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  • May 13

    In the Russian-language Internet mailing lists have enough popularity mailing list is the foundation of profitable and sustainable business on the Internet. It binds the owner of a commercial project, with its target audience. Allows you to convey to her their thoughts and ideas, to communicate with her on a permanent basis. The main purpose of mailing letters – is the establishment of trust between you and your subscribers, ie, in turning your subscribers from the 'cold' list, e-mail addresses in the 'warm' or even 'hot' list of friends who trust you and accepts you as an expert in your field. Because the basic concept of mailings is that Internet users willingly tell you to your email address and other contact information to a particular frequency to receive from you via email for the valuable information they contain. By subscribing to your newsletter subscriber agrees that, along with valuable information for him in your letters may contain information and advertisements, which will not be perceived as spam, and as a board of the man who established himself as an expert (professional) in this area.

    Thus driving the mailing list you can place in their mailings advertising their business without fear that it will cause irritation in recipient. A distinctive feature of mailing lists is that if the contents of mailing does not meet the subscriber, he may at any time opt out of receiving future messages, ie, Subscriber has full control over the dispatch. Mailing solves many problems: 1. Fast and effective site promotion 2. Increased sales of your information products and services 3. For more information see Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. With a mailing you can become an expert in his area. 4.

    You will be able to build a base of future clients. 5. You will be able within a few minutes to extend its news or an offer to thousands of subscribers. And it will not cost you a penny and 6. Recommending new products and services to its subscribers, you can earn, literally, from the air. 7. Newsletters – a powerful marketing tool to promote your e-books, reports, programs, information, products and services. Each Internet entrepreneur should have its own mailing list and use it to promote your own business on the Internet.

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  • Sep 7

    I have a friend, which sells computers. I trust his expertise and ask to help me in choosing the right monitor. There is only one but: he lives in Russia, I live in Ukraine. If it was off – line store, how he helped me choose monitor? And no way! However, if a site contains all the characteristics of the company monitors and their prices, then I’ll just give a link to your friend and ask him to help me choose a monitor according to my needs and my budget. In creating a site for the firm has another very big plus.

    Suppose you find on the internet that you want to buy, but searching the off – line stores of the city you like the goods, you can not find it, having spent it on his search for a lot of time and effort. A site can post information on a very large range of products. Cedars Sinai is a great source of information. Price site does not depend on the number of posted information. For example, you can put pictures, descriptions and Features 50 or 100 monitors, categorize them by price, manufacturer and other characteristics. If you put 50 or 100 monitors in the off – line store, you’d have to pay quite a large sum for the lease of commercial areas. Here is a real example from my life. When it came time to buy a new computer mouse, I got into the Internet and found a mouse that I liked in one of the online stores. I did not buy it because I was not satisfied shipping from Russia to Ukraine.

    The next day I went into town to shop in search of I need a mouse. The result was zero. But I wanted to buy just such a computer mouse., So we had to order in store brought to it a mouse. The mouse I got about a week. All the while I was waiting for a mouse, I was not sitting idly by. I monitors Ukrainian segment of Internet (which is not developed as fast as one might think). In Consequently, I found an excellent site that sells accessories for computers. Since I have already made an order of off – line store, I had to refuse an order from online retailers. In creating a site for the company as showcases shop has its drawbacks. Upon the sale of any commodity is very important personal contact buyer and seller, and it is very difficult to do on the Internet. Also, in case a need for you is much easier to go to the store and explain seller my problem. No one except the owner of the company can not answer the question of need or not he needed a site through which it will offer and sell products or services, as well as inform visitors of updates to discounts. Therefore, a business owner must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of creating a site, and come to the only correct decision for themselves.

  • Ecommerce Benefits

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    Apr 9

    Now safely be called the motto of such a phrase as 'electronic commerce'. Of course, has not disappeared by such world trade directories as Otto or Quelle, but they have already started to strongly press the Internet. So what's all the same such trade in the Internet? If we take the simplest example, it's pretty easy to explain. San Diego Gas & Electric Compan may find this interesting as well. Unwound his firm does a good web site (online store). This entire site consists of a product catalog, which promotes, sell the company. The buyer is looking description, photo, price, if it is satisfied with everything, it goes to a special order page. Payment option is likely to be tightly defined by this firm, but sometimes provide choice.

