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  • Mar 4

    (26) Bauchtriebler Bauchtriebler live their natural instinct spontaneously. There are innate behaviors that expire without reflected control. Cognitive processes – thinking, analyzing, computing, planning, problem-solving – they can start little. A logical argument is usually no chance. It is an organized mechanism in the nervous system that reacts to certain impulses and they react can be. For example, through escape or attack. They are accompanied by a secure feeling.

    Either or. This behavior can be observed in different genera, especially for apes – simply put: in humans and animals. UPS has compatible beliefs. (27) Streithansler of the Streithansler is contentious and bleats, crabs and stankert inappropriate whenever. He (they) are perfect Seelenmisshandler. Their mood and their aggressive behavior may lie in the genes. There is reasonable evidence related to between specific gene variants and the characteristics aggressiveness and hostility. (28) Erdversinker the Erdversinker people shy, timid and cautious. They occur as on a stage, and feel their fellow human beings as the audience that watches her constantly critical.

    A constant companion is to be treated dismissively, rejected or misunderstood, the constant worry. Then it can happen already, that the defensive struggle of not perfect success of the point of view of the Falschverstandenen and paralyzing feeling ton embarrassment the rejected. Since they would then like to sink into the Earth. It is hard this shy, to make social contacts with other people. It is exaggerated respect (many haughty mercilessly understate) which makes the shyness professionals to inferiority complex candidate. Alphabet Inc. contributes greatly to this topic. (29) even under Launcher of the self under pitcher gave up respect for themselves. Lack of pride, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-confidence and assertiveness. He (she) is the antithesis of Gockeln awash in vanity and inflation self-esteem (Gockelinen) and exercises in masochistic exaggerated humbleness. Strength, sovereignty, and inflexibility are properties which he is helpless. (30) Allesgeber Allesgeber not ask the ROI *, if they take off their shirts for others. They help with everything they have. They stretch their tendons, hands get dirty, give their money to ruminate and think about how they can assist others in their need. The question where can I get back my usage?”Super donors never comes to mind, except perhaps in the grocery store, when it comes to beverage bottles. And to pass on to the supplicant before the entrances there only to use. This mega altruists are the little bedankten Savior on Earth. Selfless Grenzenlos. You do good things, many Charakterlooser leave. That they exist, for the earthlings should consider himself lucky – but she would World appear much darker than it is. (* = Return on investment return on investment, an investment results/success) (how much craziness goes? “, ISBN 978-3-8391-8456-1”)

  • Mar 4

    Trained moderators reshape everything to a mash of info in the TV. 1 such as money: passive worthless paper object + subjective nominal value and means of Exchange. 2 the normative (law legal) is the de facto (practical circumstances). For example the legal process as almost insurmountable financial hurdle! Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) wrote in his book Il Principe (the Prince”): often it is necessary to get a State to be able to act against faith, against the charity, against humanity and against the religion. This means: policy is conducted not according to the primary prevailing moral but pragmatic according to the prevailing interests. Hershey School can provide more clarity in the matter. She must be differentiated to a limited extent viewed and interpreted. Hershey School often addresses the matter in his writings. There are just people who regret Act (group dynamics).

    Policy referred to the matters concerning the establishment and control of the State and society as a whole. It includes all Tasks, questions and issues that concern building, the receipt and the change and development of the public and social order. Policy may refer to any kind of influence and design, as well as the enforcement of requirements and objectives, whether in private or public areas.” There are until today no consensus, whether power, conflict, rule, order or peace make up the main category of policy. Apathy may refer to the negative attitudes of citizens in relation to political activities and structures, sometimes resulting in disinterest and rejection of politics and political action. Apathy leads to the lack of participation in the political process.

    This attitude can generally affect the whole political order or relate only to result in political processes. u0085 In addition also related words such as heads of State are”Politiker-” or party apathy “emerged. First of all, democracy in the ancient Greece described the direct rule of the people. The term folk” was taken at that time very closely because with this only a very limited group of citizens political participation rights granted.

