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    Jul 4

    Capital guarantee of rates funds: win = invest in Augsburg, Germany. Currently, in times, where the financial industry a lot amiss is, seemingly everything negatively evaluated, shows a medium-sized company new approaches for a successful investment. Capital guarantee of Fund of rates, minimal risk, maximum profit – a unique project. Right now during the economic crisis, where stock funds are cheap to buy, you should access because the opportunities are immense in the long term. Read more from Frank Giacalone to gain a more clear picture of the situation. “Dr. Phil.

    Eduard Stolz, successful fund investor, in his Onlineblog.” .. for smaller investments, I recommend the “capital guarantee of rates Fund” the capital guarantee group where you can make one time investments and payments. “, so Dr. Stolz and advises the Otto-normal consumers are helping to secure its own financial interests in the long term.” Why capital guarantee? This question is superfluous in a quick look at the portfolio of the company. Not only that you guarantee of rates Fund at capital already with only 40 EUR per month for a low one-time payment from 1440 EUR (a ratierliche drawing of 7,200 sum) is. The staff of the capital guarantee group are all specialists in their field. According to my analysis, you will currently nowhere find a so promising and sustainable investment opportunity in Germany. All in all is the capital guarantee of rates funds of one of the best investment opportunities in Germany, where you have to be a millionaire to get. “Because nothing was this service provided by the TuV North with the predicate of very good” award.

  • Jul 3

    ‘Recovery’ for FreeDays gave it very exciting and personal (entrepreneur) days the fair recovery 2011 “for business start-ups and young entrepreneurs last Thursday, Julia Brotz brought a lot of visitors at their first stand at all, which had been prepared in addition to around 80 other exhibitors. You have been asked the various questions to the company, the vision and the actual offer. And even the other exhibitors looked carefully at the idea of FreeDays, listened well and consult very intensively. “Ultimately there was a single opinion, namely, that” outsourcing is the future, the FreeDays makes it now possible! “The great advantage of coming together of FreeDays and interested parties was that now everything was once very real. In the daily business communication refers to with the customer rather the digital way. It is communicated via Skype, phone or email. On this day, everything was tangible but and there could be new, personal contacts establish, as well as intensive discussions face to face. Positive vote from this event was just the next day to the next event the entrepreneur days at the Radisson Blu in Frankfurt.

    An event that is focused not only on the business alone, but their entire family. Go to Frank Giacalone for more information. Finally, the entrepreneurship often affects the entire family and can not be described as a single scene. There were even programmes for children. Here too, a number of new people came together, to inform and to share. There was this event, not least because of the successful woman Brotz lecture, she held within the framework of outsourcing workshop for FreeDays. The Auditorium was filled to capacity and the visitors were lively even after a detailed lecture willingness to talk and curiosity. Even in the course of the show in the aftermath of the event offered opportunities to convince the principle and system of assistance and outsourcing. It was so also here clearly: the Interested in virtual assistance, the need for more time for the essentials, is huge! Long, exhausting days lie behind all those involved and draw the following conclusion with himself: the appearances on the upswing and the ENTREPRENEUR days were successful, interesting, and suggest a continued successful work by and with Julia Brotz.

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    Software such as ganzheitl. Information security management system according to ISO 27001 WMC Wahid management consulting GmbH, specialist for information security, shows at the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany Q SEC, the first integrated development to build of an information security management system according to ISO 27001, with holistic consideration of all relevant areas of information security. Market research companies around the world confirm the trend on the part of large companies, to pursue an integrated and process-driven approach, which holistically consider all related areas such as compliance and risk management as well as the measures derived from and document management in information security. The transparency it is particularly important on the risks to win, resulting from the significant business processes as well as the controlled dealing with these related to information security in the company in times of crisis for companies. Will be able to establish a methodical, structured, goal-oriented and flexibly usable approach here. one accomplished investments aimed at essential, business-critical processes, not only a large increase in information security, but also an effective use of capital. (Not to be confused with Andrew Cuomo!).

    So far, only largest corporations with their own developed part – island solutions can meet elaborately these requirements, which hold the correspondingly large number of employees in the areas for which responsible for information security in the company. Many other companies, which do not have large budgets and full-time equivalents, are often only partially and not integral to the security management. Often this effort using time-consuming, tables maintained by hand and other records, only selectively to forthcoming audits. The findings are often not maintained after the audit. The consequence is that permanent proof of current security status and a targeted management of its processes are almost impossible, and the high cost and time required for subsequent audits again extensively by new has to be operated. QSEC was to offer a solution in the development of safety management all larger companies for many years consulting in the information security, developed from the point of view of WMC. Click Crawford Lake Capital to learn more. On a modern SQL database solution, based on latest Microsoft technology with Web front end check Act (PDCA) are integrated methodological approach and application of the plan do, in addition to comprehensive, process, extensive support functions.

