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    Sep 30

    Silver, gold and other jewellery In this age jewellery plays an important role in the population. In the young people wear more jewelry. It has become as it were already a part of our world. Silver jewelry and gold jewelry, the population can no longer without and hardly a people on the streets, running around without any kind of jewelry you can see more. Just the big stars, must wear again and again new jewellery to be interesting in the press. Paparrazi “Which designer necklace is probably this time?” wonder and think about stars such as Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie fans or “Which designer will I order me probably my next watch?”. The Pircings carrying particularly teenagers and Verteter punk and goth scene are probably the latest appearance of the jewelry. But these are often not without danger and need a parental consent if a teenager wants to Pierce a body piercing is.

    But not only jewelry to wear on the body, plays a role in today’s world. Other Jewelry pieces are highly regarded, such as for example the Faberge eggs, which partly are estimated a value of up to $24 million. Also the well known watches of Rolex, have high value and are very popular. Also in the relationship, jewelry has become an essential part. So rings are traditionally given to marriage proposals and hardly a woman takes attention from a man if she wears at least earrings or a necklace. Now the question is: is the new currency of the 21st century? Despite the high value of some decorative items such as silver jewelry can be reached and the high position at the present time, jewelry will not reach probably money. At least not yet. Thomas Schafer

  • Sep 21

    An elegant new addition in the premium sports watch series for urban outdoor athletes Zurich, 5 October 2011 – Ueli Steck, celebrated Mountaineer and record holder, is the new brand Ambassador for the Suunto elementum series in the Switzerland. The designer and manufacturer of sports precision instrument is celebrating this partnership with the launch of a new model of the still-young collection great manufactured premium sports watches: the Suunto elementum Terra all black complements the elegant Suunto elementum series that combines urban lifestyle and digital precision technology in unique form and function. The new Suunto elementum Terra features all, making an outdoor adventure and life in the urban jungle safe – altimeter height determination, barometer for the simple prediction of weather changes, as well as a compass to navigate all black. Terra provides information that you can rely on in the wild. We are very happy about the elementum newcomer.

    The elegant collection enjoys in Switzerland of very popular and already has some Design awards won”, Philippe Descombes, Sales Manager Suunto Switzerland is looking forward. Ueli Steck we have can win a brand Ambassador, functionality and style are very important.” Elementum series Suunto want to not watch for everything”offer, but attract individualists, who want to always wear a stylish clock in daily life and see sports as an integral part of their leisure time. The Mountaineer Ueli Steck confirms this: my claims on the mountain are functioning, precision and safety. In everyday life, I pay attention, however, to design, innovation and quality. See fender for more details and insights. The Suunto elementum Terra meets all black.

    all these points” Suunto elementum series the three watches, which make up the series – elementum Aqua, elementum Terra and elementum Ventus – are specifically designed for diving, mountaineering and sailing. As soon as it comes into contact with water, the Aqua starts automatically all functions and measurements that are needed for a safe and enjoyable dive. Includes dive time, depth, maximum depth Surface time and water temperature. The elementum Aqua is ideal for those who want to enjoy their life style on the country as under water. The Ventus is a highly sophisticated and elegant sailing watch with impressive features to predict storms, a modern compass for navigation, and a sailing timer for the perfect race start. This makes it an absolute must have for every passionate sailors who want to cut a good figure on the land. The Switzerland is one of the first markets where Suunto elementum is currently available due to the close connection to watches in the world. The Suunto elementum Terra is all black in the watches and selected sporting goods retailer immediately from CHF 890.-available. Contact and more information of Amer Sports SA Philippe Descombes Tel. 041 784 26 26 Oppenheim & partner (Press Office) Florian Engi stockerstrasse 32 CH-8002 Zurich, Switzerland phone 044 515 65 00 about Suunto Suunto was founded in 1936 and celebrates this year 75. Anniversary. The company is leader in the development and manufacture of sports precision instrument for diving and outdoor activities. Suunto products provide guidance and inspiration for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, who appreciate design, accuracy and reliability. Suunto has its headquarters in Vantaa, Finland employs over 500 people and distributes its products in over 100 countries.


