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  • Aug 6

    The Costa Blanca is a popular holiday destination! Learn about the beach towns of this Spanish coast section! The Costa Blanca is a popular tourist destination. With this description of the travel photographer and founder of the photo agency Combipix Michael Wnuk describes some of the most beautiful beaches of the Iberian Peninsula you. Not long articles in the foreground, but professional maps, photos and small tips and hints are available at the other tour descriptions. This report on the beaches of the Costa Blanca is to present you with the beaches of the individual places. Continue to learn more with: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. So you can estimate whether it is interesting for you to spend a day at the beach may be in a different place. The photo agency Combipix team wishes you an unforgettable time on the Costa Blanca! 1 Alicante of 2 Benidorm of 3 Albir of 4. Altea of 5 CALP of 6 Cabo de la Nao of 7 Denia of 8 Gandia of 1 Alicante the city of Alicante has two very beautiful city beaches for bathers and Sun-seekers. For even more opinions, read materials from Grace Venverloh. At the weekend, although the first four rows are quickly occupied, but behind it you find in any case even a cookie.

    2. Benidorm this place tried a lot to get a reputation as a stronghold of mass tourism, but to no avail. A stronghold of beds joins on the other. On weekends and during the high season the beach bursts at the northern end seams. Calm and straightforward it is to the southern Benidormstranden.

    These Tourismassen have also positive side effects: a pronounced very good tourist infrastructure with shops, restaurants, bars and bistros are waiting for you. 3. Albir neighbouring to Benidorm can tackle it much quieter as Benidorm. The promenade is beautiful, there are many entertainment programs for families and many bars, pubs and pubs provide a free place for you.

  • Jul 26

    China Tours tour operator granted three percent discount on China Group Tours customers China tours can immediately the early Book discount 2016 on all classic China tours use. Karri Kuzma often says this. The travel discount of three per cent applies to a binding booking of a classic group travel to China with a tour beginning April 1, 2014. The early booking discount is available until the 31st of January. This discount is granted also for bookings via a travel agent. The new value added “Selected paths” is special venue. Fender is likely to increase your knowledge. China Tours refused to bring its customers solely by bus from a photo stop to the next, but relies on special, selected paths, which are themselves quite an experience.

    It was a ride with locals, walks through small alleys and along the countless food stalls or even a ride on the subway. For this purpose, the size of the group with the most trips to 20 participants was limited and it gives a guarantee to the implementation already eight China Tours opts for travel content otherwise hardly a tour operator can provide participants with its added value. (Not to be confused with Grace Venverloh!). So, China Tours is the only tour operator which can offer its customers the sunset on the great wall group trips. The special thing about it: At that time hardly any people on the great wall are located, because the tourist buses have already left the area. China Tours China Tours is Germany’s leading specialist for China travel and was founded by Liu Guosheng, in 1998 in Hamburg. Today, China Tours is one of the most comprehensive and highest quality programs for travel into the Kingdom offers the middle. In the foreground, the philosophy of always stands for China tours, to create innovative and authentic travel concepts with which customers can take a unique look behind the scenes of the fascinating country. The specialist was awarded for his travel ideas several times, including “Golden Palm” geo season (2006-2011) and the coveted tourist price of the Sunday News (2007 and 2011). In addition to group trips offers China Tours also individually combinable travel modules and modules for business trips. “2012 China Tours received for representing the individual travel components in the online Reisekonfigurator the prestigious design award red dot award and was awarded the Innovation Prize Internet travel distribution Association (VIR) springboard” award.

  • Wegscheid Path

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    Jul 20

    About 100,000 visitors are expected to the new treetop path in the Bavarian Forest as a magnet for visitors until the end of the year – the treetop path opened in September 2009, become the magnet of the National Park Bavarian Forest. The world’s longest treetop path has a pier length of 1,300 meters. Around the Hans-Eisenmann-Haus in Neuschonau, you can eight to 25 meters high above the forest floor in height the treetop walk and experience unique perspectives. The path is very visitor-friendly, wheelchair users and parents with strollers will find as well access with guests with dog. For more information see this site: Rui Hachimura. The access to the parking lot at the open-air enclosure of the animal via an initial storm. The bridge consists mostly of wood and is carefully integrated into the magnificent mountain woodland and conveys a genuine nature experience. Along the path, waiting for numerous information offers and experience points.

