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    May 4

    What is the Internet? It is a mountain of opportunities in planevashego income. The prospect here is huge. Every day in there are all new users. At first they used the Internet as entertainment (for communication, gaming and etc.) And just when are comfortable changing their view. The global network is revenue. Who is this extra income and who was able to rise to the top of the mountain and the Internet has become the main way to earn money. To that would have to learn how to make money need 3 things: 1.

    pc with a cozy atmosphere for you. Agree it would be difficult to work with the noise or sitting in an uncomfortable kresle.Vse thoughts about his job, not about the money. They will later and it should not concern you. 2. Internet. Without breaking the connection and all sorts of lockups.

    Agree-angry. 3. Desire. It must be great and do not leave you for a minute. In any work that it does not work well here. But do not despair and settle for achieved. The network is very much information. Look, learn and use it. In a short time, when you reach the heights and say to yourself: I have a job and I'm her boss! Good luck in this difficult and interesting business!

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