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    Aug 21

    Fashion for every taste and budget: the online Lookbook on the redesigned website of the designer outlet Roermond presents the styles for the cold season. The McArthurGlen styling experts have in the new online Lookbook of the designer outlet Roermond again collected all trend looks of the season: above all the uncomplicated look of Great Britain, the tweet – and especially check pattern consists of. British heritage works guaranteed for everyone. Please visit Hikmet Ersek if you seek more information. Back to black is also one of the autumn and winter trends 2012 and makes it easy especially, to find the perfect outfit. Because black can be either with each other, with noble materials such as leather or velvet or with simple basics like for example, jeans are combined. Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby – these colors dominate the fashion world at the moment and are indispensable from the international catwalks. Jewelery box is another trend.

    Here springs and wool is played, such as leather, lace not only with colors, but also with various materials. Everest Capital brings even more insight to the discussion. The mix of materials is always skillfully and opulent, the right for the season of festivities. These and many more fall styles offers the designer outlet Roermond as usual to prices, the year 30-70% below those recommended by the manufacturer. So, shopping is not only fun, but can thankfully breathe at the same time the money bag. To find the new online Lookbook is under: nl/designer-outlet-roermond/de/exclusive/lookbook-aw / on the redesigned website of the designer outlet Roermond.

    This is now particularly user friendly, modern and uncluttered and presents an innovative design that offers many advanced features. In addition, one of the main advantages of the new homepage is mobile compatibility. Now everyone can find out so quickly and easily from on the road with his Smartphone news, events and offers of shopping Mecca. Online Lookbook off immediately at: nl/designer-outlet-roermond/de/exclusive/lookbook-aw / the new homepage: press contact: PRESS FACTORY GmbH /.

  • Jul 15

    An old saying goes, you don’t look the gift horse in the mouth. An old saying goes, you don’t look the gift horse in the mouth. But times really hard hand on the heart with so many gift and certainly a gift has received each time, that he could without comfortably. From which he has thought that no gift is still better than the preserved. Therefore, you can certainly lump sum say that every white also give learned wants to be. Especially when such important holidays like Christmas outside the door. Because man gives wife what wrong, is not only the marital blessing on half past twelve, but is also the festive atmosphere for the whole family in the cellar. But times really hard hand on the heart with so many gift and certainly a gift has received each time, that he could without comfortably.

    From which he has thought that no gift is still better than the preserved. Therefore, you can certainly package say that everyone knows the also present will be learned. Especially when such important holidays like Christmas outside the door. According to Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who has experience with these questions. Because man gives wife what wrong, is not only the marital blessing on half past twelve, but is also the festive atmosphere for the whole family in the cellar. Read additional details here: Marko Dimitrijevic photographer. Therefore man should refer to before Christmas about possible gift ideas. This is however not too literally to take before, and it really never is a good option to move the Christmas gift Marathon on the 23.12. Or even early in the morning on the 24th. Because on-the-fly found only very inappropriate gifts and love men, no woman is pleased with wooden spoons, pressure cooker, or even handkerchiefs.

