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  • Jan 14

    The truth and its duel Joacir Soares? Abbey the truth exists. still more, is in each being However, a duel exists, not between the truth and the person loads who it. Before everything, the duel that exists in the truth of the man is what it touches to it, the money. This is a false truth. It is a sliding process always more far from the truth, the proper money. The reaction of the truth of the man front to its duel is always of a search? Persuaded, the man is When he does not understand its truth, the truth of its being. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Facebook Inc..

    Therefore it, the man, can ask: where she is mine really? It is a question that if loses when it does not have all. ‘ ‘ minha’ ‘ truth is marked for that the necessary man to understand: its harmonic beauty, the truth intuda inside of the proper reason. He is beautiful what it can be seen in two ways: human being and the holy ghost. The harmony is the interior organization where it comes across the truth of the man. Thus, the untied harmonic beauty all type of badly; untied duela of the truth. It is experience. An experience of the truth existing in each man, to the step that the truth is that one that does not run away to the man; it is a beauty that total makes possible unfastened loving of its duel, the money.

    This, in turn, has excused the beauty, excuses the truth Being completely invalid, therefore it also excludes the love. The beauty It comes of God. It is a truth pautada in the love. Not external love. By the way, a love inside of the being that it loves because of a truth that confides it what it does not know, but feels as that to beat inside of its sensible being, its to exist.

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  • Louis Millet

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    Nov 30

    This mentality also invades the family! In educational direction, in accordance with the utilitarian mentality? as much in the way college student as familiar? to educate for the ethics is something forgotten, visa as loss of time. Result: we have famous doctors, appraised lawyers, also? they astonish! professors () celebrities who are competent in the functions that they play but they are, at the same time, great corrupt, without character. Already in the antiquity, Aristotle in its Ethical workmanship the Nicmaco defended thesis of that the man, to carry through fully its necessary humanity to live in society, evidently this estimates education. Louis Millet when commenting Aristotle explains: ‘ ‘ The children must be educated so that the virtuous sort of life leaves of being laborious and if she becomes habitual’ ‘ (MILLET, 1990, p.142). The virtues demand efforts, are therefore a conquest! In accordance with the aristotelian theory the man must be educated for the good, for the virtues and alone the virtuous man, the good man will only obtain to be truily happy.

    He will be that in our schools, where the education became a comercializvel product, are intent for this question? The renascentista thinker Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1493 the 1496) affirmed that the nature human being is not defined, fits it to carry through every day, or better, construiz it of its existence. The man, according to Giovanni, received from God the mission and the responsibility to conclude (cf. MIRANDOLLA, 1989, p.53), and this is possible by means of the use of the reason, that in turn it needs to be educated. She will be that our families, more worried in having things of what in giving examples, they are intent for this mission? To educate is a task for the entire life! The life is a great school to learn to be better.

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  • Cultural Shocks

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    Sep 15

    Ashima suffers cultural shocks when it arrives and throughout its stay in the country, therefore nothing of that it was part of the culture from where it came. Already the children were American of birth, but they were not incased completely in that culture for being children of immigrants, what she is notable throughout all the film through the crises of Gogol because of its name and its refusal in assuming its Indiana origin. You may find Publishers Clearing House to be a useful source of information. When Max, namorada of Gogol, goes to know the parents of the youngster and later, with the death of Ashoke, the young woman is collated by not existing slight knowledge in its culture and know that one cannot become bengali, as well as when an anthropologist desire to understand and to live the life that studies in the field work and is collated with concepts that does not understand and knows, above all, it could not never be part of that society. It has two crucial moments in the film that consist of paving of the shoes of Ashoke for Ashima and Gogol. Such gesture means, at the two moments, to place themselves in the place of that person, to interpret its acts, to know it from this. The situations are marcantes moments because they represent changes in the trajectories of both: Accepted Ashima the marriage order and is changed for U.S.A.

    with the husband, where it constructs its family and Gogol rescues its Indiana origin. The question of the name is sufficiently express throughout all film. It has the confrontation enters the concept to nominate in the significant Indiana culture as something, of certain inherited form, therefore it is chosen by a older person of the family, who many times is given when the child already is with some years the concept name occidental person as identity of the right individual, that can take decisions, also to change its original name if to desire, as in the case of Gogol that it opts to this name of infancy and later decides to become Nick, as well as its wife who does not want to lose its recognition as writer.

