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  • Jun 6

    At present, it is certainly possible to speak of the totality of human abilities, combined specialists in the field of psychophysiology and creative genius of personality, a general concept “Social intelligence” as the main factor determining the success of human life. This statement is confirmed by numerous scientific studies conducted both abroad and in our country, the results which allow full voice and with full responsibility to make such statements. What kind of power and how realistic these abilities to develop to the desired level? It is about man’s ability to successfully adapt to environmental conditions and effectively to build productive relationships with other people. In addition social intelligence includes the ability to understand and adjust, as their emotional reactions and emotional reactions of others, and at the same time, the ability to use these abilities in interpersonal relations. Some researchers of the field, ability to manage emotional sphere are allocated separately and defined them as emotional intelligence. Both of these concepts – the “social intelligence” and “emotional intelligence” – are so intertwined that their separation, in my view, it makes sense only in terms of scientific detail. From the standpoint of determining the ability of determining the success of human life, this separation is not essential, and for this reason, this article will be considered in the context of a single definition of social intelligence.

    In the light of existing research results, it appears that common perception in the community for a long time to view the that person’s success can be identified with his abilities as measured by tests for IQ, was not quite wealthy, or rather has undergone considerable updating. Sure, we can not exclude this ability from the list factors necessary for success. But how many people would not have been high rates your IQ, you simply will not show them, if your ability to build relationships with people will not at the proper level. Moreover, the available research suggests that often people with high IQ have significant difficulties in communicating and establishing contacts with other people. Think, for example, their fellow students – many of those standouts, who predicted a bright future teachers, currently occupy in the life of the positions that are traditionally considered to be the achievement of success? Highly doubt it. Such people, and if succeed, it is likely that success in a highly specific narrow area, usually does not require the establishment of multiple contacts with other people.

    And vice versa – those who differed from childhood open character, was the soul of the company, in most cases, and in the adult period in his life, retain its leading position. Often they become effective managers, and held various management positions, in spite of their past behavior and unsatisfactory for many academic subjects. Furthermore, available data are conclusive, indicate that the capacity determined by IQ, are enshrined in a person at birth, and in many ways defined circumstances, formed in childhood. The ability of the same form of social intelligence and refined throughout the life of a person on the basis of the acquired his own personal experience. On There are some reports, these abilities in the natural development of favorable reach pronounced at the age of, roughly, about thirty-five years. A focusing efforts on developing their skills of social intelligence, as clearly assert the results of research, it is productive, perhaps at any age. The sooner you realize this and start moving in this direction, you will have more chances to secure the welfare of present and future success.

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  • Eternity First

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    Jan 5

    Like a real fair barker, serpent convinces them that the unlimited enjoyment possible today. "Beris the wheel, my son. Because you are born to fly! "It was a short" flight ". Pleasure overwhelmed them and carried away for themselves, away from the Creator. Having lost contact with him, Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, that is discharged from the spiritual level down to the level of matter in our world. All of us – the descendants of these souls, divided into two sex, like them, and do not understand each other. In a question-answer forum Hikmet Ersek was the first to reply. Maturity is the most stable in modern life – it's instability.

    We require changing everything from furniture and to partners – so we get used to infidelity. It leaves a mark and on family life. At first marriage characterized by euphoria, but after a year or two, there is a "material fatigue" and comes boredom. In young people this is happening even faster – their life together be terminated easily "click mouse. If you are not convinced, visit Natasha and Chris Ashton. Once they get tired of partner, they immediately switched to another. Nowadays, it seems, nothing is more fragile than the relationship between the sexes. It is not just failure, but the real battles, sometimes fatal. What's next? Eternity First, we must realize that snakes nestle between us – selfishness, which destroys any good endeavor.

