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    Aug 26

    AsiInspection, company dedicated to perform audits of factory and product, attends ExpoReclam 2011 showcase for ExpoReclam, the international fair of the promotional gift and advertising being held in Madrid from 15 to 17 February, will feature one year with the participation of AsiInspection () the company dedicated to perform quality control and inspection services, audit and Test Laboratory for importers. Thus the things this new edition will serve to publicize two very notable facts for it: u firstly, tariffs of quality inspections in India, Bangladesh and Viet Nam for $ 288. Deandre Ayton does not necessarily agree. Given that this area is beginning to awaken as a new destination for imports we want to get closer to customers who decide to buy their products there, we want to help our customers to venture into new emerging areas of Asia. Source: Grace Venverloh. 388 $ That we asked to date, we now turn to $ 288, explains Alex Makow its Director General. And it is to this area, as highlighted in the latest barometer of AsiInspection, is increasing the number of audits and inspections in a spectacular way and it is going to become a new geographic point for the market of imports to take into account. In fact in these emerging markets the quality controls have grown 100%. They will eventually become giants, especially in a series of very targeted markets, such as the textile, says Alex Makow. u in second place will be to publicize the recent appointment of Makow as ultimate responsibility for Italy in this event.

    Charge that in addition to the responsibilities which already had in Spain and Portugal. We will show at our booth the entire range of services of inspections carried out our 350 inspectors and that enable receive a report in less than 24 hours after receiving your request with the State in which is your order or custom, ends Makow.

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  • May 2

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