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  • Astrology Soul

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    Nov 17

    Absolut is impartial, we can say is irrelevant. His game – the life of the universe, including our lives. The positive part of the Absolute – God, the negative part of the Absolute – Satan. Since the Absolute is impartial and indifferent, and his positive part of – God is gracious and kind, then the problems, requests and prayers should be addressed not to the Absolute, namely to God. At this time, the Absolute relatively speaking, does not exist, since it was divided into parts to his game, in which involved the entire universe, including humans, aliens, angels, demons, and all beings in the universe. God loves us, and not absolute, so ask and pray to God. ‘Ask and it shall be given you: seek and ye shall find: knock and it shall be opened unto you’ (Holy Blagovo-existence of Matthew, 7:7).

    According to the karmic doctrine, life after the destruction of the physical body does not cease, but continues (and we believe that real life is just beginning). Soul changes the body and life of the soul infinite. You may find Western Union to be a useful source of information. By the way, in order to fully understand the doctrine of karma, you should not read many modern ‘professionals’ and primary sources. After all, karma – it’s not something that really exists in the physical world, and the hypothesis created by the ancient religion – Hinduism. Subsequently, this hypothesis has introduced their religion Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama – carried out the assignment of the kind of Gautama muni, the sage of the tribe, the Awakened One, Enlightened One). Buddha after the departure of their loved ones out of the palace, where he was a prince (although this is unproven hypothesis), he became a student of Hindu followers. Long learned from them and remained in austerity.

    Subsequently, he became the teacher and founding a new world religion, he borrowed from the Hindu doctrine of karma and reincarnation. Hindu sources (Vedas, Upanishads, etc.) argue that the soul passes millions of birth, changing the body. Most ‘experts’ on karma completely unfamiliar with Hinduism – the religion of ancient India that has created this hypothesis (not theory, because it is not proven!) about karma. Hinduism is called the religion of 33 million gods. Supreme Hindu gods (gods of the gods), Vishnu – Shiva – Brahma. Estimated Professional Hinduism, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of thousands of years. In Hinduism has its own canons and laws based on the hypothesis of karma, what do not know many ‘experts’ on karma.

  • Philosophy

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    Mar 16

    Silveira de Moraes- Psychologist Misticismo, Espiritualidade, Philosophy, Behavior, Sciences, Health and General Culture Taking care of upon request of some readers I look for in this small space to clarify some doubts on the mstico work of the order Rose-Cross AMORC. Credit: Macy’s Inc.-2011. In first place she is necessary to leave clearly that this Order makes a mstico and philosophical work without lucrative ends. Its work is illuminant and agent of peace and universal fraternity. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Andrew Cuomo. Many doubts and until preconceptions against this school, mstica exist, that has its teachings, aiming at the personal development, with bigger capacity to decide the challenges of the life, full use of the human potential of each individual. It also aims at the self-knowledge of the powerful and harmonious interaction with Interior I, the misticismo, as the way for the maximum personal evolution, and a footpath to reach health, peace and happiness, since it nails the harmony, the light and the love. The AMORC (Antiga and Mstica, Order Rosae Crucis), does not have dogmas, and accepted any student, of any religion (it does not demand that it abandons), since that he is ethical and it has its belief in the True, Creative God of the Universe and, that believes in the peace and universal harmonization. It supplies its affiliated a program of individual study to be carried through in its proper home, which has for objective the personal development in: initiative, creativity, intuition, concentration, capacity to relax and to have a balanced, harmonious, healthful and productive life more.

