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  • Oracle Major

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    Jun 10

    The Tarot major arcana are like a few portraits painted by fate. If we consult them properly, they can provide us with very useful tips to face the challenges of life. Today the tarot is more accessible than ever thanks to the services of free tarot that we can find on the net. The Tarots cards consist of 78 cards in total: 56 (4 groups of 14 cards each) lower arcana, and the other 22 constitute the major arcana. People such as jimmy levin would likely agree. There are different methods of read letters of the Tarot, depending on what you are interested in knowing and your current situation. It is very important, also, know the question in the most appropriate manner possible. First, you should know that many Tarot readers to make a circulation of Tarot used only the major arcana, but it is not indicated more if what you want is information required about a date or time specific and very concrete, or if you want an accurate prediction about your future, so it is necessary to use all the cards of the Tarot. The Tarot is the Oracle more advisable to use if you are looking for a Council, broaden your perspective about a person or event, or to understand what decision to take, which way to go. Remember also your mood and your psychological situation at the time of the query are very important, since they can influence in the questions and answers. Try to consult the Tarot cards when you are relaxed and calm. Then I’ll give a few examples of questions which I answer with the major arcana and require that all the cards of the Tarot: the major arcana of the Tarot would like to know something about my professional future with my relationship status will improve? With all the cards of the Tarot are we when will see? I’ll be pregnant? Remember: If you’re able to ask the question in the right way, the Tarot reader and Tarot cards know help you!

  • Royal Oak Audemars

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    Feb 29

    Audemars Piguet was originally founded in 1875 in LeBrassus, Switzerland, by two Jules Louis Aduemars and Edward Auguste Piguet watchmakers. Although both founders were skilled watchmakers, Audemars focused mainly on the production line, while Piguet majored in sales. The company took in develop and grow, despite having been founded in 1875, Audemars Piguet name occurred in up to 1882 and was officially founded until 7 years later. All Audemars Piguet watches were manufactured using components that were produced in the same factory, which allowed to maintain strict quality standards. The company quickly gained a reputation for exquisite and complicated watchmaking. However, production volumes remained low and in the five years that elapsed between 1894 and 1899, only occurred 1,200 Watches Audemars Piguet. The death of its two founders did not adversely affect Audemars Piguet and the company continued excelling in the creation of watches that were complicated and beautiful at the same time. When modern technology brought the invention of the obsolescence of the Pocket Watch and wristwatch, Audemars Piguet took advantage of his skill with miniaturization to be able to keep pace with the changing times.

    1906 saw Audemars Piguet manufacture its first wrist watch repeated and 1920 saw him announce the smallest wrist watch in the world at that time. In 1972, Audemars Piguet introduced wristwatch that would become his product better sold, still available today, although in different configurations and designs. This wrist watch in particular was the sporty luxury Royal Oak watch. The name is derived from an oak tree hollow in which King Carlos II sought refuge once to avoid their enemies. The creation of renowned designer Gerald Genta, Royal Oak watch, was the first luxury made of stainless steel sports wrist watch. This time, this was an extremely dangerous move by Audemars Piguet, since It seemed hard to believe that customers would pay the same price for a sports watch made of stainless steel for a luxury watch.

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