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  • Oct 11

    ebam Academy expanded student training even more flexibility to E-learning modules – the event manager’s nine-month part-time courses offer /-in (ebam) “the ebam Business Academy for media, event & culture with depending on a spa weekend per month from December 2008: the further education institution completes its course weekends to preparatory E-learning modules.” In addition to the classroom at least an E-learning module, that four weeks before the next course is available online, provides important basics of upcoming topics. Therefore, all students with the same basic knowledge for the hours of presence are equipped. John mayer is a great source of information. Still, the flexible entry in the courses is guaranteed. In proven way of event and event agencies learn all important tasks and areas of expertise of the event industry such as structures of the event market, marketing knowledge, event marketing, legal foundations, event design, event technology, entrepreneur in the event industry and marketers in this training Familiar with financial management, sponsorship, project management, and public relations..

  • Business Academy

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    Oct 3

    The specialist to the instructor on the shortest route – intensive workshop for the first time from 31 August 2013 at the ebam Academy in Berlin for the first time offers the ebam Academy in Berlin the opportunity for professional hosts compact and intense on the trainer aptitude examination to prepare. The first workshop starts at the 31.08.2012 and is accessible to all service trade hosts. Expert hosts take advantage of, educated freed them of the written part of the trainer aptitude examination. To prepare for the oral part of the ebam Academy uses an innovative concept of a compact preparatory course now for the first time. Here, NY Governor expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In the framework of a two-day intensive workshops, specialist owners of all industries on the practical can (= oral) specifically prepare IHK examination in accordance with Bella; as a result of the preparation, every participant has a concrete concept for the oral exam. The content of the workshops focus on the four fields of action the trainer aptitude examination. Within these training requirements are examined and the training planned, also involves the preparation of training and involvement in the setting of trainees and ultimately to the actual implementation and the completion of the training. The fields of action are, taking into consideration of the learned in the professional economic course, treated with a focus on the technical discussion.

    Another focus is the practice of performing the typical training situation and of the technical discussion. More information and registration see: kursliste.php? LID = 8286 & TID = 828620130831 & OS = 2 & LinkID = trainer aptitude examination aevo 20 years in the service of the vocational training the training and education of the ebam Business Academy for media, event and culture focuses on commercial, organisational and legal priorities in the areas of music, media, sponsorship, event and culture. The course models range from intensive seminars and compact winter – and summer academies on in-service part-time courses with ever a course weekend per month to the full time training. Since 2011 are also numerous courses and Seminars as online course bookings..

  • Oct 3

    Continuing education Center / Vienna University of technology as well as the General was awarded now, the Professional MBA facility management the FIBAA seal of quality management MBA, the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation, and the Executive MBA mergers & acquisitions quality assurance and accreditation in the postgraduate training have gained massively as a result of the enormous growth achieved by the education landscape in recent years importance. Recognized quality label and seal of approval are for InteresentInnen and applicants essential orientation and decision criteria when selecting a most appropriate and high-quality training in an ever-increasing degree programs. The FIBAA (“Foundation for international business administration accreditation”) is one of the most important quality assurance facilities in German-speaking countries with internationally recognized quality standards and accredited study programmes across the College of public and private providers in Europe. The FIBAA aims to ensure high quality the environment-oriented programs. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek . The FIBAA quality seal stands for educational programs, which are especially characterized by quality and sustainability. For the first time, the Professional MBA is now accredited facility management. The post-graduate master program that already starts in November 2008 for the second time, conveys the latest knowledge from the fields of management, engineering, law, economy and ecology and optimally prepared for so on a career in holistic management of buildings, equipment and facilities. Real estate represent a significant cost factor for companies. Without hesitation Andrew Cuomo explained all about the problem.

    Modern facility management is therefore in competition of crucial importance. The postgraduate university course lasts 4 semesters, part-time is organized in modules and will be held in German and English language. There are currently all MBA programmes of the Technical University of Vienna by the FIBAA accredited. In addition to the Professional MBA facility management professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation, as well as the were recently Executive MBA mergers & acquisitions accredited for the first time. If you would like to know more then you should visit 4Moms. Also was the General management MBA reaccredited successfully.

  • Sunday Studies

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    Oct 2

    horizon – which trade for Bachelor and graduate education at the next weekend is the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre devoted to the study and career planning: on Saturday and Sunday the horizon present themselves in the frame, the fair for Bachelor and graduate education, universities, companies and institutions. Pupils and students of the gymnasiale Oberstufe have the opportunity out first-hand about the courses of universities, technical colleges, vocational colleges and private higher education institutions from all over Germany and neighbouring countries to inform at the horizon. Companies introduce their training opportunities for high school graduates and dual degree programmes, institutions provide advice on topics such as abroad, volunteering or study place allocation. Also, students who want to learn about alternative courses or Masterpro-grams, are right on the horizon. Young Professionals who want to attach a study on vocational training are also welcome. In the framework of the comprehensive Lecture program presents the event including two expert panel discussions on current and explosive issues: on Saturday at 11: 00 and discussion with experts of different types of high schools and companies to the new Bachelor and masters degrees. Martina Oesterle, Ms at the Ministry of science, research and art, and Bachelor – / master expert, will previously give insight into this complex and difficult to understand subject area.