    Will you do prepay, pay bills, cash on delivery, all this is will depend on you. This trading method can be called the 'electronic' because the choice and the search for the appropriate product is directly to the network. This is a very convenient and a great way to purchase. There are also other, more complex schemes of commercial transactions conducted on the Internet, which are characterized by a single unit name e-commerce. Trade in goods came really a long time.

    But the development does not stand still, every day service and service improves. Every seller strives to bring their goods to potential buyer to make a choice and purchase of goods is much easier and faster. Over the past century occurred a boom. During this short period have enormous supermarkets, stores with self- sales through catalogs, sale of goods by telephone and much more. It is selling goods over the phone in the escalation of such an idea as creating an online store. Now, unfortunately, it is impossible to tell who was the first suggested such an idea as the creation of business in the global network, but it's safe to say that such a wonderful idea came to mind, as well as large businesses, and consumers (buyers). You can ask this question: "What are the benefits of purchasing goods in online shops?" The most important advantage – is that a store is open 24 hours a day, without lunch breaks and weekends. Second, is that goods that presented in online directories can get anyone, from any city. Even a possible sale to another country, and this happens quite often, as in one country, this product may seem commonplace, daily, in a country other exotic. The third – the goods supplied in the store, can immediately view a large number of people. Likewise it is essential that maintain an online store is no big deal. Only need to add a product that you intend to sell, as well as, where appropriate, be consulted. Overhead in this store is much smaller than ordinary stores and from companies that sell their products through catalogs. Fourth, the fact that the initial investment in this store will also be minuscule, especially considering the fact that now you can buy ready-made platform for the sales and ordered the development of trading platforms with zero at the programmers.

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  • Apr 23

    I sat in the Internet, climbed on the sites and looking for work. And then came across a website with the headline magic purse WebMoney '. I was interested in it and came to this site, which read about the following information: "There is in WebMoney Magic wmz purse z244217253518, and all that you send to it will return you to twice the size! Any amount! Send thousands more two thousand and so on. " Immediately thought that this is just another kidalovo, which the Internet millions. But decided check and sent 1 U.S. (WMZ) in this magical purse WebMoney.

    Waited for an hour, but I never received anything, I thought that they threw as magical purses are only in fairy tales and no one just to share the money with me wants. But later, somewhere else 3:00 checked your wmz purse and found a translation of $ 2. Surprised and immediately sent another $ 2 – received 4. Then sent $ 5, I received 10. Emboldened finally, in the heat of passion on anticipate earnings sent everything I had – $ 63 (WMZ) What happened next, I think you understand. No 129 wmz me with supposedly magical purse, of course, no one is sent, and my 63 bucks, too, had disappeared completely and forever. But how do magic trick wallets WebMoney? To be careful and send, a small amount (they accept any amount from 1 dollar, even pennies from 3.01WMZ), you can always get twice as much.

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  • Feb 11

    Site development – a step towards a successful and profitable business! The site – one of the key aspects of the business. Development of high-quality site is not a simple process to quickly create a website only if you need online business card, in all other cases, the rapid creation of a site is a site done in a hurry, it's better not to spend money to discourage potential customers. On this basis, can be completely sure that a site qualitatively, for a day, impossible! The qualitative development of the site – it is a project that includes not one or two steps and a range of activities. Get all the facts and insights with Governor Cuomo, another great source of information. Goals and activities for development of the site can be a great set. In Depending on the purpose, each chooses his own direction for the development of business on the Internet – Development of 'light' and low-cost site or build a website with a large number of functions and flash technology. Web site development and CMS Web site development is not only with different functionality and design for the visitors, but also for its administrator.