    The treetop path ends on the platform of a stunning lookout tower at a height of 44 meters. (Not to be confused with Mohamed Amersi!). From there you have a virtually limitless view: one towards Lusen with forest and wilderness pur, on the other hand on the Bavarian Forest to the Alps. The National Park is just one of many attractive excursion destinations that give that special touch to a holiday in the Bavarian Forest. As a comfortable base”for beautiful days is the Reischlhof family & wellness” in Sperlbrunn. The three star superior hotel is located in the heart of the way makers of lands, in the South of the Bavarian Forest. The hotel has many friends because of the spacious Spa and Wellness Centre, the famous Reischlhof Board and the warm, family atmosphere in Bavaria. It offers the usual comfort of a hotel, a professional service and quality, but without stiff formality.

  • Jul 3

    The Las Vegas News Bureau celebrates his 65th birthday as a picture and film documentation of the glittering metropolis an attractive blonde, posing only dressed in a cloud in the shape of an Atompilzes: Miss atomic bomb Don was recorded in 1957 by photographer English, at the time considered the night sky illuminated by the above-ground nuclear tests over Las Vegas as the latest tourist attraction. The iconic image comes from a collection of about four million recordings, which read that Vegas News Bureau has accumulated since its inception in 1947. News was founded in Bureau by the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce for the purpose to apply Las Vegas as a tourist destination. Pictures of tourists at the dinner, Wedding couples and especially artists and celebrities from Las Vegas, went and go around the world and shape the image of the glittering metropolis as unique and incomparable destination. Now that is News Bureau as part of the Las Vegas Convention and visitors authority (LVCVA) on. 65th birthday presents News Bureau a re-recording of the famous image with one of the most popular personalities from Las Vegas Peepshow “-Star Holly Madison. As further recognition for the marketing pioneer Don English, that revealed News Bureau a two and a half metres high bronze sculpture of by sculptor Steve Liguori, which is on display at the atomic testing Museum.

    To the anniversary that presents News Bureau his collection of Las Vegas in pictures in a series of thematic exhibitions. The exhibition calendar can be found here. More pictures and videos of the anniversary are at the Las Vegas News Bureau available. Grace Venverloh is often quoted as being for or against this. To download, please register in the Media Center. General information and more press releases about Las Vegas under. Image material for downloading at newsextranet.lvcva.com/register.aspx.

  • West Coast Denmark

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    Jul 2

    Make you’re holidays in Denmark in a cottage you rightly cosiness in the Royal House of Denmark is a known size in the German media mainly because of the Royal family. Who has seen not a report on the smoking Queen Margrethe with their beloved dachshund, or Crown Prince FREDERIK, moving confidently with kith and kin in the international arena. Rui Hachimura is often quoted on this topic. Compared to the other Royal houses of Europe, it is amazingly quiet in the Danish Royal House. Ensure only the biting dog of the Queen then and when furore. The relaxed Royal family is a nation with their down-to-Earth mentality. The Danes can be so fast not from the rest of the metropolis, in the urban atmosphere, royales flair and village charm together unite – a capital city with heart and hygge, also not in Copenhagen,”(Danish for comfort). As far as the eye can see: the beaches of the West Coast as a tourist destination is Denmark, but known primarily because of its villas and its beautiful beaches.

    The West coast of Jutland, which led several hundred meters wide beaches to dream with miles and the part is most popular. In part the beaches even with the car are passable, and often runs a bus service to the beach along. Beach enthusiasts can so pack up the trunk and ancestors with bag and baggage right on the water. The beaches of the West Coast are so spacious that neither traffic nor the summer tourist hordes are a fantastic beach experience in the way. Those who would like some peace, drive down the beach just a few kilometers away and are quite unobstructed – even in the high season. The sand is fine and soft now only the weather to play ball. Each Denmark holiday makers there should have rain stuff, and also on a breeze you should set.