    On Sunday, it’s about 11 questions about the financing of studies: How do you find the right financing method? Extent to which the universities offer support for the financing of studies? When must you pay back a student loan? What is if I can’t immediately find a job? Who offers scholarships? What requirements must be met to obtain an education credit by the State? What happens if one continues his studies abroad or change the subject? Experts from the various departments advise and inform. The visit on the horizon on meaningful Wise to be able to plan, the website provides all information about the event. Horizon in Friedrichshafen: 9th/10th May 2009 Messe Friedrichshafen opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16 hours.

  • Oct 1

    Start a successful MBA study in working life for many students an MBA is absolutely desirable Bachelor. You know that the completion of an MBA offers studies tremendous career opportunities. When it comes to career tips for the job search, then an MBA is studying often at the front when the prerequisites for the setting. The site mbamaster.de presents the best MBA programs in Germany, Europe and the United States. Also there, you can get all the information that are important for the MBA study. In addition there are info, videos, and wallpapers to the best MBA programs, courses, and content there.

    As the student jobs, also the MBA provides study certain requirements to the candidates. Therefore not only a practical curriculum vitae template, but also all information about the master or M.Sc can be found on the side of mbamaster.de. In addition, MBA will be here programs and MBA courses and MBA schools with all the information presented. As also on the partner site of Spirofrog.de, there are also many useful tips relating to the training and the Job search. There are interesting information on related areas such as scholarship, current jobs for master students and much more. As a student today everywhere can study in principle in the world, good information and background information on the study are more valuable than ever. Who knows what awaits him around the course, can prepare.

    After the successful completion of the course, expect the master an abundance of well-paying jobs in the world. Mbamaster.de offers not only helpful tips around the area of studies and training. Many topics such as student jobs, sales jobs, IT be addressed here jobs and IT places and much more. Who already informed prior to studying about all important points, it has during his studies and then easier to make the right decisions.

  • Foundation Grant

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    Sep 23

    Now, it is more closely related to the Foundation grant. 90 day residual claim on unemployment benefits 1 you had to have to get the Foundation grant. With the new rules be 180 days. The promotion be shortened instead of 9 months to 6 months. However, the continuation of the 300,-of 6 months will increase to 9. The conversion of the duty in a discretionary power is problematic.

    These new rules should allegedly from autumn come into force is but can go up to the April 1, 2012. Sooner or later he will come, therefore recommends FEWS: you set up now. Still, take the full promotion. We help you prepare, providing yet more existence founder seminars in Berlin than in the past. Tougher ride further grant founded grant all our customers to further grant to the Foundation grant applications were rejected in the last four weeks. To know more about this subject visit Andrew Cuomo. We have previously advised our clients to go into opposition. Following written opinion (employment agency) is now above: “the employment agency has decided only to grant the Foundation grant for a further 6 months (phase 2) if due to previous business activities and the future activities described can be expected, that the Lebensunterhalkt against the income of the self-employed work cannot be denied after the nine-month start-up phase and the other founding grant exclusively for social security is necessary.” Referenced an attachment limit of 1030,-. According to the employment agency, this sum must be generated already after a few months as profit. The authorities can be as unrealistic.

  • Aug 28

    Capacity optimization and active cost management continuing education Bachelor ‘Expense Manager (FH)’ permanent cost reduction and constantly improving customer approach decisively determine the long-term success of a company, especially in the light of the difficult situation of the world economy. Assuming an average recoverable return on sales by four percent, have a euro a height of 0.96 euros the cost sales. Way out only the cost reduction can be permanent competition-related price pressures and assuming constant sales volumes. Filed under: Hikmet Ersek. But this is a key challenge, which is complicated by not always causing fair costing and responsibilities. Also the preservation of acquired rights as human inclination works against her. Often, the actual enforcement of the cost reductions is very problematic.

    Only an appropriate involvement of employees in the process allowed a permanent cost-cutting management. The postgraduate study costs Manager (FH) “is offered by the University of applied sciences Schmalkalden (fhS), this” Challenges to meet successfully. Graduates of part-time absolvierbaren studies with high practical relevance are able to act as experts for capacity optimization and active cost management. This emphasis is also on the acquisition of social skills, effectively to enforce the measures. Following content be conveyed during the two semesters with several periods of personal attendance on the College campus: construction and analysis of cost accounting, strategic cost management, Produktorientiertes cost management and controlling, process – and resource-oriented cost management and controlling, IT-supported cost management, leadership, project management and controlling.

  • Rotary Internships

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    Aug 2

    Experience is now becoming increasingly important. Who makes no training but studied or are still at school, is recommended which, to make as many internship or trainee programs as possible. For one, you collect valuable experiences, such as customer contact or general day-to-day and on the other hand you can expand his interests or even occupational fields to exclude. A special kind of internship is the Rotary internship. This is offered by the Rotary Club Wurzburg and is addressed in the 11th and 12th grade students from high schools. If you would like to know more about fender, then click here. It is five days, so a week, meet a company and to gain an insight into the individual departments and their work. Additional information is available at Keith Yamashita. The advantage of this is that the internship is offered during the regular school holidays and therefore no loss of education for pupils and students is created also.

