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  • Construction Works

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    Sep 26

    What would be finishing work you did not do, whether it be leveling, decontamination of surfaces, wallpapering, tiling or screed floor, you need to prepare the surface. Therefore, in this case you can not do without primers. Primer – a sure remedy for a variety of decorating. The primer solution promotes reliable bonding of finishing material to the base surface. But that was the result of your work high enough to use only reliable primer.

    Because of poor quality can lead to wet and peel treated surface. In addition, for various works to use a certain type of primer. Today the distinction alkyd, acrylic, glyptal, perchlorovinyl, polyvinyl acetate, phenolic and polyester primer. Let us consider in more detail each type. Alkyd primer perfectly suited for wood before painting. This primer creates a dense layer of matte color, thereby increasing the final surface color. Dries, this primer for 12 – 15 hours.

    Alkyd Primer should not be applied to plastered or plaster surface. Acrylic primer used to prepare almost any surface. It has significant advantages over other types: practically does not smell and dries quickly (2-4 hours). See 4Moms for more details and insights. The only disadvantage of acrylic primer is that it does not protect against corrosion. Therefore, according to the composition in any case can not blot the surface of ferrous metals. Glyptal primer used for the treatment of surfaces in dry conditions. It is also perfectly suited for the processing of metallic surfaces. Complete drying time is 24 glyptal primer hours. Perchlorovinyl primer applied as a coating of metal, concrete and masonry surfaces. Perchlorovinyl dries fairly quickly, within one hour. But to use such a composition for interior decoration not recommended due to the content in it are harmful to human health. PVA formulations used before applying the paint with the same title. This dries out the soil within 10 – 20 minutes. Phenolic primer is used as anti-corrosion treatment of metal, as well as to ensure a long service life of wooden surfaces. This primer dries in 8 – 12 hours, after which a brown tinge. Polystyrene is used to ground metal and plastered surfaces. In addition to all the above can be primed surface and normal wallpaper paste. This is the cheapest way to prepare the surface. But to use wallpaper adhesive as a primer only on very smooth surfaces. The use of such a ground in the future could lead to the formation of yellow spots, cracks and even shattering the plaster. So experts are not recommend the use of adhesive as a primer.

  • Kitchen Furniture

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    Sep 12

    Kitchen furniture: Tell monotony 'no' did you move into a new house or apartment? And maybe make repairs and decided to start a new life, discarding outdated kitchen cabinets a decade ago out of sight? Tired old furniture for the kitchen: straight lines, dull colors, battered style of the last century? This means that you need a new, elegant, functional and custom kitchen that will transform it room, giving it brightness and expressiveness, warmth and comfort, making it a true heart of your doma.Zakaz furniture custom made kitchens: a unique interior. Order Furniture Buy food in our time is not a problem. The problem – in other: no secret that many dishes in Moscow, and in other cities, often resemble each other as sisters, – and yet so eager to make your kitchen look and different original rejoice in their originality! Factory kitchen 'Likarion' produces kitchen furniture made to order. This means that any, even the boldest your idea, captured in a sketch of your designer, finds expression in the unique interior of your the world's only food, made personally for you, given the size and features of your premises, as well as the style of the other rooms of your apartment, home or factory custom furniture kottedzha.Zakaz cuisine 'Likarion' manufactures kitchens since 2000. Our factory is focused on manufacturing high quality kitchen furniture to order, ie no serial production, which can be found in the majority of manufacturers of kitchen furniture, namely custom. Your kitchen will be manufactured especially for you and the second such no longer. Our kitchen is different from the wide selection of unique patterns, colors, production of any non-standard elements and a more than reasonable price. Kitchen furniture from the factory 'Likarion' combines the original design, functionality, which allows you to create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth..

  • Veneering

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    Sep 5

    Requirements for the development of modern design, involve the use of natural materials for decoration and for the room. One of the most beautiful material is wood, However, along with the advantages it has some drawbacks. First, it is a relatively high cost, inherent quality and well dried coated protective-decorative compositions tree. Second, exposure to high humidity, which limits the use of this material, such as in bathrooms. Third, over time, with enough careful leaving the wood can warp, crack, change its shape and size.

    Now there are more practical materials for the manufacture of office partitions, furniture, decorative panels: plywood, chipboard or MDF. To make the plates decorative appearance, they are subjected to veneering, which gives a beautiful and durable products that are not exposed to temperature extremes and have a much longer service life under almost all conditions. Translated from the German der Spon means "Sliver," "lining." This material is a thin layer of natural wood, obtained by planing the boards or peeling steamed short decks. Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX can provide more clarity in the matter. For the manufacture of veneer thickness from 0.2 to 5 mm use fine wood, wherein a beautiful structure: oak, beech, acacia, walnut, mahogany, Karelian birch, ash, elm, yew, and others. Sliced veneer is produced by planing the boards into thin strips. For this There are special planing machines. Sliced veneer – a valuable decorative material used in the manufacture of furniture for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms. In the manufacture of panels, it is important to they were matched for shade, especially when it comes to producing the multicast furniture – kitchen, living room sets, etc.

  • Formwork

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    Feb 8

    For pouring the foundation required formwork. To protect the foundation from moisture, many simply cover the walls and bottom of the formwork roofing material and then handle all the joints with bitumen. So that moisture has not penetrated through the attachment, they are also better prosmolit. In the lower part of the foundation poured a thin layer of expanded clay. If a large fireplace on the second set floor, still constructing the foundation. An exception is made only if the floor is wooden. In this case, simply put on a floor layer (thickness 15 mm) of solid refractory material, which is covered with sheet iron. The first layer of bricks laid on the clay-cement mortar.

    When the foundation is ready, you need to wait five or six days, so it is completely dry. How to arrange the firebox? Construction of the fire a great many. The most simple – a niche of straight walls. For the inner walls of the fireplace usually use fire-resistant or refractory brick, and a special small brick kiln – "mezhigorku. But even a special brick oven has a porous structure, and therefore actively absorbs moisture. In clutch, he primarily draws water from the solution, making it less ductile. As a result, the solution in the operation of the fireplace perekalyaetsya and masonry cracks. How to cope with this problem? First just to make bricks lost the ability to suck moisture from the mortar. To do this in front of a brick masonry should be immersed in water.