pitfalls: the first – the use of these terms without explaining their meaning. In this case, the participant heard the word "" can be interpreted as "gymnastics" loonies "that necessarily impact on the group (the reaction may be different: from laughter to confusion and refusal to participate in an exercise).

    The second pitfall – very important for a coach – the loss of precious time. If you are still taking decision to use professional terminology and defines the concepts introduced, you simply lose time that could be used more efficiently. This is what the author wrote articles about which you mentioned, and we fully support his opinion.

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  • Feb 10

    Prevention of food poisoning starts with your trip to the supermarket. Here is how to start safely. 1. Pick up your packaged and canned foods first. Buy cans and jars that look perfect. Do not buy canned goods that are dented, cracked or bulging. These are the warning signs that dangerous bacteria may be growing in the can. 2.

    Look for any expiration date on the labels and never buy outdated food. Similarly, check the "use" or "sell by" date on dairy products like cheese, cream cheese, yogurt and sour cream and choosing those that will stay fresh longer in your refrigerator. 3. Check eggs, too. Choose eggs that are refrigerated in the store. Before putting in your car, open the box and make sure the eggs are clean and not cracked or broken. 4. Raw meat, poultry, and seafood sometimes drip.

    The juices that drip may have germs. Keep these juices away from other foods. Place raw meat, poultry, fish and seafood in plastic bags before entering the car. Separate raw meat, poultry, fish and seafood from other foods in your shopping cart and in your refrigerator. 5. Do not buy frozen seafood if the packages are open, torn or crushed on the edges. Avoid packages that are above the frost line in the freezer of the shop. If the lid is transparent, look for signs of frost or ice crystals. This could mean that the fish has not been stored for a long time or thawed and refrozen. 6. Check the cleanliness of the meat or fish and the fight against the salad bar. For example, cooked shrimp lying on the bed of ice as raw fish could become contaminated. 7. When shopping for shellfish, buy in markets that are supplied from sources approved by the state, stay away from vendors who sell shellfish from roadside stands or the back of a truck. And if you're planning to harvest your own shellfish, pay attention to warning signs about water safety. 8. Milk collection, frozen foods, and perishables (meat, poultry, fish) last. Always put these products in separate plastic bags so that drippings do not contaminate other foods in your shopping cart. 9. Immediately drive home from the grocery store. This will give you less food cold or frozen to warm up before you get home. If the destination is farther than 30 minutes, take a cooler with ice or frozen gel commercial perishables home and place him. 10. Save hot chicken and other hot food to go, too. This will give them less time to calm down before you get home. Terry Nicholls My Home-Based Business Advisor Copyright e by Terry Nicholls. All rights reserved.

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  • Modern Strategy

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    Dec 20

    The crisis in the education and upbringing did not arise suddenly. They strained and clearly evident in the early 80's. Their origins were laid in the early 30's, and they have already begun to show up in the 70 years that has been associated with decision-making the transition to universal secondary education, more challenging curricula for all and the apparent failure of a unified system of education, its failure to adapt to the challenges of the emerging dynamic post-industrial society. Additional information is available at James Woolsey. In the mid 60-ies of education in our country in many ways occupies a leading position in the world. We have reached a leading position in the depth and soundness of the educational programs, the quality of knowledge students have introduced universal secondary education.

    Very quickly going expansion of higher, secondary special and vocational education. Click Rob Daley for additional related pages. However, in subsequent years Our education system has lost momentum, we have ceased to notice rapid improvements in education in the leading Western countries and developing countries of the East. Growing social and economic contradictions within the country and educational system they did not react, because the education reform were cosmetic in nature, and the school remained largely formal and official. In society there is a complex process, whose results were apparent only in the mid 80's. Dramatically slowed the pace of economic development, there was a loss of previous ideological orientation, increased aggressiveness of the environment, social instability, has changed the nature of communication between people, which was associated with the loss of tradition of community, mutual help and mutual support.

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  • Craftsmen Dreams

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    Aug 1

    Skilled craftsmen dreams may reveal in the above dream a few more levels of important messages to his mistress and a reflection of long-term life-styles. Conditionally include the following types of Dreams: Domestic or karmic dreams. In these dreams continue daily situations or experiences. Such dreams are visiting us each night, each of them is quite an important message. Sometimes, when a message is very important dreams may recur or be similar to each other on the script or emotional content. This means that a person does not pay enough attention to sleep, do not understand or accept the message. Such dreams are important, they are associated with situations fatefully affect humans. Prophetic dreams or dreams about the future.

