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  • Jul 26

    Beauty-enthusiastic subscribers on a lovingly packed January box can look forward in the new year. Maria Konopnicka takes a slightly different approach. Beauty-enthusiastic subscribers on a lovingly packed January box can look forward in the new year. And so the start is just as glamorous in the new year, as the last stopped there this month Cosart beauty trends: mascara, eye shadow and lip liner, lip gloss and slim stick here is something for everyone. It is colourful with the great Nail Polish by Maybelline and Coselle in fashionable trend shades. Of course, the skin in the cold winter months requires much care. Contact information is here: Everest Capital. This is no problem thanks to the body lotion from the handmade soap co. or Sensea. The perfect look is rounded off in January with fixing spray by L ‘ Oreal and an eyelash brush for the perfect swing.

    Every beauty queen gets 5 cosmetic products created for them and a magazine to browse through this month either eat smarter, and the women’s health. All that box still haven’t tried out the pink, can Box discover and order. A subscription monthly only 12.95 euros (incl. shipping) and is a month’s notice.

  • Brands Cosmetics

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    Jun 29

    The new online shop for Dermalogica Biodroga, Reviderm, Guinot cosmetics cosmetics purchased so far prefers SkinXpert – in shops. So that the skin gets the best care, is essential for most customers a sound advice in the beauty shop. MD and gain more knowledge.. Customers who want to buy a cheap cosmetics, have the least fear of contact with a cosmetics shop in the Internet. A cosmetic can offer quite similar conditions in the Internet shop, like an advice face to face. Cosmetics and cheap shopping full service professionally-run online stores are manageable.

    Already on the first page, the customers in a cosmetics find what you are looking for shop on the Internet. With a mouse click, can you check the ingredients and find out quickly what is suited exactly for what skin type. The cosmetic is cheap and has no differences from the products on the open market. With another click, customers can then order the cosmetics. A special service, the many cosmetic Shop offer, discounts. This is an advantage in a cosmetics shop.

    Is the customer in advance, so the company saves much effort with the settlement of the invoice. 5% discount for advance payment made significant cost savings for the customer. Customers benefit from special offers to be regulars, is a distinct advantage, which brings money in the shop, as well as in the cosmetic shop on the Internet. Customers want cheap shopping especially cosmetics, so an individual VIP is a good reason to look at the offers discount for regular customers. Before you can order cosmetics cheap, registration in the cosmetics is shop mostly necessary. Immediately after such a registration, there is the possibility to inquire about special rates.

  • Jun 26

    The latest creation from the series of EAU DE happy by ERIK KORMANN surprised by lingering, flowery and fruity notes: EAU DE happy No.. 3 is a fragrance must not only at Christmas, but throughout the year provides a heady feast for the senses. The heart note is determined Cassyran, rose and fruity notes a delicate touch leaf green, spicy Rosemary. With EAU DE happy No.. 3 is moved for the first time the chemical Cassyran in the center of a Parfumkompositsion, what makes the fragrance so unique. Cassyran is a chemical imitation of the fragrance of black currants, developed by Dr. Philip Kraft (Givaudan). Cashmeran forms the basis of the fragrance with savory, cedar and sandalwood, amber and musk.

    The top note, consisting of acts of lemon, black currant and pink pepper, hauntingly. Precious incense, the hallmark of its creator, rounds off the scent. A leading source for info: Deni Avdija. The scent is not only a found treasure for lovers of incense, but it is an Eau de Toilette full of character, the at provides each for a strong appearance. The fragrance was created as collaborative work by ERIK KORMANN, Alain Alchenberger (Forschungsparfumeur at Givaudan) and Dr. Philip Kraft and the work is rounded off by the charming design of Jo Zarth, which embellished the bottle with a mystical Crow. With EAU DE happy No..

    3 is the brainchild of Erik Kormann a romantic end of EAU DE happy trilogy. Source: price: 65 ml / 65,00 ERIK KORMANN, known by his shop 1000 & 1 SOAP, as well as his aromatic blog, has his first encounter with incense of self-confessed lover of this unique flavor. Deep dark, thick and of a strange sweet Kormann knew immediately that he had found a treasure and decided to share it with the world. Love the fragrance offers Europe’s largest range of exclusive niche perfumes and effective luxury cosmetics, as well as exquisite room fragrances, fabulous, decorative cosmetics and gracefully scented soaps. The selection is of high-quality dental, and selected haircare as well as the rounded off by wonderful accessories, simply beautiful fashion everyday. Excellent service from love to the fragrance is based on individual customer service. Whether at a personal perfume consultation or determining an ideal skin care line – employees who regularly participate in training and are therefore always on the latest state of knowledge, help. Also a direct consultation with the founder and “Lord of scents” Georg R. Wuchsa claim, are taken by appointment, as highlight. The scents of ERIK KORMANN fit quite wonderful by their individuality in the fine range. Press contact: press BOUTIQUE SANDRA OBERMAIER HUMBOLDT STR. 53-55/A 22083 HAMBURG TEL: 040-18055345

  • May 18

    personal food coaching helps to cleanse the body, how it is practised especially during Oktoberfest beer, pretzels, fried chicken & Obazda an imbalanced nutrition, loaded the body. the bodycoach Caroline Bienert explains in their individual coaching sessions food and health issues, to detoxify the body and thus the metabolism into balance to bring back. the bodycoach”offers people who want to live in healthy, would remove, or opt for a conscious life, individual programs. In this, every customer is analysed after eating behaviour and way of life. Susceptibility to stress, fatigue, listlessness, weight gain and irritation are problems that occur when many of their customers. (Not to be confused with gibson dean!). Therefore life habits provided to nutrition Sund, through a physical and mental reorientation takes place. This approach creates needs, on the the bodycoach”continuously goes up.