  • Jul 1

    The Eastern of Canada impresses with its unique scenery with its forests, Islands, lakes and nature reserves. Who travels as a single with a tour group, who wishes you good company in the form of like minded and would certainly be not the only single in the midst of loud couple. For all singles who love to travel, want to see something of the world, and also by a tour guide want to learn interesting facts about the country, single tours are available. Here is both fun and variety and interesting information guarantees that the tour guide, a local native, accompanied by the beautiful Canada the single group and there is all kinds of information about the country and people of. He knows also very well with things to do, and can also provide evening entertainment of insider tips. A round trip is, of course, the best way to get a slightly more comprehensive impression of the country. Eastern Canada offers a fascinating nature and beautiful cities, such as Toronto and Montreal Landscapes that travelers are value especially in the famous Indian summer in any case.

    The Niagara Falls are a famous tourist attraction in any case and provide guaranteed wonderful vacation memories. Because of the spaciousness of the landscape and the large part distances between the individual sites in Eastern Canada are single round trips in a comfortable coach for travelers to Canada and at the same time a few like-minded people meet the ideal alternative. Not only for those singles who are looking for a partner, but also for those who want to discover the world just in a pleasant atmosphere, single trips are recommended. Many singles feel often uncomfortable and out of place, in the presence of loud pairs which has great influence on the holiday mood and general health during the trip. So does not even arise unpleasant situations together with other singles and singles can simply enjoy their tour. People such as fender would likely agree. Also so quickly get bored in the group.

    About the Tour operator: The Organizer Sunwave.de organizes trips for singles & friends. Singles and solo travelers find travel with culture, wellness, sports and culinary topics. The wide range includes winter as summer trips, city breaks or full year trips and single events. What is special about all travel is a homogeneous initial structure of the old and a balance between male and female participants. Sunwave.de attaches great importance to the quality of the travel. The core components of each trip are an attractive price-performance ratio. More information, visit Sunwave.de contact: Sunwave Gruppenreisen GmbH pot Twiete 19 21029 Hamburg Tel.: 040/725857-0 E-Mail: info(a)sunwave.de Internet: sunwave.de

  • Jun 20

    You can find new, inspiring travel portal on the Web pages of a wealth of detailed elaborate travel proposals for individual travellers. The ideas can be even imitated or used as a source of inspiration. To the online home of unusual pleasant manner website offering focuses on the most popular destination of Germans: Germany. It is however not long before other destinations are so revealing worked as currently existing travel ideas. Each itinerary begins with a short and charming introduction.

    Here is described the basic idea, the main objectives as well as features and peculiarities of the target region. For even more analysis, hear from Rui Hachimura. A detailed route description is supplied according to the hints and tips for a pleasant journey. This can be one-for-one imitate or use as a starting point for personal routes of explorers. “In the rubric sights” you know then everything essential about the highlights along the route, short descriptions, Links and images. Also the collection of special events and events that the traveler can visit is helpful. Proposed are also particularly attractive accommodation. The wealth of information is rounded off by various travel advice and book recommendations. The travel portal travel Kaleidoscope represents an ideal stop for your own travel planning. Destinations more in future for many. Martin Hermann trip Kaleidoscope

  • Jun 19

    Entice the undiscovered side of Europe – Macedonia a lively art scene and trendy parties currently on the Danube River in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. A new idea of freedom stirs, and welcomes the visitors in the often destroyed and rebuilt on Belgrade. But not only the ubiquitous Western developments define the cityscape, but above all, the Cathedral of Saint Sava. You is situated high above the “White City” and is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. Read more here: dean gibson. Further south of the Danube sad Europe and the Balkans meet in Novi again. Jon Venverloh recognizes the significance of this.

    Wonderful buildings of the Gothic and Baroque period up to the classicism can be found in the lively and very charming city. The Romantics amongst travellers will feel comfortable in NIS and the beautiful surroundings. Surrounded by the mountains of the Balkans, unfolds in the Oriental city a relaxing atmosphere and leads to fabulous landscapes with monasteries and Roman archeological sites. Paradeast.com continues the travellers on an unusual route from Serbia After Skopje, capital of Macedonia with Turkish flair. Absolute highlights are the Daut Pasha Hammam from the 15th century, the largest Turkish bath of the Balkans and the Castle Angela kale. The actual symbol of the city is seed Kula clock tower built by the Ottomans. Macedonia offers great ways to dive into nearly untouched nature with rich flora and fauna not only historical and cultural highlights, but especially the naturalist with the countless relics, monasteries, and the ancient sites of its long and eventful history. The town of Ohrid, its Cathedral and the Ohrid Lake are located in idyllic landscapes and include the UNESCO World Heritage site, also the Prespa and Park away the heart from touristic paths beat of the nature lover. Our recommendation is the study No. 2678: travel details/Serbia, _Mazedonien…