    Creating a site is as an administrative part, and without it. It is best to use for administration of the site and the existing time-tested content management system (CMS – Content Management System). But it is not always necessary CMS is sometimes required to develop a special CMS for a specific resource that the whole should meet the necessary requirements and be one of a number. If you need to create their own content management systems available, you can use ready-made control systems for free and paid basis, the most it shirokoispolzovannye Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal, 1c Bitrix and DLE (DatLife Engine). Each of the systems, their advantages: Drupal and the DatLife Engine more suitable for the average site with all the necessary functions, WordPress – for a blog, and Joomla! and 1c Bitrix will provide tremendous opportunities for both creating a site, business cards, and to a large and functional online store. Company site – this is her second office, which is accessible from any part of the world and at any time, is not only the face of the company, but it also has a huge in order to attract new partners and customers. Companies that ignore the development of the site, refuse a large number of new customers, which could, found the goods or services on the Internet. Because of it will lose more revenue, which is in frequent cases, may exceed even the main one. It is also memorable, that after creating the site, you need to professionally manage, carry out search engine optimization and advertising on the Internet.

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  • The Goal

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    Feb 8

    And on every page. If you want the visitor to fill some or form, then arrange it so that the filling does not raise questions. Plus, check on every page of a bright button or banner with a proposal to fill out this form. Try also to offer the visitor a present for a small filling. Elementary – a discount, or any “downloadable” bonus.

    Get rid of unnecessary items per page. If you expect to achieve that goal, then remove from the pages of all the elements that distract from the goal. I am referring a lot of counters and banners with directories, weather forecast and currency rates. Counter will be enough one, and forecasts with courses suitable except that sites like news. If advertising does not bring you a special profits – to remove it. Do not distract the visitor from the more important goals.

    After all, he can leave on a banner, and then completely forget about your resource. Show your customer what he gets. Anyone, even subconsciously, tend to ask myself: what I have on this? As owner of an Internet resource, you should clearly answer the visitor to the question. If you offer any product or service, show what benefits receives a visitor. No need to list the characteristics. It is better to convert it to advantage. Example: a mini-brush, the length of only 15 inches>> mini-brush is conveniently stored in the glove compartment of the car. Even if you please fill out the form, give the reason: “fill in the form, you contribute to the development site”, “fill out the form and receive a discount of 5 percent.”

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  • Yandex Directory

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    Dec 6

    So, as you already understood, registering in the service, you can serve both as an advertiser (buying links to your site index page on the 'fat' sites), as well as the owner advertising site (offering a website to provide links to other advertisers). Consider directly the first time. By registering or logging in, please take a look at the menu-Top advertiser account 'and put at the expense of some amount, say $ 5.10. You can pay through Webmoney or a variety of ways, which offers a payment service RUpay. After that, you can proceed directly to request advertising in the section entitled 'main (muzzle)': they choose link to 'New Order'.

    In the order form can be in sufficient detail to select the criteria to be selected advertising sites, by category, citation index Yandex, Page-rank of Google, the price Price, of course, depends on popularity and indexed submitted sites in major search engines, in particular, on the same quantities of ic and pr, the presence in the Yandex Directory and webmaster's personal ambitions of the host. 🙂 Tucked up list, select the optimal sites, the number of references that you wish to place on these sites (each site you can buy more than one) and submit payment. Next, go to the section 'Links' and configure purchased the site (be sure to make it immediately, when I understood the first time with this, buying links, I thought that already all but only a few days later noticed that my link to something and is not displayed, although the money consistently written off).