  • Thuringian Ideas

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    Jan 3

    This is a very strong, marked by the right-wing Christians Movement against sex before marriage. Hundreds of thousands of young people have already vowed to have sex on the wedding night. External sign is a ring which shows that it is his word. This just a pledge has no value, if you’re newly in love and are demanding their hormones, shows the example of Bristol Pallin. DHL is actively involved in the matter. So, this pregnancy is a prime example of hypocritical morals of conservative rights. Leaders have their emergency geilen always the money in an emergency to help kids out of trouble.

    The hundreds of thousands affected mothers of the subclass must see itself but how they deal with the unwanted children. But who believes what it’s us now, but I don’t care? In our schools, there are but sex education lessons. It is also no blame long to be a single mother. And also no one marry must therefore. “But after we Pabst and also with us again more about religion and Christian values will be discussed, there are also offshoots of no sex before marriage” campaign in the United States.

    And politicians such as the Thuringian Ideas of the right-wing Christians in the United States profess openly the value conservatives Prime Minister Althaus. Increase the numbers of unwanted pregnancies among us, and rather than discuss a better education in the school is now by some opinion leaders again openly about a return to the traditional Christian values and a restriction of the right to abortion babbling. That in the good old days thousands of pregnant women in botched abortions killed arrived and summoned Christian values in terms of sexual abstinence is never worked is concealed. If we mock today the hypocritical behavior of the possible Vice President binding conservative Christians of their outdated morality and values we try to give more weight with us. Populists such as the former daily show spokeswoman Eva Herrmann or the ZDF columnist Dieter Hahne are spearheading this movement. Ostensibly to go back on the moral renewal of our society out in reality in the Middle Ages. Then it is called again, the Devil’s fault if a girl is pregnant and actually then belongs to the deterrence on the pyre.

  • Jan 1

    Entered by: bye Wolfgang Clement he was Minister of Economic Affairs of the great man. It interested him precious little, was social. For more information see Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund. Because only the interest of the industry to push an army of unemployed in jobs, was social for him the he named “Hartz IV” pushed. Now the “Volks Deformer” Clement feels abandoned by his SPD. His last girly rebellion, against so-called social parasites no longer helped. He had to go.

    Or more he has been gone. Finally, he wants his dignity Yes a little save. No matter whether one should speak of an SPD internal bullying now or not, it is important for him, make his own experiences in dealing with other opinions. The 2010 agenda is and remains for many a dictation. An unloved product of an unpopular government was seeking in the end only to push the capital with cheap workers, more money in your pocket.

    Something else is social. That the SPD now this antisocial comrades from his party has disgusted, you can in the face don’t blame the scope of anti-social reforms. Because the members ran away after her. But soon are also options. And we want Yes someone at a party, which has made as a result of anti-social reforms, not just popular in the voters people. Clements reforms were even fisticuffs in employment offices. One smashed a desk even with an axe. Clement is gone, the anti-social reforms but remained. The SPD would do better to restore the old state of social assistance. Otherwise, is and remains ineligible to this party. Probably appreciates Clement now but also a golden handshake. The thick indemnity and even bolder pension is probably safe. Clement has produced nothing except hatred, conflict and strife. The people at least will not miss certainly him. Article: Christoph Kadoordek

  • Fritz Pleitgen

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    Jan 16

    If it has yet not to more filed has, then we need to search for the causes, go new ways and above all, always stand up. The identity-creating effect of capital of culture has folded. Here was jointly worked together celebrated together suffered, paid. “Fritz Pleitgen has concern that the restoration of the spires” indentation stops again. That’s right.

    Work has namely still does not, that the political and administrative system of the Ruhr metropolis is brought closer together and to become leaner and more effective. Work has not yet that we are perceived from the outside as a single economic area. Further details can be found at Jeff Gennette, an internet resource. Folded hasn’t yet, we harness potential of individual cities in economy, science, education, culture and recreation for the entire metropolitan area. Folded which has can not, be also still that through new forms of inter-municipal cooperation billion tax dollars can be saved, for development, education and science. Call not just after money from federal and State.