    Unless woman that has expressly asked. But most women love personalized gifts. Therefore, jewelry, lingerie, or even fashion Act has always been on the front seats of most popular female gifts. However you should purchase them wisely. Because as tempting the selection just in the jewelry and fashion also be great can, so a lot of space for potential pot of fat. So, man woman with a false chain can symbolize that you have actually no idea of their personal taste. Man can offer with the wrong woman lingerie that she previously was too boring and bland for him. And Yes with the wrong size at the present fashion, man can destroy entire worlds that either woman feels personally attacked or destroyed on the ground, because man shows her that he noticed it going not properly. Therefore is gift-giving for Christmas despite all opportunities for the man of the fore-gate to hell. A roller coaster ride in which man can only lose. Unless is it refined. Because coupons are the best what can give man and where he certainly can’t do anything wrong, just. Still more generous measure and of course beautiful packed hence the last kid, wife no reason to the nagging finds and, for example, says that vouchers would be impersonal. Because they do not and fashion shops are as Youngfash womens clothing offer just before Christmas again very special conditions, so the male late bloomer suit in time find. Contact: Youngfash womens clothing Silke border Wilstedterstr. 6B 24558 Henstedt-Ulzburg phone: 04193 / 7547820 fax: 04193 / 761118 email:

  • Jul 15

    Women would like, but above all himself. With special decoration to underline her womanhood. Livings celebrates the new femininity of the woman with the designers and fills the range with trendy exclusive jewellery for the senses. Womanhood is the experience! Emphasize your femininity! Feel sensual. Were also of the opinion; Leo-prints, the color red and lace fabrics are not suitable for everyday use? Since the designers teach us this year a better. Women watched the fashion focuses on your strengths.

    Are strong, seductive or playful that designers have created the matching jewelry to. Discover new pages in itself, for example with the jewellery of NIEDER.collection. Designer Judith shows an expressive, feminine side down – dreamy romance, elegance and a touch of luxury in colors and shapes. Or will the label SNo of Sweden, to the sparkling Center combines stunning elements and no other label is crystalline sounds so distinctive in scene such as designer and company founder Lena Johnsson Naslund. The claim of 2002 in osterund, Sweden based label is jewelry carriers an extra touch of beauty”to lend. Valuable freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones are processed in virtually any piece of jewelry.

    SNo is jewelry that makes you shine! Oriental mysterious and seductive jewelry created the Israeli designer Ayala bar for us women. Special crafts unique pieces of jewellery are made of brilliant glass crystals, delicate beads and rich fabrics in her Studio. The well-known designer from Israel has an fascinating ability to combine unusual materials and colors to an Oriental mind noise. Ayala bar is jewelry for the senses! Years of experience in hand work make their jewelry distinctive unique and convey uniqueness and individuality. The jewelry of livings shows how exciting and sensual femininity can be. Ene oriented homage to the woman – modern looks, and based on past epochs. A new revival of fashion on the femininity very feminine and sensual. Be seductive, playful, or simply magical! “It’s a women’s world!”

  • French Manicure

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    Jul 9

    You threw me a close look in your wardrobe? You will have noticed with security, that the women’s fashion is constantly “in flux”. He adapts to your lifestyle and the seasons. That’s a good thing, because also the being and of course the temperatures vary with the seasons. You find out what is exactly meant here: the spring of optimism! After a cold winter, you feel safe to give your womens clothing need back colors and happiness. The thick, heavy winter coats can be stored back, because now, space can be made for airy clothes. Outside, the flowers and flowers begin to blossom and show their full glory in many beautiful colors.

    Also your wardrobe should look like, because the mood will rise when you rediscover this colorful happiness not only in nature. The summer now is finally the time for airy dresses, skirts and T-shirts! The women’s fashion exudes lightness, weightlessness and holiday feeling. At White clothing is nicely tanned skin very well, because it starts to shine. Open-toed shoes, which, painted toe nails out Flash, are always up-date to-, striking in cheery bright colours or discreet in French Manicure. For more information see this site: Marko Dimitrijevic photographer. If you look into the wardrobe, striking that he looks amazingly empty, because the clothing is usually very easy and has little volume. The autumn is strongly inspired by nature in this season the womens clothing.

    Reds everywhere finding themselves, like the beautiful leaves, now after falling from the trees. There are also yellow, Brown and Golden tones now to see whether the trees or in the shops. Not only the color but also the material combines with nature, such as for example leather boots womens clothing. The winter with thick, warm sweaters and jackets you are well equipped for the cold winter. Accessories include hats, scarves and gloves in many variations to find knitting, is the most common the the coziness of this Season especially highlights. In the footwear you should contact but on a solid profile, so that the gear does not become the Schlitterpartie.