    He needs to confront – together, all the time – but otherwise it over and over again will burn in our feelings reactor lies and hatred. Secondly, we should look at family life as part of the spiritual process, as the reunification of the two halves of the creation of a single whole. Love – not just a passion, it is also a rejection of himself for the sake of a loved one. Third, we must remember that the consequences of the spiritual sins can not be corrected in the plane of our world. We are called to make each other all we want, at all levels, leading to the Creator. It is the spiritual unity diametrical opposites creates the harmony – because then between them is the power of absolute returns, the highest award of the creation. If we remember about it, and in everyday life will not fall to strife. It's easy, because snakes so long deceived us, that we no longer believe his promises. Man and woman are truly happy with each other, when I remembered that only together they are – the creation, the vessel in which burns an eternal flame.

  • Latin American

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    Feb 9

    Developed mannering psychology in the North America was taken for the Europe and there, as in Guarechi says to them (2007, p.25) was elaborated true ' ' Plan Marshal Acadmico' ' so that social psychology in the American molds north had success. Thanks to the scientists as Moscovici, that questioned the capacity of this psychology to take care of the necessities of the social one, these attempts had not invigorated. The colonized paper of of the Latin American countries, took the importation of the model of predominant social psychology in the North America, since according to Farr, 1996, apud Bernardes, 2010, the famous professors of social psychology in Latin America had made its courses of graduation in the United States, example of this was Aroldo Rodrigues, the great representative of cognitivista social psychology in Brazil. In the years of 1960 appears the Latin American Association of social psychology (Alapso), created in the rules of social psychology north? American. Details can be found by clicking Tulip Retail or emailing the administrator. In I reject to the Alapso and looking a psychology with position critical and adjusted the reality of the American countries Latin she is that the movements appear that would result in partner-historical social psychology. This reaction to traditional psychology and its concepts that were not applied to Latin American reality, took to the call ' ' crisis of psychology social' ' , it is that it took body in the Congresses of the Inter-American Society of Psychology in 1976, in Miami in the United States, and Rasp in Peru, 1979. According to Bernardes: As main points of the crisis of social psychology, they were the metodolgica theoretical dependence, mainly of the United States, the descontextualizao of the boarded subjects, the simplification and the superficiality of the analyses of these subjects, the individualizao of the social one in social psychology, as well as not the concern politics with the social relations in the country and Latin America. .

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  • MindBrain Problem

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    Jan 7

    RELATIONS BETWEEN THE MIND-BRAIN PROBLEM AND THE MENTAL way of characterizing As expressed in the definitions of mind-brain problem, it should also be clear that I pose the same (or more specifically, the answers to that I raise) the issue involves almost inevitably take a stand (eg a theory) about the nature of the mental. Indeed, this close affiliation can be demonstrated in various ways through the different theories about the mind-brain relations, as follows: Cartesian Dualism: the mind is basically an immaterial substance that interacts with the body it is attached in a way inaccessible for philosophical thought. Radical behaviorism, the mind does not exist, there is only the behavior of organisms, therefore there is no mind-brain problem to the extent that there can be indeed a problem of relations between something existing (brain) and some non-existent ( mind) Physicalism: the mind and brain processes (apparently) exist, but ultimately, they are nothing but the brain and brain processes. Functionalism: The mind and brain processes (apparently) exist, but ultimately, are nothing informational states of a system that is: how components are arranged so that each one constitutes "information carrier" to allow the system to perform certain functions (ie, the so-called "mental functions" perceiving, thinking, reasoning, evaluating, deciding, problem solving, creating, acting, etc.). The problem of dualism Preliminary characterization dualism is the doctrine that there are two kinds of things or aspects in the universe: the mental and physical. The dualism goes back to the doctrines of the soul developed by Greek philosophy, especially Socrates and Plato, but in modern philosophy was formulated as a comprehensive theory of Descartes.

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  • Hexagon Pencils

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    Aug 16

    Two weeks later, "burst", I wrote a complete book. Yes, not everything written down. Do not want to ship the readers what I wrote then. I will describe just the items (which are remembered now) without explanation. 1.Vspomnil as radio operators repaired the station with a pencil, rolling up a sheet of paper and rubbed his pencil. Realized that the pen can be used for the repair of radio engineering in the field. 2.If the Hexagon Pencils put on the table in large numbers will turn a good massage.