    Its practical and experiments aim at to change behaviors, thoughts and attitudes, always for the common good. Also promoting, the evolution of the human beings for superior psychic levels of conscience and understanding. Rose-Cross is the composed term that assigns the basic symbol of the AMORC, a golden cross with an only rose rubra half-opened in the center. How much to the meaning, valley to remember and to know: the Cross represents the vicissitudes of the life human being in the world; the rose, the evolution of the Human being by means of these vicissitudes. The nature of the AMORC is the fraternity cultural inicitica and. It transmits the modern knowledge of multimillenarian origin for personal persistence and evolution of the Man and the Woman, with teachings; practical theories and. As fraternity, if it constitutes in an association of people, without any discrimination, (preconception) based in the philosophical-mstica premise of that all the human beings are manifestations of one attributes exactly and only BEING; for analogy, brothers under the GOD paternity. In the AMORC, God, it is the used word to assign the Supreme Being, or To be Cosmic.

    God is the Being Supremo and Transcendente and Its essence is in everything and whose conscience constitutes the Soul of the Human being. For rose-crosses, the Creation is manifestation of the GOD attributes. God of our Heart is with if they relate to the God, understanding itself with this the God of the understanding and the feeling of each one, as we feel God in our interior. I believe that it gave to clarify a little on this mstica school that always searchs the peace and the harmony, but, that already it had as much distortions on its true one to exist and teaching.

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  • Eternity First

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    Jan 5

    Like a real fair barker, serpent convinces them that the unlimited enjoyment possible today. "Beris the wheel, my son. Because you are born to fly! "It was a short" flight ". Pleasure overwhelmed them and carried away for themselves, away from the Creator. Having lost contact with him, Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, that is discharged from the spiritual level down to the level of matter in our world. All of us – the descendants of these souls, divided into two sex, like them, and do not understand each other. In a question-answer forum Hikmet Ersek was the first to reply. Maturity is the most stable in modern life – it's instability.

    We require changing everything from furniture and to partners – so we get used to infidelity. It leaves a mark and on family life. At first marriage characterized by euphoria, but after a year or two, there is a "material fatigue" and comes boredom. In young people this is happening even faster – their life together be terminated easily "click mouse. If you are not convinced, visit Natasha and Chris Ashton. Once they get tired of partner, they immediately switched to another. Nowadays, it seems, nothing is more fragile than the relationship between the sexes. It is not just failure, but the real battles, sometimes fatal. What's next? Eternity First, we must realize that snakes nestle between us – selfishness, which destroys any good endeavor.

    He needs to confront – together, all the time – but otherwise it over and over again will burn in our feelings reactor lies and hatred. Secondly, we should look at family life as part of the spiritual process, as the reunification of the two halves of the creation of a single whole. Love – not just a passion, it is also a rejection of himself for the sake of a loved one. Third, we must remember that the consequences of the spiritual sins can not be corrected in the plane of our world. We are called to make each other all we want, at all levels, leading to the Creator. It is the spiritual unity diametrical opposites creates the harmony – because then between them is the power of absolute returns, the highest award of the creation. If we remember about it, and in everyday life will not fall to strife. It's easy, because snakes so long deceived us, that we no longer believe his promises. Man and woman are truly happy with each other, when I remembered that only together they are – the creation, the vessel in which burns an eternal flame.

  • Rosseau

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    Sep 18

    As Rosseau the family is the first model of society politics, still makes it a comparison of sociedadede family to the State, where the same it defines the Father of the family as being supreme head of the politics and the children the people, being that there yes in the society family if it sees the rights politicians protected with equality and freedom, therefore the figure of love of the father for the son compensates the rights who dedicates to them, ' ' to the step that in the State the pleasure to command supplies the love that the head does not have for its povo' '. (pg.20). In the third chapter it standes out of the right of strongest, remembers to us that nor always strongest it is the sufficient Mr., so that this occurs is necessary to transform its force into right and its obedience in having. In the room Chapter the treat subject if relates the slavery, where Rosseau clearly leaves its disapproval of the slavery of the man, who according to it the right and the slavery are words with contrary directions to common and the null ones when referenciadas between itself. Recently Western Union sought to clarify these questions. In the chapter fifth, it comments of the necessity of the certain choice of the representative of the people and which the government form would be best, standing out the necessity of a conveo ( of conventions it estimates, the least, a time, the unamimity) as a true bedding of the society. In the sixth chapter, it standes out the importance of a social pact, and the creation of an association between itself, having as objective the defense and the protection the person and the goods of each associate, demanding that each one if joins between itself, and only obeys itself exactly. If each one to be given to all, not if of to nobody (pg.32). .