    In most cases, these dreams warn of adverse situations, the dreamer, and occasionally they contain information presaging something positive. The course of events most prophetic dreams to change very difficult, but you can change your attitude for the upcoming. Any dream is no less than seven levels of reading. And those images that tell the story upcoming events – the first and most superficial level. At deeper levels – information on how to live eco-friendly coming trouble, and how to open a resource or condition, which will help in the upcoming situation. If we go deeper into the work with such a dream, then you can understand why it is important to learn in a difficult situation. And if this awareness arises even before the foreseen situation, you can not only gently and without harm to themselves and close to deal with the "dark" band in my life, but also turn it into a rainbow. And all knowledge and power of the dreamer gets the message of its own tiered dream. Dreams of past lives.

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  • Chico Bento

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    Jul 19

    Its heroes are very known, as Mickey Mouse (1928); The Donald Duck (1950). Brazilian author Maurcio de Sousa, was the creator of the group of the Mnica in the 1959 end, one of the biggest successes in our country. He also created several other personages, as: Chive, Bidu, Chico Bento and Horcio, among others, all known internationally. Still, as Iannone; Iannone (1994, p.54); ' ' … ' ' she was the only Brazilian artist to receive in 1971, the prize Yellow Kid, ' ' Oscar' ' of histories in quadrinhos' '. Becoming an exception because &#039 created its proper company; ' Maurcio de Sousa Produes' ' , exceeding one of the great obstacles faced for the Brazilian quadrinistas. In the current times, we have some quadrinistas that come if detaching such as: Cia, with the Duck; Angeli, with the Skrotinhos; R Bordosa and Bibel, among others Thus, for Iannone; Iannone (1940, P. 57): influence and the tradition of the allied foreign series to the marketing pressure of the Syndicates is, to a large extent, the responsible ones discourages for it to the national quadrinistas.

    Unhappyly, beyond the relative questions to the costs and the distribution, many times the Brazilian production if sees the returns with the structure lack, professionalism and, over all, support of our authority Valley the penalty to mainly stand out, that since its creation at the beginning of the passed century, the current society, in result of its popular style and for being of easy reading, histories in quadrinhos amuse and entusiasmam the readers in general, the children. Being thus, we go to know a little more than this media printed matter. 3- What they are Histrias in Quadrinhos Histories in quadrinhos (HQs) are narratives produced by means of sequential drawings, almost always in the horizontal direction, folloied of short texts of dialogue and some descriptions of the situation, presented in the interior of called figures ' ' bales' '.

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  • Jun 21

    The democratic management is an exercise of citizenship, basic for the advance of the society that plans to be more igualitria joust and (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). For the society, the democracy of and in the school is the only way for the reconstruction of the public school of quality. The implantation attempt accomplishes of the pertaining to school autonomy and the democratic management of the school if it especially after gave the estudantil movement of 1968, as a form accomplishes of accomplishment of the utopia of the young of that time (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). In Brazil, isolated experiences of management had always existed student body of schools, but without repercussion on the education system. Tied the initiatives of some educators, then they were interrupted when these left the school (Fernandes and Muller, 2005).

    The fight for the democratic management of the public school, consolidated for the Federal Constitution of 1988 and the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education (9.394/96), is resulted of a long process vindicative that it appeared in the last few decades by means of the organization of diverse segments of the society (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). We can remember the fight for the public school and the popular culture of the decade of 50 and 60. The concept of Pertaining to school Management, relatively recent, is of extreme importance so that if it has a school that it takes care of to the current requirements of the social life: to form citizens and to offer, still, the necessary and facilitadoras possibility of apprehension of abilities and abilities of the social insertion (Fernandes and Muller, 2005). The management of Projeto Poltico Pedaggico (PPP) is the significant side most important and of the pertaining to school management. He has been used for many educational professors, researchers and norteadores in search of an improvement in the quality of education (Fertile valley, 2002; Fernandes and Muller, 2005).

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