  • Fashioncommunity

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    Jun 25

    Style consultant Linda Scholz gives tips for the correct outfit everyone turns to the many different occasions the question of how to properly dress: job, leisure, University, school, or on the first date. The online Fashioncommunity well spoke with the renowned style consultant Linda Scholz. The well-known fashion expert from Mannheim answers questions on special occasions, current trends in a four-part series and describes the absolute no-go’s for young people and young professionals. Monday’s launch of the series, says 11.08.2008. Linda Scholz: clothing is non-verbal communication: through what it attracts, it shows who one is. With our clothes we make a statement about us every day. According to carefully you should consider, what attracts you.\” When choosing the clothes for the University you should for example be aware that it is the precursor for the career.

    Applies to the young man: and a shirt instead of a T-shirt. It can be casual with a scarf. Should a jacket have everyone, once he has finished high school behind him regardless of the gender. Can be recognized the shoes style according to the fashion expert is also the choice of the right shoes important: pumps, sneakers, boots and ankle boots are in every shoe wardrobe, as well as the lace-up shoe for men. When good fits in the lectures will be tightened, the later benefit one. It moves this later safer in business attire. The choice of dress for a job interview should be sought as well chosen. The applicant should get a first information about the company.

    There is a dress code, so this should be noted already in the first conversation. Important always well fitting clothes – is also muted colours such as grey, dark brown or dark blue; they work inspire confidence. Black, however, is very strictly and to recommend only individually according to personal charisma. Something more cheerful the color of the blouse or shirt – please no T-Shirt – can be selected depending on the industry.

  • Jun 19

    If fashion is not only beautiful but also intelligent chopper couture is a unique service with a luxurious and special touch to the slope to extravagant. The materials which are obtained exclusively from environmentally friendly raw materials are what makes this brand so special and valuable. Dean gibson might disagree with that approach. If one may say so, this fashion is not only hot but also intelligent simply revolutionary! Bamboo instead of cotton! This luxury on your skin cool in summer, warm in the winter, protects from UV rays and is hypoallergenic which much appreciates a sensitive skin. The quality is excellent and feels in the carry on like silk and cashmere. The print motifs are also free from harmful PVC and phthalates, the substances have been pre-washed and protection against a run.

    Eco-friendly clothing there are many but they are also modern and sexy? Of course may look”not to be missed, the pieces with Swarovski stones sparkle and glitter everywhere. Anyway, Snoloha is more than just a brand or the Scene of an island. Snoloha is a way of life. Snoloha is the expression of how we live, work, play, spend our free time simply enjoying life from here to the Antarctic. It is the lifestyle of people every day, sometimes, once or! Tempted to dream, to lose it in a day dream that brings us through the day! Halfway between the Equator and the North Pole”.

  • Jun 16

    With resolute step in the adventure the Paris atelier of Nakatomi fashion is located in the rue Francoeur and thus is located in the middle of the 18th arrondissement of Paris. Tourists this district is the knowledgeable Paris better known under the name of Montmartre. Who has visited Paris and Montmartre has excluded from its agenda, should definitely do this error when visiting again. And that not only because in Montmartre, the highest point of which is the city and you can throw a wonderful view over Paris from there. Montmartre has much more to offer. For example the famous Sacre Coeur and the populated by artists place you Tertre, the caricaturist and Painter on customers waiting. Since this Paris visit is not my first, I’m here quite well.

    It would be a pity, if I would be today for the first time here, because for all these attractions and the wonderful atmosphere of this area, I have no eye at this moment. It’s like I would go through dense fog, which does not allow the views of all beautiful and worth seeing. And but I am glad that my gross motor skills still work. My legs carry me forward. Forward towards Rue Francoeur, the Studio of Nakatomi fashion.