    3.Kruglye pencils can underlay under heavy objects when you move them and they go like skating rinks. 4.Neplohoy building material, and for the models. 5. texts. 6.Neploho leads welding wires when soldering can not be use. 7.Neploho sparks in the night, can be used as a source of light.

    8.Grifel used in cinema for the world. 9.Bez slate pencil can be used for shooting matches, spitting. 10. used as air guns (Africa). 11.Cherez opening slate objects look clearer, manifested a photoelectric effect. 12. used for drinking cocktails. The Applications have been invented and in detail painted several dozen new ways to use a pencil. After that I became more careful to treat. No less interesting was the discovery of new attributes and their description. 1.Cherez opening slate objects look clearer, manifested a photoelectric effect. 2.When heated slate and wood elongate unevenly (due to different coefficients of expansion). 3.Pri heating due to the presence of irregular cavities in the wood pencil imperceptibly distorts its shape.

  • The Announcements

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    Feb 3

    Leaving of this estimated, understands that to reach success in this choice is necessary that if makes analysis of position and of necessities demanded for the same, so that, at the moment of the election, the appraiser searchs for that citizen that is more than agreement with the demand of the organization and that the organization also, on the other hand, contemplates the expectations of the candidate. In this direction, he is well-known that greater will be reached validity and precision of the results the more the techniques and the instruments are lined up to the objective of the search of the adjusted professional profile more to that specific function. The tests are used to evaluate mannering aspects that include aptitudes for a diversity of activities, as well as emotional interests, attitudes, characteristics and interpersonal behavior. Consequentemente, does not look only for optimum profile professional technician, but for that citizen that beyond good abilities techniques also good mannering behavior possesss (CANSIAN, 2002). More info: 4Moms. The conscription is composition for a set of techniques and has the purpose to attract compatible candidates what demand to be filled position, being able to be carried through internally or external. Hikmet Ersek has many thoughts on the issue. It is basically a formation system, through which the organization divulges and offers to the market the vacant chances that it intends to fill (FRANCE, 2008). The conscription can be presented in two ways, internally or external the company. In the case of the internal conscription, the candidates of the proper organization look themselves inside, while the external one searchs the candidate in the market of work or specific sources, such as consultations of I register in cadastre in sites, the announcements in periodicals, specialized sites, employment agencies, facultieses, schools, etc. (FRANCE, 2008). The conscription process must be lead in sufficiently ethical and respectful way to the candidates, clarifying all the especificidades and conditions of act of contract and it position, in order to execute a well presented valid process and.

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  • Jun 10

    Think for a moment about how would you like to be closer to her, allow yourself to become successful, rich. After all, what is this world given to us from birth. Want it, want to cross, and we can get it. Ponder how to do it? Mysteries have always existed, the world is full of secrets that are not available to all. Carrier to keep its secrets as the most sacred treasure of his life. He carries it from time of receipt until the end of life.

    By passing this knowledge, it passes only the essence of knowledge, and the rest of a person gets by using this knowledge. The great mystery of the world, what is it? We can give many examples of this mystery. Let's just say: Like attracts like; Law of Attraction happiness, wealth and success, law of attraction, the Great Law of the universe; great mystery of the world. Call it what you like, the main thing that you get the gist, the core of the law, and if the law is clearly manifested in your life. Ask yourself, Do you want to "kill" the time to read dozens of books where a lot of unnecessary, examples of which are found throughout the reading, and we just get the pleasure of reading, rejoice for the people who came take advantage of the great mysteries of the world, or you want to know the essence of the law, instructions for use and to act without spending a lot of time.

  • The Luxury

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    Dec 1

    The self-knowledge is the tool that will allow it to manage the world of the idealized images. Idealized images are images constructed for the person, by means of which it guides its behaviors, its attitudes and select its goals. In the normal person, the images are not very distant of the reality and are flexible. In the neurotic, they are irrealistas and inflexible. in the psychotic one, we can say that it was become into its idealized images.