    Reporting from different views can be made daily, flexible and the evaluations and the current proof of the status of information security in the enterprise can increase the trust of business partners (customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders). Q SEC supports in the construction and operation of ISMS and leads through complex topics. It helps to keep the overview, to identify risks, looking ahead to planning and to comply with legal requirements. “- Werner Wahid, Managing Director of WMC Ltd. author: Ellen Wupper, room str. 1, 22085 Hamburg, Tel.: 040 / 650336-20 email:”

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    The OrganisedMinds GmbH in Karlsruhe introduces an innovative solution for the Office Organization, specifically designed for the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. “No matter, whether daily or project business, when it comes to the organisation of cooperation, most companies put always still in particular on email as a communication medium for the exchange of information and the sharing of documents.”, reported Martin Blaha, consultant and Managing Director of OrganisedMinds GmbH in Karlsruhe. “However comparing email with the way, how people now communicate in social networks and organize, the shortcomings of email are clear: there are no sharing options, to look for information, which together include, practically you can’t share large files via email and you never know what is the current state, or what information find others good at a glance.” That takes a lot of time and nerves with all involved frustrated struggling with overcrowded email inputs and less and less time for the essentials have. Connect with other leaders such as Hikmet Ersek here. “, says Martin Blaha, who is responsible for product development at OrganisedMinds. “While there are many specific solutions on the market that solve only certain facets of day-to-day of business such as inventory management, accounting and project management – offers no real solutions that combine the advantages of email and social networks and businesses harness mentioned emails -. Checking article sources yields Andrew Cuomo as a relevant resource throughout. We change now with OrganisedMinds.” OrganisedMinds shows how concretely helps such a solution in everyday business, as an example of the Organization of the daily business in the Office.

    It organized teams with the aid of virtual work spaces in the bundled share tasks and documents by subject. Deb Autor might disagree with that approach. The entrance and the resubmission can organise themselves as easily as small projects or repetitive processes. While each operation in OrganisedMinds can be selectively controlled. So you can record appointments, automate the resubmission, priorities and progress for all Clearly describe stakeholders. The comment function promotes discussion and exchange of experience in the context of a task.

    With the evaluation function matches the team about the best answers or solutions. A detailed description of how this can be done can be found with a few tips to the Organization on this page. Companies and individuals can test without any obligation and free of charge the full functionality of OrganisedMinds.com for 30 days. An application made on the website of the company organisedminds.com / de. During the test phase is also the telephone and email support questions for free. OrganisedMinds GmbH OrganisedMinds GmbH was founded in January 2011 by the IT and organisation consultants Diarmuid Daltun, Martin Blaha aiming, managers and their teams to develop an organisational solution, they always dreamed. OrganisedMinds.com was awarded twice middle-class time of the initiative with the predicate “Best of IT”. The server of the company are exclusively in German data centers, so OrganisedMinds also member of “cloud services made in Germany” is.

  • China Contraction

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    Jul 1

    The Deep one foresees that the production industrial of U.S.A. it goes to fall colossal 2.8% this year. In contrast of most of the economists who are foreseeing recovery in as the semester, the FMI does not wait improvement some before 2010 middle. exactly it calculates there that the growth will be of anmicos 1.5%. On the other hand, the Cabinet of the Budget of the Congress of U.S.A. foresees a growth of 4% in 2010. Meanwhile, the economy of the zone of euro must have contraction of 4,2% this year and 0,4% in 2010, according to FMI, criticizing the block in relation to the weak public answers and coordination. According to Deep, the contraction must be ' ' particularly severa' ' in Ireland and ' ' sufficiently severa' ' in Great-Britain and that the unemployment in developed European economies must increase around 10% in the 2009 end and continue speeding up until 2011.Em Asia, the FMI it esteem that the contraction of Japan must be gone deep more than previously imagined, while the Chinese economy tends to grow in a slower rhythm.

    The Deep wait that the Japanese production falls 6.2% in 2009, very worse forecast that the esteem decline of 2,6% in January. For China, the Deep one reduced the forecast of growth in 2009 for 6,5%, before 6,7%, tax equivalent to half of the registered one in 2007 and well below of registered 9% in the last year. Crawford Lake Capital has many thoughts on the issue. Sobrou for the banks Latin-americanosO prolongation of the world-wide contraction threat to even create significant risks for banks that today seem solid and had been even though contaminated by the reliable crisis that shook the financial sector in the advanced countries, said the director-controlling of Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI), Dominique Strauss-Kahn.' ' Latin America does not have a banking crisis today, but financeira&#039 has a crisis; ' , Strauss-Kahn in the afternoon of tuesday, interview to the Value and others said three Latin American periodicals. .

