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  • Fuel Demand

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    Feb 7

    It is clear that recent developments relating to fuel prices are having far-reaching consequences for the global economy as the price of a barrel of oil has reached $ 130 cost. The most obvious impact of this phenomenon is reflected in inflation and a subsequent reduction in purchasing power and consumption. The situation is further aggravated by attempts made by central banks to put an end to inflation, rising interest and causing increased pressure on the mortgage market in personal debt, as well as variable income securities. You may find that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo can contribute to your knowledge. But this has already happened in history, and world economies have found ways to adjust. Tulip Retail shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Most troubling issues raised at the recent Summit on Food Security of the United Nations in Rome, where delegates from the global community discussed the global food crisis. It is sad that our insatiable demand for energy is also destroying some of the traditional farming systems. With oil prices above $ 100 per barrel, fuel is becoming a very lucrative business. This industry is expanding at a galloping pace, and has resulted in the transformation of millions of hectares of land previously used for food production for humans or animals in fields of fuel production.

    This reason was cited as the main cause of rising food prices around the world. Food and economic crises are the pincers of the scorpion of energy, but that also has a scorpion tail. Is threatening our very existence on this planet. The uncontrolled way our use of fossil fuels is universally recognized as responsible for global climate change, a cause which contributes significantly to the extreme climatic conditions that are occurring around the world.

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  • Kindness

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    Jan 28

    We all come into the world with a ROM, read only, with which we have to settle for a lifetime, because it is printed on a hard drive (the genes), we inherited from our ancestors and can not be changed once we are trained in the womb. But this, which is so final, is balanced, because we also have the RAM, which is to be filled from the moment we begin to live experiences that depend on the environment in which we develop. Humans are beings imitators by nature, so we learn to talk, eat, play, study, work and behave in a specific way to different situations that we face. The characteristics of the models that have more closely to imitate, determines the characteristics we develop in all these areas. Read more from James Woolsey Jr. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It is therefore impossible that in English-speaking home, was a child speaking French, if nobody speaks that language, or in a home where people speak decently, be a child who speaks incorrectly, or in a home where get used to lie or commit a crime, be a child without these customs. The children, in their first years of life are a mirror of their parents or persons who live with them, hence the importance of burn-in those early years with useful behaviors for the rest of their lives. In the first years of existence, human beings learn behaviors that confirms or modifies, as the society in which he lives, and the force with which these behaviors are pinned to his personality. .

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  • May 4

    Journalistic perversion that supposed lie joins a few media increasingly more subordinates to political power and economic, and a few media professionals slaves of the medium in which they work. Even so, gradually greater controls are introduced in our society to truthful information. The press has gone from being the fourth power, or Watchdog (dog guardian) to be called lapdog (lap dog). Since the end of World War II United States has been striving to promote a free flow of information worldwide, unidirectional flow most of the time, but has just repaired to ensure the quality and accuracy of that information. The financial crisis also affects the media, in a way that goes beyond the clipping of the templates or the reduction of production costs. Own information is conditioned by the economic vulnerability of the media, increasingly in need of monetary injections coming from public or private, powers that make formal and editorial line of the newspaper or the radio. Many information professionals we observe with astonishment how is convocan multitudinous press conferences which prohibits formulated questions, thus highlighting the subjugation of the press to the other powers. However the health of the profession must not depend on broadband Internet, or interviews with politicians and businesspeople with questions prepared and agreed upon, but a global awareness of journalism as the fourth power that question to the other three. For someone who approaches with interest to publicize the news of the world, your country, or your neighborhood, increasingly more complicated to know what come from reliable sources and are a mere rumor caused by imagination or interest.