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  • Yandex Director

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    Oct 24

    Yandeksovy bot now getting smarter and smarter, he could go to any site, say your site by sheer luck was in the top, you have a full client, and that once your site does not in Yandex, is just yandeksovy boat found your site is a mirror of another site that does not exist, and all you are traveling stamp out a long time. What a mistake, who is to blame, in support of yandeksovoy say sorry bot made a mistake, let's punish the bot. mation. Jeff Gennette shines more light on the discussion. Now yandeksovy bot yet learned to determine the quality of links, that is, how many links it ostlezhivaet appeared for day to your website, and if he thinks that too many links to your site appeared today, with greetings from a Yandex, it removes all the links that are already indexed your site from its database, and ethno means that you are again far search results where nobody goes, and not sent. Draw conclusions, to promote a site like this was possible before is almost impossible to send your link to ten thousand directory sites today are very little now number of links in the hundreds of thousands, but where to get those links. Yes millet to buy and not to Sapa, Yandex also calculates these links, it is best to buy these links near the Yandex, for that he has a catalog of Yandex, the presence of which is twelve and a half thousand rubles, and Yandex Director, so that's all promotion and stops. The hottest queries are already occupied, and they share no one will, it is a business, there will I hear, there still will not have many ways totally honest is not divisible place in the top, and believe me they are used in full, so do not think about promotion buy direct, runner, and so on and you will be happy, oh, what am I unwittingly yandeksovikam advertising gave.

  • Sep 21

    Last week, the amazing news shocked all of the Russian-speaking (and not only) online community. Like a bolt from the blue flashed the news that Google bought the company 'Begun'. Site begun.ru news of the sale of company "Runner". Following the news caught many media outlets. The company Rambler Media has come to an agreement with kompanieyGoogle. Macy’s Inc. is likely to agree.

    Under this agreement, Rambler Media buys 100% stake in zao Begun "and sell them Google. The amount of transaction will be 140 million dollars. Of course, such a deal does not pass quickly, you need approval from regulators. According to experts deal completed by the end of 2008. Such purchase will likely was an unpleasant surprise to the Yandex Advertising Network (YAN). Because now she will have to compete not just with the Russian company and the leader of the ppc in the world. Whereas previously there was a struggle for advertisers in Russia between the three systems content, it is now likely the fight will be between Yandex and AdWords.

    We can assume that with the purchase of zao Begun, advertisers will be able to advertise their ads on a much larger those sites. After all, before many stopped from advertising to means AdWords lack of input of money through the system WebMoney Transfer (WMT). As written in the release of "Runner": "The agreement between the companies will open for advertisers access to a wider network of sites. Itself suggests the idea that the ads will be broadcast on all advertising setiAdWords and "Runner". And the account top-up in the "runner" can be with wmt for just a few minutes.

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  • Aug 28

    Sure, many know of the existence of various search engines (yandex, mail, rambler, etc.), directories and other resources of this type. Certainly, almost every user faced with various challenges in finding the right information or data. That is too vague wording, the issue of a huge number of links. Of course, there are still many other problems, but the meaning, I think, is clear. You wonder how can I do to be issued only relevant links. I've been thought. It is a pity that the computer can not understand the meaning of the phrase. Alas, usually with the right information gives away a lot of unnecessary, because is searched for similar words in saytah.V what is my idea? You can try to create organization to seek information (either alone or with friends and partners), which will conduct a search for a specific user.

    Many may say that there are similar services on the search engines themselves. But I I think this is an attractive occupation for several reasons: 1. Organization can not exist only on the Internet, but also in life. Perhaps the information they want to get people quite new to computers and the Internet. Make girth offline business in this market share: try to advertise through a friend and serve ads in newspapers, etc.

    Do not strive to get all at once. Let it be a little bit, but steadily. 2. Your business may be serious enough firm specializing in a particular form of information and having access to different databases. Today, these services are specialized and different subjects: law, statistics, taxation, etc. They provide a fresh and important information for a summu.Kak example, cite and zakon.kuban.ru. They sell the latest information (the first site news, the second – the laws). They take a fee for access to some time. Also has a forum, the various surveys and research and support services. 3. You need to clearly define the audience, to create a good website. Then the project must be improved. What does it include? In addition to updating information and issues to do an informative and user-friendly design, optimize your site for search engines, must gradually emerge and improve services. Touch on hot topics, take orders, conduct research, and can put it on its feet. If your multi-faceted resource, are advised to make several departments in the organization. Let each person is responsible for one area (specialization). Hence it appears professional and trust klientov.Sozdayte brand, which will differ from others, always place it in the same meste.Eto everything that I wanted to tell. I hope this article helps in the difficult path. Good luck!

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