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  • Craftsmen Dreams

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    Aug 1

    Skilled craftsmen dreams may reveal in the above dream a few more levels of important messages to his mistress and a reflection of long-term life-styles. Conditionally include the following types of Dreams: Domestic or karmic dreams. In these dreams continue daily situations or experiences. Such dreams are visiting us each night, each of them is quite an important message. Sometimes, when a message is very important dreams may recur or be similar to each other on the script or emotional content. This means that a person does not pay enough attention to sleep, do not understand or accept the message. Such dreams are important, they are associated with situations fatefully affect humans. Prophetic dreams or dreams about the future.

    In most cases, these dreams warn of adverse situations, the dreamer, and occasionally they contain information presaging something positive. The course of events most prophetic dreams to change very difficult, but you can change your attitude for the upcoming. Any dream is no less than seven levels of reading. And those images that tell the story upcoming events – the first and most superficial level. At deeper levels – information on how to live eco-friendly coming trouble, and how to open a resource or condition, which will help in the upcoming situation. If we go deeper into the work with such a dream, then you can understand why it is important to learn in a difficult situation. And if this awareness arises even before the foreseen situation, you can not only gently and without harm to themselves and close to deal with the "dark" band in my life, but also turn it into a rainbow. And all knowledge and power of the dreamer gets the message of its own tiered dream. Dreams of past lives.

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  • Jack London

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    Nov 23

    Everyone can learn this subject of choosing the right approach and a certain amount of effort. Brilliantly described the similar idea (and he tried to practice), Jack London's novel "Martin Eden". For some people, a barrier to creativity is the belief that most great artists were either very poor or people with psychological difficulties, and they lived with deep anguish. The fact that time stands still, and trends of today are: a good creative is distributed in the world with great rapidity. Thanks largely to television and the Internet. Moreover, in these days you can always find "your client", no matter what the product was not. The character you choose will depend on the creativity of your valuables.

    If you are tempted by the business – the business, painting – the painting, humor – the humor. Well, 'character' your life will also depend on these values. Very often, many people tend to make your life easier in every way. And think that should do just that easy, simplifying life. The famous question: "Why do I need?" widely known and very survives.

    This in itself gives little relief (think of the result in the ideal). But if you aim for simplicity and ease in order to live life more productive and more interesting to realize their destination, it's great. In the future I will show that everyone can be realized in the role of creativity. See training courses Kharkov. None of my work is not complete without studying the behavior of successful people.

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