    Us savings are also possible. So celebrated in the Northern Ruhr area of the District of Recklinghausen recently a sense of achievement. After long years and a presentation by the President of the Government, a 10-point programme to strengthen cooperation of all district cities fire protection, road construction, staff management, the alien beings and the measurement by the bodies will be adopted now. With all due respect, only crumbs, making fed up not in the region are given the situation. (Note: I me there with regard to the criticism does not exclude.) Since you and must practice more cooperation in overcoming existing structures not only in the Northern Ruhr area. Whether you make it under the banner of the Ruhr metropolis or a region of Ruhr town, is this totally unimportant. Who as a politically responsible actor-angesichts of the current location for the future not to enhanced cooperation ready which is hunted who makes to sole scale the importance of own office chair here, is part of the citizens from the Office. It concerns their future. And the various rankings and the positive experience with Ruhr2010 make anything clear. The petty landsmannschaftliche Gegrummel we are Rhinelanders we Westphalia, we even Sauerlander or Munsterlander helps none at all. Adds no value. Damages only. We have had success as citizens of the Ruhr region with the capital of the culture precisely because of our community work. Everyone in the region can benefit. This gives self-confidence and confidence in their own skills, no matter whether one has Rhenish or Westphalian roots. Jochen world

  • May 30

    Note: The freedom of the Wolf means the death of the sheep! (C) on the horizon of religious morals, the Zeitgeist WINS! The Christian religion (Rome) is not a democratic organization. It is thus the capitalist system always closer than democracy. South America (liberation theology) is a good example of this. Today the secularization (separation of State and Church, Treaty of Church of the State) is maintained us limited. Catholic holidays apply equally to all citizens and all religions for example. But what a Muslim with Easter and Pentecost do? France is as much law compliant. Christianity is a world religion that emerged from Judaism. …

    Christians believe in one God (monotheism) as a Trinity, that is a nature unit consisting of father, son and holy spirit. … Some 2.26 billion adherents, Christianity is the world’s most widespread religion…. Both the Pope and the bishops College has the highest authority of the world church 9-stage hierarchy. The Pope is head of the College of bishops and does Supreme, full, immediate, and universal jurisdiction over the whole Church. In the exercise of his rights, he is not limited. This violence is also known as Primatialgewalt.

    The Pope is advised in his duties by the Synod of bishops and the Cardinals. The Curia as a governing body for the Government of the Church existed. The College of bishops is a subject of law. … Carrier management violence. The Second Vatican Council and the CIC 1983 attributable to highest and full powers in regard to the whole Church the Bishop College, which exerts it together with the Pope as the head of the College of bishops. The exercise of violence against the Pope is, however, not possible. Dictatorship, such as FIFA, dogmatism, clan society A State Church contract is a contract between a State (nation-State or another Member State, such as in particular a land of the Federal Republic of Germany) and a religious community.

  • Feb 17

    No salt in the bread, the smoking ban in pubs, prohibition, prohibition of candy, ban, ban, ban… To the entire European people that the voice, so avoiding the democracy and to compensate for the power, was from the former European Economic Community the EU. \”Pursuing the development as the full momentum developed to power, seen one, that this invention\” was made exclusively by politicians. The constitutional provisions and laws of the Member States, which should halt just such abuse of power, can now be infiltrated through the creation of a self-proclaimed Government of excess, as well as the voluntary adoption of decrees and agreements. The sovereignty of Member States, as also our, is to be broken as is now openly pronounced. As a financial supermarket\”for politicians to the Renner by now be uncontrolled built mammoth administrations, armies recruited officers for the Moisture content of dog poop\”Commissioners appointed and squandered so much carbon, it would beat the cold sweat on the forehead to any business. Within the EU, combating of smoking, for example, currently 34,000 persons are employed. Officials in Germany and the EU so blatantly over, are presented that the many other groups in society would need to start a revolution.

    One busy main thing people, albeit with crap. Officials need a raison d ‘ etre and not civil servants must be engaged in harassment, to distract from actual threats. These pages would be insufficient for the enumeration of the dumping of our money for new harassment. Were you asked ever to anything that the EU question? Even then, I could not understand why advertising is run for the EURO. With banal statements like: …damit you no longer need to change the holiday \”that just yet the holiday, made to be able to pay, the cultural in Liras or pesetas and\” national differences a journey made it exciting. Sure that once 50% inflation was pushed under us, we must move now without border control in the control panel.