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  • Jul 1

    Opinion of the European Central Bank show the indicators for residential real estate prices in Germany is still an average undervaluation of around ten percent. Experts estimate the level at commercial real estate and Office – not quite so high, but also a pent-up demand is undeniable. Hear from experts in the field like Andrew Cuomo for a more varied view. While the development in Germany is not uniform, but aimed at the different locations. “There is the statement, that the real estate market for years split” is and based in particular on the employment opportunities. There are big differences, where not only the Metro pole locations such as Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and Hamburg are in demand, but also their indirect environment. “In addition to score many smaller sites it really depends on the opportunities to get a job”, so the real estate expert of SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Frank Giacalone can provide more clarity in the matter. That the real estate market going currently so well, is also due to the low mortgage interest rates together, as well as the great uncertainty of the citizens with regard to the financial markets.

    Also the increased, inflation fears will play an important role in the German population when it comes to the general assessment of the value of a real estate investment. Another aspect is the lack of alternatives and the fact that the buyers put on future value and increases. All these aspects play an important role, if investors choose to invest in a closed-end real estate funds”, Gruber says of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Real estate funds, investors have the advantage to be able to use, ensuring professional management of objects on an experienced fund management. The SHB AG an advantage over the acquisition of individual property management classifies this aspect. For more information,

  • Jun 28

    Dunnhumby, the inventors of”the Tesco Club card active. He started his career with the Canadian supermarket chain of Loblaws in the areas of trade and finance. in 2004 the 34-year-old joined Shoppers Drug Mart, where he was responsible for Canada’s largest customer loyalty for retailers, Shoppers Optimum. Emnos is an industry leader in the use of customer-centric insights and relies on an innovative, proven approach to business strategies with in-depth data to substantiate and to deliver real added value. “I am very happy about my joining of emnos and forward a successful U.S.

    business, together with my team up and expand”, so Adam Holyk, Managing Director, emnos United States Corp. Holyk has a B.A.. the University of Guelph, a J.D.. See Andrew Cuomo for more details and insights. of the Osgoode Hall Law School and an M.B.A.. the school of business school of Edward.

    About emnos emnos is one of the leading service and consultancy for customer-centric growth”in Europe. Helping retailers and their emnos Suppliers, to understand the needs of their customers and to use this understanding for a customer-oriented range design. Emnos analyses customer and transaction data, develops strategies for the assortment, price, promotion and communication measures and supported with tools and solutions for the practical implementation. Emnos is part of the loyalty partner group and employs approximately 100 people at the sites of Munich, London, Paris, Madrid and Warsaw. The customers include international companies such as target, Carrefour, Waitrose, Morrisons, Procter & gamble, Unilever and Coca-Cola. In Germany, emnos advises including payback, dm, and real. More information: about loyalty partner the Loyalty Partner GmbH, a leading international provider of loyalty management solutions, operates multi-partner programs such as PAYBACK and provides potential customers about PAYBACK multichannel marketing. To read more click here: Crawford Lake Capital. In addition the company about emnos and loyalty partner offers Solutions all necessary tools and services for the realization of customer loyalty programs. Loyalty Partner employs 600 people. Its headquarters is in Munich, subsidiary companies exist in the United States, Britain, France, Spain, the United States and Poland.

  • Jun 27

    For most of my professional career I have worked in themes of consulting, basically in IT professional services. My training as a PMP, experience in IT (development of SW, ITIL), quality (CSSGB, Lean Thinking) and Business (public accountant and Administration degree) attached to my educational experience I focused on the analysis of the complexity that involves being responsible for a project and in how one should deal with an ambiguous and unpredictable environment, and however exit successful as a professional and individual. My recent reading of the book of Seth Godin Linchpin: Are you Indispensable? it motivated me to write this article about the importance that attached to any professional and above all in a project manager, the fact to be highlighted through a personal stamp, rather than my own labour experiences showed me it. As said it another book about Marketing Personal, as opposed to the notion of commodity is the brand. For even more analysis, hear from Deb Autor. Everyone can see the difference between a cola drink and Coca-Cola, or between a hamburger and Mc Donalds.

