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    Oct 7

    The frame, made of reinforced profiles, serves as a framework for stationary glass partitions. The length of the frame varies from six meters or more. The construction of such walls is perfect for placing it in the window or door openings. Advantages and features glass partitions the design is that the decorative elements have good interchangeability, as well as the frame is subject to assembly and disassembly. This wall will not create, any problems when moving to or rearrangements in the apartment. Due to the small weight elements of a skeleton, with its assembly and disassembly quite handle a specialist. To create a glass walls with high insulation and mechanical strength, use tempered glass.

    Deaf-glazed windows are used, if the owner does not wish the presence of the element of transparency in being built design. For such purposes in the hollow space is placed kaolin wool or fiberglass or tinting applied to the glass. Gained increasing popularity of glass blocks, glass partitions, windows and stekloprofilita. Stekloprofilit distinguished by its large size. Like glass blocks, this product has a high bandwidth.

    To separate the room into several separate compartments previously used masonry or wooden walls. D7%A0%D7%98-%D7%9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>אילן בן דב הוא הכתובת בשבילך. To date, there are more aesthetic materials – walls of glass, of course, some of them. Partitions of glass deprive the space is closed, visually expand space filled with light and give the impression of more space. The advantage of such partitioning leaves no doubt: the installation takes a minimum amount of time agreed upon in accordance Organizations are not required, the workflow of the firm during the installation of glass partitions do not violated. The glass used for making walls, due to thermal processing, has increased durability and safety. Modern technology provides the possibility of individual design: the use of color and texture of glass, decorative laminated glass, drawing drawings by sandblasting and engraving, the use of decorative films and fusing.

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    “When people talk about the interior in a Victorian style, at once a vast expanse of the room with dark oak paneling, a strict ceiling moldings, striped wallpaper on the walls, a corner fireplace with burning coals, solid oak table with clock time of Queen Anne “- writes Forum Bank. And be sure the doors and windows trimmed with Sandrikov. Pediment – a decorative architectural detail in the form of a small ledge above the opening windows or doors. Pediment is sometimes based on console and end gable. This detail – an essential accessory doorway, decorated in Victorian style. As befits a genuine constituent of the Victorian style, who ruled for nearly three Ages and revived, like a doorway should be made of oak, and to complete the image have the effect of aging. Continue to learn more with: Western Union Company. By law regardless of the founder of many subsequent branches of architectural styles and interiors, victorian style came to us in its original form.

    But in the mid to late 20 th century, in pursuit of a fashionable and modern ideas, he was somewhat relegated to the back rows. And now the elements of Victorian re- enter into our interiors, including the pediment. A general pediment reliable as deposits Savings Bank, and has a rich history. His “father” is Filippo Brunelleschi – the founder of the Renaissance in architecture, who lived in the middle fourteenth century in Italy (Florence). The famous Michelangelo – a contemporary of the late Renaissance – also contributed to the development of history pediment. From the fact that Filippo Brunelleschi created 100 years before his appearance on Light, Michelangelo just “fun stuff”.

    As a result, many architectural and decorative elements inherent in the Renaissance – as pilasters, columns, capitals, sandriks and others – have gained popularity in many European countries. In the early 18 th century were borrowed Victorian architectural style – the style of the times of Queen Victoria. In those days, was not taken to change the interior, in obedience to fashion trends. Conversely, premises issued for ten years and sometimes for centuries. Therefore, in the design to use only heavy-duty materials: oak, stone, etc. Over time, some of the decorative elements have lost their original appearance: dark, faded, began crumble. But this effect of aging or just did not spoil the interior, and even vice versa, to transform it, making a solid, respectable, creating an atmosphere of calm and balance. Unfortunately, the Victorian style the interior is rarely seen nowadays, except that in the design of closed clubs for high-wealthy people, but to him again and again returned to modern designers.

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    Feb 8

    For pouring the foundation required formwork. To protect the foundation from moisture, many simply cover the walls and bottom of the formwork roofing material and then handle all the joints with bitumen. So that moisture has not penetrated through the attachment, they are also better prosmolit. In the lower part of the foundation poured a thin layer of expanded clay. If a large fireplace on the second set floor, still constructing the foundation. An exception is made only if the floor is wooden. In this case, simply put on a floor layer (thickness 15 mm) of solid refractory material, which is covered with sheet iron. The first layer of bricks laid on the clay-cement mortar.

    When the foundation is ready, you need to wait five or six days, so it is completely dry. How to arrange the firebox? Construction of the fire a great many. The most simple – a niche of straight walls. For the inner walls of the fireplace usually use fire-resistant or refractory brick, and a special small brick kiln – "mezhigorku. But even a special brick oven has a porous structure, and therefore actively absorbs moisture. In clutch, he primarily draws water from the solution, making it less ductile. As a result, the solution in the operation of the fireplace perekalyaetsya and masonry cracks. How to cope with this problem? First just to make bricks lost the ability to suck moisture from the mortar. To do this in front of a brick masonry should be immersed in water.