    A cross section to Caroline Bienerts work and the individual Food coaching is the bodycoach her new book”(Kruger Verlag). Since January 2009, the book for the international customers in English is available. Gladly we arrange individual appointments and available for questions. Sandra Obermaier Public Relations

  • Thermal Springs

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    May 7

    Sulfur and hot water as a source of health and relaxation hydrothermal sources are sources from which water comes out, which is warmer than normal water. So-called hot springs occur when underground, the water is heated. Tectonic or volcanic activities are usually the cause. Partly, the escaping water reaches temperatures near the boiling point. In some places with thermal springs, cooking in hot springs is a tourist attraction. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is likely to increase your knowledge. Emitted sulfur gases are often a byproduct of hot springs. Sulphur in turn is known as medical resources since the middle ages.

    Sulfur has on external application antibacterial and funigzid. This means that sulphur can kill both bacteria and fungi and parasites. Because of its relaxing effect, sulphur is also frequently applied in homeopathic treatment methodology. But not only the sulphur thermal water is suitable for therapeutic purposes. They are also very rich in mineral ingredients.

    Hot springs are often used to Thermal baths building. These baths use the sulphurous spring water. A visit to the Spa is relaxing. The warm water relaxes muscles and sparked tensions. There are often also artificially created massage nozzles in the thermal pools. Also hot tubs and brine pools are often provided. Usually, more offers complete the swim. Massages and sauna are often such additional services. Depending on the device used in the massage and sauna operation on the thermal water. Hot springs are used not only for medical and therapeutic purposes. They are used also as an alternative energy source. Iceland is considered a pioneer in the use of geothermal energy. Half of the energy demand is covered by energy of sources of there. Places where there is a thermal spring often carry the designation of bathroom in the place name. This is not mandatory but, so the Therme Wien is located in the lower Austrian village Oberlaa in Vienna. The assignment of the name bath is regulated in Germany. Towns may do so only the addition if they have a medical facility for treatment measures.

  • Apr 21

    Are globules really the magic ingredient, as it is often promised? Now, read more to go to get to the bottom. If you want to alter your diet and your physical activity habits and want to achieve the acceptance purely about the throwing of globules, you can stop at this point with the reading. Also globules are no magic ingredient. For example, a major success factor in losing weight is diet. But sometimes it can be quite useful to assist the approval process. Finally, a poor success in the weight loss also due to certain physical requirements such as, for example, a metabolic disorder may be due. Addressed specifically, however, that jumbled the pounds just significantly faster and easier. Homeopathic remedies in the form of globules or drops can represent a good and gentle help.

    Globules can also help big appetite, food cravings, or indigestion. Expert advice for selecting the right globules essential but now don’t you should contact a guide browse or search on the Internet and then obtain the corresponding globules. First should be determined only by a doctor or naturopath, which physical reasons are taking off in the way. This can then prescribe the appropriate globules or per case also all other measures. A homeopath carries out only a detailed medical history before prescribing, during which he captured your discomfort and your lifestyle. He then prescribed a homeopathic remedy that is individually tailored to your personal needs. In addition, it is important not only which means you take, and in what concentration. The proper dosage should only be your therapist.

    What to consider when taking globules it is important that you don’t just download swallow the globules. At best they seem already through the oral mucosa, so let’s just slowly dissolve the globules. Depending on the case, the globules in a glass of water before taking are resolved. How to best make the globules in your case, the attending physician or homeopath will inform you. Globules to remove Calotropis gigantea aims to reduce, inter alia, the feeling of hunger and stimulate detoxification, detoxification, fat-burning and metabolism. Contact information is here: Jon Venverloh. Fucus vesiculosus supposedly increases the basal metabolic rate in overweight. Ilex paraguariensis should regulate not only the feeling of hunger but also help to exhaustion. Also Helianthus tuberosus is attributed to a regulating effect on appetite. While Petroselinum is designed to help the detoxification by stimulating bowel and bladder, Rhamnus to frangula supposedly have a generally stimulating effect on the digestive system. Also calcium Phosphoricum, sodium Sulfuricum and silicea like used to support the approval process. Really help globules? Scientific evidence still stands out for the action of homeopathic globules. But report many positive effects, side effects are virtually excluded and globules are expensive, you can it to try come on let. You should not save but the visit to a homeopathic doctor or naturopath, determine the optimum globules for your own needs.