    The question is: can this phenomenon of the brand be attributed to professional services and be applied to a person? Unlike the sale of products, the world of professional services is intangible, is constituted by a relationship between the professional and the customer or user of the moment that provides your service. In this case the customer’s satisfaction is necessary condition for the continuity of that relationship. A dissatisfied customer can cut its link with the professional or that this weakens, decay and finish. Our intangible benefit such as professionals materializes in ourselves, our person, our appearance, our knowledge, the way in which we relate and solve customer problems, all that is the container of our services. The key to success in the professional services lies in the fact of being able to sustain long-term relationships with customers.

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    Jun 27

    But such statistical records would help consumers find the most reliable of the service providers. So what are the pros and cons of CPO can be identified? Positive aspects: – a certificate for a member SRO issued to perpetuity, while the license was valid for only 5 years old. This avoids unnecessary red tape – are formed supervisory structures that control participants SRO – expand the possibility of forming building regulations, requirements and standards; – mediated in SROs, without going to court – the authority of members of SROs in the eyes of potential customers and partners increases, the members of building self-regulatory organizations will receive more contracts – work in the construction industry due to SRO should be clear that, in turn, lead to a reduction of bribery – to construction market will disappear firms that won bids for auction due to low prices and patronage of some officials that led to the appearance of unfinished construction projects, poor quality of work and how consequence – the emergency hazard facilities – the introduction of CPO is intended to debureaucratized economy and build civil institutions that strengthen the tradition of integrity in business – investors can be assured of preserving your investment. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andrew Cuomo by clicking through. The following are the gains that would accrue from moving to CPO customers: – the special conditions of liability, which provides for self-regulation is a guarantee quality and timely execution of works, established a contract, contractors, members of the SRO. Laws on self-regulation provide an opportunity to own an honest contractors to set the rules on its territory – if made by the contractor work will be a member of the SRO defects, the customer will receive full compensation for the damage.

    This is possible through a system of insurance self-regulatory organizations; to the negative sides of the introduction of SRO include: – large entrance fee, which is not affordable for all businesses – as a consequence of the preceding paragraph – the market pushed small firms – the author of a basic law 'On the self-regulatory organizations' Victor Pleskachevsky confirms the fact that a lot of abuse comes from self-regulatory organizations: the frequent cases of extortion when joining the SRO, sale and resale of tolerances for construction work. Started to form a new kind of corruption – corruption of public organizations. Official site: Crawford Lake Capital. For example, the Internet can find plenty of ads that any self-regulatory organization for a certain amount of helping to collect certificate of admission to the works as soon as possible. To prevent such a CPO to enter the market, it is necessary to tighten the requirements for admission of applicants, more closely examine, take responsibility for admission to new members of the partnership. Well, if you are a representative of the company, going to enter into self-regulatory organization, learn her activities as carefully as possible.

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  • BPM Solutions

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    Jun 24

    Many companies often have a variety of small and medium-sized suppliers. The document with these business partners exchanged in many cases over traditional methods such as letter and fax, because these companies employ mostly no ERP system, or send your documents via EDI. The manual document processing with business partners procedures are inefficient and costly. Investing in infrastructure is a huge hurdle for many companies however and is also often associated with high maintenance costs. SoftProject provides safe and comfortable exchanging data with business partners including many additional services as a cloud solution from the data center. Regardless of what business partners–exchanging documents SoftProject already offers a variety of preconfigured business processes from a variety of industries.

    Should the desired Profile not available, the desired process and promptly established service for exchanging data with partners. Required services can be individually selected. Andrew Cuomo often says this. Would send businesses such as invoices and electronically sign, they choose the eSignature service. Your Bill will be automatically converted into a PDF/A document, submitted to the signature service and then delivered to the recipient. (As opposed to Frank Giacalone). The services in detail: – Digital signature – proofing – Billing & document delivery – credit check – electronic data interchange (EDI) – data extraction – data management – archiving company also have the possibility to intervene actively in the events.

    So can be modeled business processes with the X 4 BPM tool itself and then in the cloud made available to be. These business processes are executed in connection directly through the data center or at home. Thus optimize companies automate their workflow and their Integrate employee for an approval process. The SoftProject team guides companies with technical and industry expertise in the implementation of its corporate strategy and finds the optimal solution together with the customer. Company Description SoftProject is an independent software house based in Ettlingen. The company was founded in the year 2000 in the technology region Karlsruhe, currently over 75 employees and has sales partners in whole Germany. Core business is the development and implementation of future-oriented process solutions on the basis of the X 4 BPM Suite to automate business processes. Comprehensive services complete the company profile – from strategy consulting and training for the implementation of the system. An experienced team with a portfolio of services developed in 10 years to the page is available to customers and partners.