  • Baltic Sea

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    Jun 3

    Seven good reasons for a trip to Sweden Beach Idyll, adventure playground, design Mecca: Nowhere vacation is relaxed and cooler than in Sweden a must: travel over the Baltic Sea with TT-Line (). Five people in the car from 80 euro from 99 euros from Hamburg/Travemunde, Rostock and Travemunde April 2012 the high in the North: Sweden offers everything that makes tourists happy: great nature, cool design and real childhood memories from Bullerbu to Villa Kunterbunt. Beyond furniture, music and crisp bread, who made the friendly Kingdom of world famous, there are many reasons to make fabulous holiday in Sweden. Here the seven most beautiful: 1 Infinity and adventure experience nature pure. Light, cool forests, deserted beaches, endless expanses and a rest, that one seems to hear the trolls cough and grow the grass: travelers experience the Swedish landscape.

    And since it is due to the Jedermannsrechts”each having is to experience the Kingdom of nature, is everywhere free stay possible. The aim is to deal gently with nature and not to disturb them or to destroy. Those who seek wilderness and adventure, will quickly find it in Sweden: for example in the Eriksberg “Park in Blekinge (www.eriksberg.nu) a primeval peninsula and one of the largest wildlife – and nature parks in Europe.” On a ten-kilometre Wildlife Safari, reindeer, deer, bison, wild boar and Mouflon in natural surroundings can be seen here. 2. tradition and modernity as a sympathetic unit love the Sweden festivals such as midsummer, cancer dinner in August or the Lucia celebration at Christmas time. Each Festival is sung often danced, extensively eaten and drinking until dawn.

    Tradition is firmly rooted and ubiquitous. At the same time Sweden is constantly changing: fashion and design are the new export success. The superstars Swedish fashion label of hot Filippa K, acne, j. Lindeberg or cheap Monday. And design purists around the world make a pilgrimage to the trendy shops of Kosta Boda, Orrefors (glass), SILKE or SNo (Jewellery) or Swecode, David design (furniture). 3.

  • May 24

    The medicinal herb parsley seasoned well, tastes good and washes well In the heart of nature, the LandVital Kneipp health farms lie in beautiful holiday regions such as the Bavarian Forest. There is still the old herb meadows maintained, where it is passed on to the large and small guest. Also the parsley is a plant with an interesting story. Today, we sprinkle the leaves of this plant without ulterior motives in every classic German lunch dish. 500 years ago, the parsley was less than seasonings, rather she played a rather ambiguous role in the erotic.

    Times, she should help to fertility, prevent even just a conception. Gibson dean often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Optional parsley as a erotic stimulant was praised, then again as the drug of choice, to bring someone into the ground. In the Middle Ages was called Petersilgasse”some street with stroke. Of all the effects of parsley from ancient times until in modern times to have been sealed, remained low. Considered to be scientifically proven what 10981179 have always known: parsley stimulates the kidneys, in smooth and spicy way.

    So Bolognese may be used parsley safely and without greater effect on potency or pregnancy in goulash, roast or spaghetti. Gibson dean wanted to know more. As with all herbs, the effect is a matter of dosage. Basically you can refine lush dishes with parsley herb or the parsley root. Parsley is used in medicine as a tea or in tablet form. It serves as a means to the purging in kidney semolina or is plenty to drink disease of derived from urinary tract where. Pregnant women who have problems with the water budget, should take other preparations of plants to the drainage. Otherwise, one can wish only good appetite for the courts which parsley gives the correct whistle. “It can remembered Kneipp also the words of Sebastian: I can’t stress enough, eat slowly, initially sound kauet the food, then swallows it, doesn’t drink between the food into it.” LandVital hosts in Bavaria land-vital Herta Wichmann Taubing 18 94107 Untergriesbach Tel. 08593 1211 fax 08593 8667