    With the resources offered for the self-knowledge, we more go, to the few, distinguishing, with clarity each accented time, what we are in the reality. With the memories produced and filed during the self-knowledge process, it is possible to control imagination, thus preventing to live a counterfeited life. Alert! Memorized attitudes and behaviors already prevail on the news. So that something new is indexado in our mind, in our memory of long stated period, is necessary to use it each time more until it if consolidates and if he becomes part of we ourselves, of our attitudes and behaviors. CONCLUSION: It stops knowing in them interior, is not essential to retrocede in the time. We only need to take conscience of our attitudes and current behaviors and that type of perception is forming our existential logic, therefore, it will determine our form to interact. If to modify the form to think, all the tonic of our life will go to modify itself.

    Our existential logic depends entirely on the type of mental food nourishes that it. Care! Nor always we can giving in them to the luxury to laugh at our deceits and disillusions. The error, depending on its extension, can become a tragedy in personal, familiar, social and professional the field; thus provoking enormous damages it not only stops we ourselves but also for those which we coexist. The people, generally, search in the therapy a way to find explanations or justifications for the life that are leading, are not in self-knowledge search.

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  • The Relation

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    Jul 29

    The context of the last decades, where the women are entering each time more in the work market have demanded new options for the alternative care of babies and small children. (RAPOPORT, 2001) the women inside assume different roles of the society and need to divide its time between the work, the transit, the market, the school, the care of the house, the family, the husband and the children. many times, remaining absent of house for bigger periods what it would like. In such a way, the cares pass to be delegated third as to make purchases for the Internet, domestic secretary for the tasks caretakers, division of the purchases and other activities before only of the women, with its friend. could not be different with the maternity. The work with small children requires cares special and the planning of the attendance is different of the carried through one with the children biggest. In this way, studies in this area are basic, mainly inside of the new social context where many mothers need to return to the work few months after the birth the son.

    (RAPOPORT, 2001) In such a way, it is necessary to review the relation mother-baby later to understand the separation of this relation and the factors that intervene with the adaptation of the children when entering the school. Destarte, the adaptation to this new world if makes necessary. As much for the children who enter this unknown environment as well as for the parents who leave its son and pass, many times for a compound of anxiety and necessity and, in the same way, to the professors who receive these new children and its parents. in these adaptations, the reactions are not identical: some children accept the idea to possess another cuidador that not its mother of which she possesss strong bond, simbitico. Already for others, this to become individual, more painful and is suffered, something more difficult, being able to mark until the adult life, being, many times, necessary a professional of Psychology so that the abandonment idea speaks brazenly that can have appeared in its first separation of the person-base.

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  • The Managers

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    Jun 13

    Thus, also in the companies, the collaborators have different perceptions come of it to be QVT and, as in the set of documents, such drawings are formed in accordance with the values and the culture of the organization where they are inserted. CONCLUSION In accordance with the displayed one, we conclude that the subject Quality of Life is extremely subjective, therefore depends on the form with that each one faces the challenges of its day the day, as well as of the way where if it lives. This subjectivity is very clear at the moment where the inhabitants interviewed in the set of documents affirm to be happy, although, in financial questions and of environment, to be less favored than the inhabitants of the part ' ' rica' ' of the city. Another point that it corroborates with the subjectivity is the expression of an inhabitant of the mount that says that ' ' of low they are imprisoned there inside of its house from fear of assault, while of the mount they walk vontade' '. It can still to conclude that it does not have right or wrong in relation to the concept therefore, as was seen, each one perceives the Quality of Life of a form, the same being valid for the Quality of Life in the Work, and searchs to become the environment of life and comfortable or adjusted work (adapted) the standards of living where if it finds. In such a way it is understood, also, the difficulties for which pass the managers when of the elaboration and implantation of a Project of Quality of Life that inside has full success of an organization, therefore the necessities and individual aspirations are different. that is necessary to make a study very based well before placing it in practical, being essential to know the reality of each collaborator for the success is found.

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