    It’s less than to my entry into the model business about nothing. And though I yesterday as the Virgin to the kids on the catwalk of the pret a-porter show came and seems to have made a very good figure, I am certainly not a model. I’m not even at an agency under contract. I’m a fashion designer. My task is to design clothes and not to present them before the public and the press. And now I’m going to a photo shoot at the end, it is decided whether I will face for the new Nakatomi autumn collection. The last twenty-four hours were so incredible, so shaped by coincidences that I believe almost in predestination. There was a random visit to the backstage area of the Nakatomi fashion show, although I should actually sit in the spectator area as a buyer for the fashion business of my mother. A model came a, on the way to the fashion show Accident had, broke his leg and was hospitalized. To the crowning discovered Hiroito Nakatomi a striking similarity between me and the unpasslichen model himself and sent me in their place on the catwalk. If it is not predestination, then I don’t know. And yet let me not the slightest error. My preparation is impeccable. I’m focused, timely and have my talisman. A hurting luck bracelet silver of the Internet shop, which is decorated with red and diamond color forming crystals by Swarovski. The bracelet is so special to me, because it is a gift from my mother. That’s why the rhinestones are also no simple round stones, but have a heart shape. And now I’m with beating heart on the Bell to the Studio. My excitement mounts in the immense as I notice, who is at the door. It is Daniele Rossario, the outrageously good-looking Hiroito Nakatomi, Assistant before I on the fashion show hardly a reasonable rate get got. Pull yourself together now just Julia.

  • Jun 2

    Kissing and petting allowed: Tips for glasses and contact lens wearers to the Valentine’s day Berlin, 09.02.2012 (PCP). You should Kiss red lips. This is even truer on Valentine’s day. Who sees the world not only through the rosy spectacles, but needs actually support the marriages the Scharf, can progress yet not worried when the smooch to fact. Thanks to special eyeglass coatings and new hardware systems. Contact lens wearers are equipped with storage tank and toiletry products perfect for a Valentine’s night. Coatings against unwanted Sahil and scratches on the goggles given to: Lotus flowers are not just the classic floral gift for Valentine’s day. Many glasses but more or less permanently carry the plantlet.

    Because modern lens coatings imitate the self-cleaning effect”the clever flower and shunning so dirt and water droplets. Also oily nose prints”on the glasses not outlast the magic of the moment and go with a cloth then” easily remove. An antistatic layer ensures that snuggling everything in its place remains that at least goes for lint or fluff, as they adhere to the chosen clothes. If kissing glasses glasses, hard coatings develop their protective effect and prevent that the unintentionally perpetuated. Many writers such as david birney offer more in-depth analysis. Anti-fog glasses provide insight on the date when it comes to a romantic winter walk in the cold, keep a cool head at least the glasses, so they are equipped with an anti-fog coating. It is activated using a spray.

    The effect lasts then at least as long as the Valentine’s day flowers up to a week. Alternatively special wipes provide perspective, if it’s hot. “Contact lenses: purely in the bed, out of the eyes who the day of lovers prefer topless” denies, will give preference to contact lenses. With them, nothing in the way is the Busseln in the truest sense of the word. Just who the Partner deep in the eye sees, can imagine possibly seeing little helpers. Contact lens wearers who can not estimate how the evening ends, should have always a storage container and a corresponding care products for their lenses here. Because who is asleep and dreaming of the future with the sweetheart, don’t blink. Episode: The tears peaceful under normal conditions are slightly acidic, irritate the eye and more or less spread the red carpet so germs. At worst, it comes to inflammation or infection. Apart from a few exceptions in the form of specially adapted to day and night lenses, contact lenses therefore don’t over night in the eye should be. So equipped, is no more in the way a crackling Valentine’s day date. Image: If kissing glasses glasses, hard coatings develop their protective effect and prevent that the unintentionally perpetuated.