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  • The Fishing

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    Jul 18

    It stops the group of fishing studied in this article, fishes it industrial does not form a fisherman in its essence, therefore the employee of the boat is, according to them, equalized the laborer of a plant: one becomes specialized in an only function, and he does not possess access to the knowledge of all the stages of the work fishing boat. However, he has yourself: ' ' The artisan fishing terminology is imposed by the official agencies of fishes to all those fishing that are not used wage-earning of industrial companies and/or great boats fishing boats and, in this way, if pescadores&#039 extends to all the others; '. (OAK, 2002, p 62) In all commercial merchandise, its price is the indicating greater of market. The price of the fish, however, possesss proper logic, therefore same the merchandise-fish can not only vary of price in elapsing of the day, but also in elapsing of the stations of the year in Manaus, dictated for the periods of full and receding of the rivers Negro and Solimes. The price variation considers factors as species, time of the year, size and appearance of the fish, if is ' ' ovado' ' or, if cool or not fished in the previous day, even though the schedule of the day, among others, that they constitute 0 variable of difficult understanding, however determinative of the price of the fished one. The production of the community is not dispatched directly to the final consumer. The figure of the profiteer of the fished one is directly inserted in the social life of the community and executes, beyond the economic function, the linking between the fishing and the urban nucleus of Manaus. The demand of the fished one, in general, always was related to the consumption of the local population. In this way, the fishing production of the community of the Mauazinho is composed, in its majority, of jaraqui, pacu and sardine (popular fish of scale).

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  • Hexagon Pencils

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    Aug 16

    Two weeks later, "burst", I wrote a complete book. Yes, not everything written down. Do not want to ship the readers what I wrote then. I will describe just the items (which are remembered now) without explanation. 1.Vspomnil as radio operators repaired the station with a pencil, rolling up a sheet of paper and rubbed his pencil. Realized that the pen can be used for the repair of radio engineering in the field. 2.If the Hexagon Pencils put on the table in large numbers will turn a good massage.

    3.Kruglye pencils can underlay under heavy objects when you move them and they go like skating rinks. 4.Neplohoy building material, and for the models. 5. texts. 6.Neploho leads welding wires when soldering can not be use. 7.Neploho sparks in the night, can be used as a source of light.

    8.Grifel used in cinema for the world. 9.Bez slate pencil can be used for shooting matches, spitting. 10. used as air guns (Africa). 11.Cherez opening slate objects look clearer, manifested a photoelectric effect. 12. used for drinking cocktails. The Applications have been invented and in detail painted several dozen new ways to use a pencil. After that I became more careful to treat. No less interesting was the discovery of new attributes and their description. 1.Cherez opening slate objects look clearer, manifested a photoelectric effect. 2.When heated slate and wood elongate unevenly (due to different coefficients of expansion). 3.Pri heating due to the presence of irregular cavities in the wood pencil imperceptibly distorts its shape.

  • Value Labor

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    Feb 17

    The terms "price" and "value" legitimately be considered synonymous with that already is widespread, but that does not yet have a theoretical justification. Here and below, these terms are used interchangeably and interchangeable. Labour costs – labor costs as much as is he created a commodity. Labor, has created no one want in this market goods do not have this market value. The price of labor lone entrepreneur, having neither payroll nor income is the difference between revenue and cost of production of goods. The price of labor production team (the sum of the price of labor members of the team) is the sum of the wage fund at a profit, or the difference between revenue and costs of production, which is not included payroll. Added value – the value created by labor.

    Labor costs and added that labor costs are two sides of one coin. price production – sum of the prices of labor across a succession of producers goods from producers of raw materials, energy, tools and ending with the last manufacturer of the goods – the seller. price production – arithmetic average of prices of production of one-species goods in this market. Competition between single-species producers leads to the fact that in equilibrium the market price of the goods of this type is installed in accordance with srednevidovoy cost of production. The price of labor-WIDE A series made goods – sum of the prices of labor producers of those goods whose value is transferred to the cost of the product, creating value (price) of production of goods.