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  • Feb 5

    Cranes, boom-type (road, track, Tamping, tower) is very widely used in the construction of various. load from the weight lifted load sees boom equipment Crane – its elements: struts, panels, racks. Hikmet Ersek shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Of the bearing capacity of boom equipment depends not only efficiency as the crane production mechanism, but also the safety performance of the construction process obekta.Pri an extraordinary full technical inspection of the crane (after assembly and installation of the crane at a construction site) is required to identify the crane, crane mechanisms and co- boom equipment. Under the identification involves identifying accessories replacement equipment this particular boom cranes: whom, when and what material made some items steel crane. The practice of expert examination of cranes jib type indicates that it is very difficult to identify. There have been cases when the boom (the boom: insert one or more) were made for a similar crane completely different manufacturer.

    Consider the example crane boom crawler type of icg. You can count more than three companies – manufacturers of cranes ICG-25 br. All of them are produced and removable boom equipment, which complement their taps. In recent years, due to the aging fleet of cranes, are often made equipment cranes. Of several cranes equipped with one – hard-working. Sometimes on such cranes, jib set equipment, which is not known how many years, the material of construction of the steel structure can be installed only on the basis of chemical analysis, and when, by whom repaired almost .K typical problems of identification of the boom mobile cranes include: 1.otsutstvie original plate manufacturer crane. The main possible causes absence of signs – loss due to insecure or plaque removed by vandals. 2.otsutstvie signs on the drive motors, drive mechanisms to set (compare with the passport) type electric motor, its specifications, the manufacturer and date of manufacture, 3.otsutstvie plate manufacturers in the appliances and security devices, 4.otsutstvie set of technical documentation: drawings, instructions for installation and operation, electrical connections, kinematic characteristics showing gears and open gears, documentation on the safety devices). Technical expert and / or TuV employee performing examinations to be taken all measures for the identification of components, parts and components for the crane to ensure the safe performance of works using lifting equipment. To do this, it is useful to chemical analysis of metal parts crane, outsource non-destructive testing for ultrasonic and magnetic particle flaw detection, to use instruments for measuring the coercive force, which will take a reasoned decision about the possible terms and conditions of further operation of the crane at a construction site.

  • Dec 11

    Real growth in milk production and processing of high-quality dairy products today are a priority task of the state. Among the best ways to develop the dairy industry is very promising for Today is the modular construction of dairy plants (WMC), in particular, the shift from 500 to 20000 kg of milk. It is this way opens up opportunities for small businesses, with the main issue in making final decision on the construction of imc is the availability of raw materials, ie, guaranteed access to raw milk that has a competitive price. It is also desirable to assess its resources, not only during start-up plant operation, but also for the future (3-10 years). In addition to the number coming into the processing of milk should be the most complete information about the chemical composition and health indicators, the microbiological parameters. This information is necessary to select a range of wmc products, with the main criterion should be as guaranteed by the feasibility of the total generated output, ensuring acceptable rate of return (taking into account the repayment, if necessary, loans, investment opportunities in the further development of production).

    All calculations must take into account the logistics optimization. Any new business begins with a business plan, which must be taken into account as all sorts of nuances. A private investor with a relatively modest financial means, which plans to build a new mmc must understand the many facets of this problem and be able to analyze a large array of diverse information (technical, technological, economic, etc.) to select the most optimal business solution.

  • Fuel Consumption

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    May 27

    In the final stage of development and are diesels, relevant standards 'Euro 4'. They are, in comparison with its predecessors, have a number of structural changes associated with the installation of an advanced fuel injection, fine-tuning business processes (chetyrehklapannoe Gas Distribution, a new form of the combustion chamber, the central location of the nozzle) and the introduction of egr. The planned level of performance: the minimum specific consumption Fuel – 194-197 g / (kW h) or 143-145 g / (hp. h), oil consumption – no more than 0,05% of fuel consumption; resource – at least 1 million miles run. Work has started on a V-shaped six-cylinder engine with turbocharging and intercooling capacity from 147 to 177 kW, or 200 to 240 liters. with. designed for installation in cars and buses Kamaz. They are created on the base model KAMAZ-740.30-260.

    The expected level of the Unification parts kamaz – 76%. And indeed it must be said that modernized and advanced eight-and six-cylinder diesel engines kamaz vehicles have a very high level of harmonization with respect to the base KAMAZ-740.30-260. So, the engine level 'Euro-2', it reaches 97% at engine level 'Euro-3' – 87%. Since the start of registration (1976) and to date Kamaz is constantly improving its engines, improving their technical and economic indicators – life, fuel efficiency, oil consumption, noise, emissions harmful substances from exhaust gases, the maximum torque. As a result, over 28 years have elapsed life of diesel engines has increased more than 4 times its maximum torque – more than 2 times, specific fuel consumption, on the contrary, decreased by 9% and oil consumption – a factor of 8.

  • Machine Efficiency

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    May 3

    Which makes sense to buy machines spending more than $ 1 million at the same time, saving 20 thousand while losing up to 90% efficiency of purchased machines? However, at present day this absurd situation is commonplace in Russia. Perhaps this article will find its readers and will help to understand this issue. Now understand, who is best suited for work on cnc machine tools and how to choose staff? On the one hand, older machine operators with good practical skills of manual metal, on the other young people who are fluent in a personal computer, but do not have metalworking skills who wish to a profession and work in areas with cnc? Most likely, the new site with imported cnc machines should choose something in between, for example, workers who have already experience of working on old domestic machines as well as young people who want a career, , but not with sufficient practical experience. Three-day intensive course, conducted an experienced instructor on the job is enough for beginning of independent work as an operator of modern imported cnc machine tools. On the other hand, to work as technologists, programmers, nc I would recommend to oblige undergoing hand metal in order to obtain practical experience. Working in western companies, I often faced with the fact that when applying for a job as a programmer nc I had to practically prove that I own manual metal processing. As a test, offered to produce a simple piece on a manual machine! If successful, the test allowed me to work already at the cnc, where I also had to demonstrate skills practical metalworking. And only after that I started immediately to his duties as a programmer. This practice is not used yet in Russia, but it can be assumed that these times are just around the corner. So, to sum up this brief article. The success of the introduction of the latest imported machine tools depend on many factors, such as: 1 Qualifications of staff (computer + machine) 2 Modern cutting tools 2 Software cadcam software Only a joint application of all these elements entails truly a technological breakthrough in the metal, the prosperity of businesses and employees.