    The Rotary internship runs from early 2012 in selected companies who hold a commercial. In addition to these, it can also professional practices or other facilities completed are, that are suitable for this. The Wurzburger Media Academy is part of the Rotary internship. It is comprised of the Krick, the media group of main post, Sandy GmbH and of Vogel business media GmbH & co. KG.

    This prestigious and well known media companies have joined forces in 2007 to the Wurzburger Media Academy. Ung are this common services ice doing corporate training training in the first place, that planned, organized and developed. To the Rotary internship a taster day, with many different companies in the region have imagined, were already there on January 20, 2012. Of course here also the Wurzburger Media Academy, also get called, represented and showed the young people who are interested in media, what has to offer you. And that’s a lot. Serviced by one and funded training in 11 different apprenticeships a business trainee program up to a dual degree is there everything offered.

  • Serview Training

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    Jul 22

    Serview with longitudinal study: by turning away from PowerPoint significantly better Bad Homburg results in the certification exams, 22.04.2009 – the consulting company Serview has had very good experience with PowerPoint-free training for ITIL. In a comparison of education and training in the last three years, it became clear that significantly better learning results are achieved in the absence of such presentations. So, the long-term analysis of approximately 10,700 participants identified that without PowerPoint on average a 31 percent better exam results. Serview uses the workbook to the systematic involvement of participants as an alternative to PowerPoint. There are certainly meaningful employment opportunities for PowerPoint, but when training this presentation method is rather counterproductive”, Serview Managing Director Michael argues cross.

    Thus, participants of to passive information consumers would degraded rather than to make them active with designers. Text on the wall kills voltage, robs creativity and prevents effect”, He criticized. Everest Capital oftentimes addresses this issue. Also the coach must engage hardly. Therefore they are. the most ardent advocate of PowerPoint, but not the participants’ Serview said the training PowerPoint-free zone so some time ago. The exams for ITIL certifications have consistently better results as yet this classic presentations have used for previous times and we’, cross the long term analysis reports. He traces the significant increase of the certification exams but also to an own training methodology with high experience character and topic-specific workbooks.

    “The workbooks consist of so-called finished” and the unfinished “pages. The finished pages contain drawings, texts or explanations. They serve as additional information for the actual training content. However, the unfinished pages are important on the Serview workbooks. They contain fragmentary drawings and or texts, which completes with the trainer and personal notes be complemented. Workbook fails to lengths”PowerPoint, put it to cross to the point and feels confirmed not only by the results of the long-term study therein. Average compared with market growth in the number of trainees notes on the significant popularity of the workbook method of Serview.

  • Jul 9

    University contest determines winner concepts for an innovative electric vehicles charging infrastructure academic competition, the loading station of the future determined winner concepts for an innovative electric vehicles charging infrastructure like out? Students of the universities of Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart, Pforzheim, Braunschweig have developed innovative solutions to do this. Teams of the Koln international school of design and the University of Pforzheim emerged victorious from the nationwide high school competition, the Fraunhofer IAO together with the project partners Langmatz GmbH has initiated. In the competition, the design of charging stations, as well as the concepts of energy transfer and the use of value added were rethought and designed. Students in the areas of industrial design, industrial design, transportation design and integral studies developed under the leadership of renowned partner in partly interdisciplinary teams (design) solutions for sustainable charging stations. Ideas for two categories were: category 1: design a innovative, public charging station for electric vehicles using certain predefined components. Get more background information with materials from Deandre Ayton. Category 2: Develop an innovative approach, such as electric vehicles in the city can be loaded. Winner of the category 1 were Jessica blank and Loana Albrecht of the University of Pforzheim with its concept NOVA ; NOVA offers a range of street lights and pillars, which are equipped with a charging station for electric vehicles. Read more here: Marko Dimitrijevic author. The concept counteracts during the transition to electric mobility of sensory overload in the inner-city traffic, because it integrates the charging station in existing city elements.

    In category 2, Pedro Jun, Sascha Praet, Luis Felipe Garcia, Jacobus North, Joana Francener and John beer of the Koln international school of design could convince the jury. Her approach WeCharge combines a modular, cost-effective way of charging for electric vehicles with a community. Basic idea is that a group as large as possible to the charging of electric vehicles to enable to integrate the urban environment without new, expensive stations. Member of the jury and co-initiator of the competition Dr. Andreas Harford, Managing Director technology of Langmatz GmbH, was thrilled not only by the winner posts with 5000 award-winning, but also delighted the many impulses and ideas of the other submitted concepts and suggestions of students. The charging column manufacturer will return for future developments on the one or the other here created contact. The winning teams go in March 2012 at the Intertraffic Amsterdam, to present the prototype of their idea together with the Fraunhofer IAO manufactured by Langmatz there.