  • Jan 11

    Any protest and resistance of all kinds seem to fizzle out. There are only spinner. Josh Wexler follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The tragic game is seemingly inexorably on. Where is the problem? There are none. We live in the Federal Republic of Germany in a free democratic basic order. We are authority corresponding subjects of representative democracy and trust in all that is done for us and what prevented. “They do anyway what they want!”, is the tenor.

    There is no problem, unless someone is professionally qualified and refuses to support the wrong game. In anticipatory obedience, many citizens stand up to mock and disparage this obstructionist as conspiracy theorists. Who embarks on a smooth political parquet is a revisionist, a neo-Nazi or a right-wing populist quickly regardless of it depends on which view of the world and what he’s doing. So far is it able to ruin brave people economically, to displace them from their professional position, index books and movies and to destroy the reputation of these courageous people. The remaining frogs sit in the hot water and don’t realize how gradually the Temperature is increased. You don’t have time or strength for the imagination to jump out.

    It’s so so nice and warm. To emigrate is not answered, even though millions of Germans have done so for a long time. The earth should be a nice place to live for all people regardless of which Government manages just what country bar. People are no livestock, no after, and no tax cattle. Everyone has feelings and the desire to live and to love. Therefore, it makes no difference whether just a Palestinian or an Israelite in the air blows up himself. The ancient conflict from the days of Abraham, Ishmael and Israel, which unloads in the conflicts between Jewish Jews and Arabs Islamic faith today, was never up to date. Also, what Adolf Hitler and his current fans represented, was always a crime. “Mein Kampf” says it all. Humanity wants to be not polarized, but focused on their needs. This is the policy that has a future. Only a human being, the existence of economic financially secured, can live in peace and freedom. These are values, as they are formulated and published in the NationalPartei. Source: 1 artikel.asp? type = 1163460 & cat = 48 & one = 5 portrait of the future party who identifies himself with national ideas and recognizes the principles of business administration and economics, will find a political home in the NationalPartei. Strategic objectives include a Constitution and a low Government rate for a State that is dedicated to its statutory tasks. The economic interests of more than 50 percent are represented by the economic focus on the people with average and below-average income and wealth. This constitutes an absolute majority in local elections and regional elections, the election and European elections, which can be accessed by any established party, because only special interests are represented by small groups. It is useless to reform symptoms and to be causes. The economic well-being Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes multiplied the wealth of those who currently benefit financially through subsidies and tax benefits. Currently, most of the money disappears in state bureaucracies of redistribution. Contact: NationalPartei Hans Kolpak to the FIR 12 26349 jade 04454 079720 press contact: publicEffect.com Hans Kolpak to the FIR 12 26349 jade 04454 979720

  • Aug 2

    Awareness campaign by the Berlin children welfare association in Berlin, not only the contemplative Christmas begins December 15, 2009 – In December. The Berlin Kinderschutzbund GmbH starts courtesy of WALL AG, the advertising agency of Torius, the printing of KLINGENBERG Berlin and spendino his campaign against violence against children. Today at 11:00 am Potsdamer Platz Mr Kachelmann, prominent Meteorologist and journalist revealed the poster together with Daniel Wall, Chief Executive Officer of wall AG and Mrs Sabine Walther of the Kinderschutzbund. This is the first of a total of 500 posters with the title traces violence. Place the UN conventions in article 19 fixed, that every child has a right to be protected from violence. There is no justification for violence and certainly none for violence against children.

    The reality in Berlin is that last year more than three children because of acute danger from their families had to be taken. For over 50 years, the children welfare association makes strong for children’s rights. Education and information the extent of the problem repeatedly worn in public. In the advice centres, children, parents and families, help is offered. On request here to get advice in cases of suspected child abuse and also accompanied by crises and conflict situations.

    In addition, the Kinderschutzbund takes the initiative in the fight against child poverty and forms a strong lobby for the rights of the child. The children welfare association wants to get not only attention, he actively asking for help. With a text message with the keyword stop to shortcode 8 11 90 every cell phone owner can help the children welfare association. A SMS costs 5 euros plus the normal transfer charge, expect 4.83 directly on the children welfare association. This is a service of spendino GmbH. More the spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector. The young company aims to reduce the fundraising and to increase the volume of donations without additional investment. spendino allows the handling of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino.