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  • Motor Insurance

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    Aug 15

    'On the Internet there is anything, though usually not what we need. " So say almost all of my friends. Barry Nalebuff might disagree with that approach. I myself constantly in this persuasion. With the rare exception. And I'm not only an Internet user, but the driver, with a little (so far) experience. And all my requests, in general, are simple and clear to everyone too much time 'live' at the wheel. Here, for example, would like leaving in the morning from the parking lot, in advance to know some things. First of all, to what weather to prepare: snow, rain, extreme heat or, conversely, to frost? Especially now, when the weather is quite unpredictable.

    It is also very interested in me lately hgv. Previously, I was not very interested in them, and recently found himself on the fact that since he was driving, began to watch and listen to the news that used to not paying attention. In a question-answer forum Publishers Clearing House was the first to reply. And the changes of routes, and traffic accidents – particularly with regard to investigations into the causes of the accident. Is something valuable about innovations insurance vehicle, and so on. So, of course, pleasantly surprised that all this information was suddenly gathered on one website.

    Then you and the weather forecast, news and fittings, and news accidents, and much more – at a special 'profile' site for motorists. True, I found it not at once. Until then wandered through various links, came across mostly autos from other regions. And two weeks ago found a brand new website – full of Ryazan. And is called: Ryazan autos. And do not come across it before me, simply because only opened in March. Firstly, the 'Avtosayte' I found a very interesting section – about buying and selling cars beushnye. Very easy to use search-based ads (there are already pieces of 300): a search for a given brand, body style, engine type, and possibly price. I have prisovetoval this site a friend who is interested in local car market. You can immediately find all the necessary addresses – quite a wide list of service stations, shops, spare parts, etc. – In my opinion, the portal for car owners such data simply must be. Well, since I share my 'discovery' talking about the new site in Ryanete, you have to enumerate all the rest. There's a lot of things – and jokes 'in the subject' polls funny and serious topics. Most pleased to be honest, the section 'History of car': I found out there information on many foreign cars and domestic models, it fill some gaps in my knowledge. And like the section – 'Auto club'. The impression is that there have collected tips for all occasions in the life of a motorist. Starting with the sda and ending with advice on inspections and the types of insurance vehicle. By the way, a little understanding in the design, I can say: the site rather stylishly decorated, and the other almost does not look like. Probably, it remains to name the address:. By the way, remember it is not necessary. If you type in any normal search engine the words 'autos Ryazan', he is listed in one of the first. And 'a snack': they say that soon the site will be your forum. Hence, it will be possible communicate with such as I, drove, of his own bread. Good luck to all! A. Viktorov

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  • Modern Motor Oils

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    Jul 16

    On the one hand, each owner of the vehicle is aware of mandatory timely procedures for the replacement of motor oil. However, on the other hand, not all understand the importance of proper selection of oil in accordance with Engine type, seasonal and operational conditions. But a variety of options in connection with different characteristics, viscosity and density, as well as the presence of additives, modifiers and additives, allows for selection of oils most accurately. The importance of correct choice is that the bug can cause substantial damage to the engine. Due to improper or insufficient lubrication components and assemblies will be hard to wear that may even lead to jamming the motor. Fairly common misleading arguments is the reluctance of modern high-quality motor oil in vehicles older generations. Is justified that the car was designed and produced, when synthetic oil was not yet.

    However, the use of modern Motor oils with similar characteristics will provide "the heart of the car" more protection due to modern additives that can generally extend its life and increase the reliability indices. What is with regards to the parameters that should be selected motor oil, then in the first place will be indicators viscosity. That's viscosity determines the properties of the oil to remain fluid and lubricating all sliding surfaces, and does not solidify even at extreme temperature loads. After all, it should be noted that the temperature range engine is quite wide. When engine temperature equal to the environment, and in winter it can be -40 C, performance at 90 C on the dashboard report only the coolant temperature. While the motor oil can work in the engine, where the temperature dostigaet150-160 C. Temperature Motor oils will depend on the mode of operation of the engine, but rather on the number of turns at high torque, which can be sufficiently high during sudden overtaking, driving up the hill and with the load. An important characteristic of motor oil is its ability to uniform lubrication mechanisms in different temperature ranges, which is achieved by the addition of various modifiers to ensure stable operation. Also additives used in modern Motor oils may form the protective tungsten or molybdenum film on the surface of metal parts. It is therefore timely replacement and proper selection of engine oil will not only ensure the stable operation and motor protection, but also can increase the capacity and lifetime of the units of the automobile.

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  • Ford Focus

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    Mar 28

    Having studied the statistics of accidents, EuroNCAP has developed a methodology by which simulated the most common accidents. For example, we saw the crash-test 40 per cent head-on collision runs at a speed of 64 km / h and hit the side of the car a special truck (or other vehicle) at 56 km / h. During the test identifies a number of key parameters. In particular, security the driver and passengers, the degree of risk car for pedestrians, the ability to quickly restore the machine when not strong collisions (for example, when parking). Conducted late last year brought EuroNCAP tests new Ford Focus in leaders on security in its class.

    He became the only vehicle to receive one hundred percent of passenger safety rating in frontal and side collisions, as well as one hundred percent rating to protect children from injury and injuries. Scored a total of 35.46 points, the model has received the maximum five stars for the overall safety and four stars (the highest result yet) for the safety of children and good for the two stars pedestrian safety. Commenting on this, the Secretary General Adrian Hobbs said EuroNCAP: 'Focus received the highest scores in the security of passengers for the entire seven-year history of our tests. Team of its developers helped raise the bar even higher standards, thus showing other manufacturers the goal towards which they should seek. " Faster, cheaper, more reliable elements of comprehensive security are laid in the construction of car Long before the first model will be created in the gland.

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  • Jun 26

    It's no secret that the standard set of tire changer tire changer includes workshop, balancing machine and of course the compressor. Caring about the culture and quality of the workshop will add to this list automatic washing wheels. This useful plant washes virtually any dirt from the wheels for a few minutes in a closed loop of special granules which, after washing the wheels are re-used. You can do a jet of water from a hose, use a high-pressure washing or not washing the wheel – as they say, each for himself decides. Do not forget that the culture of production and service for the modern visitor means a lot, thus determines the choice of where to go with their problems. Clean the wheel – it is an ideal condition for accurate qualitative and balancing that extend tire life.

    Tire changer business seasonal phenomenon, but it is worth remembering that during the year motorists treat problems such as loss of tightness of the wheel, the most common injury-puncture. For such a repair is necessary to acquire special bath with the water of this size to go the wheels of the very large radius. Not prevent it and to check the wheels after tire store, the truth-art equipment and professionally run the wizard on the practice preclude the possibility of marriage. But still if the area allows, it is better to install a bath. If a workshop is planned to produce vulcanization of wheels, do not forget about the need to install ventilation equipment. Many large tire mounting shops can afford to buy plants for nitrogen tire inflation.

    They are designed to pump a tire with nitrogen, which is obtained by separating it from the air. Nitrogen reduces tire wear due to absence of pressure loss, reduced fuel consumption by reducing rolling resistance due to constant pressure in the tire, etc. It remains only to competently offer client to the service. To date, such a service is gaining momentum as

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  • Chic Limousine

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    Sep 2

    It seems that not long ago a beautiful, elegant limousine can be seen, perhaps, only in the movies, or expensive, the most important people of the country. But those days are gone, but in the modern world, a limousine is not only a luxury item, but also an essential attribute of any holiday. How much time and effort required to prepare an important event! How much effort and energy expended! And you want everything to be perfect, but the event itself – marked by something special and fabulous! But do not be looking to invent clever scripts and buy luxury decoration, as the most unpretentious, easily accessible and almost always a welcome attribute of your public holiday will be a limousine in Kiev. Everything you need to arrange – this limousine. Limousine rental – a comfortable and easily accessible method to find this car to your own holiday. Limousine to a wedding – this is the best solution of transport problems for the newlyweds. What car even more may be suitable for this purpose? Of course, the only limousine! Festively decorated, with professional drivers, it will become an inherent part of any wedding. Limousine service in Kiev, limousines for the wedding! Only the transport company "Astor" – a real expert in this field.

    We will create your basic car in a wedding convoy! Limousine in Kiev is possible not only to the wedding. There are many different celebrations and events that deserve to be adorned with such an incredible car! Request a limo, meeting his wife from the hospital, she deserves this little thing! Make prom his son is even more festive with holiday car. Or, perhaps, use it to travel to the party, to organize a romantic date. Every moment in your life is worth it to make it unforgettable. A limousine rental service in Kiev to help you!

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  • Jun 11

    In fact, every metropolis has always involved a considerable number of commercial vehicles. In general, freight transport have become, in principle, is so familiar a part of our reality that we are at times in Basically we do not notice how big the appointment may have trucks in their daily reality. Here and transportation of products in stores, and removing debris and cargo transportation, for example, in a situation of resettlement, housing or corporate. But, of course, freight ton-popular not to such an extent substantially as passenger cars. And because part of the cargo service station to look for a long time. Especially for such small companies, who do not have their own state repairmen who specialize only in commercial vehicles.

    Or, at least not using a broad set of equipment for repair of the tc. But, certain situations, the sellers of trucks provide including and guarantees and after-warranty repairs and service maintenance trucks. However, in this way is not permanently. Because if your own company is on the balance of large-sized vehicles, information on where to actually find a quality repair of gearboxes kamaz will be even more than valuable. Except addition, because not too substantial prevalence of heavy equipment and its high cost, requires that a company that guarantees a full repair, could at some time offer secondary services. In the same way as in repairing cellular telephones, many organizations are available for hire the same mobile phone, so some oversized garages offer or hiring of trucks car, or performing certain works – by the way, removing debris or large road transport in the borders of the Moscow region and in Russia. And if the agenda stands gearbox or kamaz adjustment of the engine or the fuel pump, then correct to apply directly to organizations that provide various services. Then, if your company directly, even took over some personal obligations to consumers, you can use the abilities of other agents.

    For each firm, offering services for the carriage of goods, one must not only find a solid service stations, where really easy to solve existing complexity. Needed in addition to get really reliable performance of all options work and family details, which would have served longer enough. And when you will discover a direct haul Car Techservice, you will realize that not only found a car service, and even business partners to interact for many years. And with a respectable member of any business will certainly be more effective.

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  • The Act

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    Apr 13

    He prepared the traffic police inspector, with the fixed location of the damage the car, the degree of deformation or fracture car parts – circuit accident, traffic police inspector is made as accurately as possible using measuring instruments, based on data inspection of the accident, his testimony of eyewitnesses and participants. The scheme applied to the position of vehicles, collision objects, environment, extent and direction of stopping distance – the act of a medical examination for the presence of drugs or alcohol. Examination can be carried out traffic police workers and wardens rural areas through the tubes 'control of Temperance', and also in the hospital. Examination of driver necessarily conducted in the presence of two witnesses. Survey registered in the minutes on the forms of strict accountability – an explanation of the drivers involved in road accidents and the eyewitnesses. All of the above documents (for except for explanations of other participants and witnesses of road accidents) are made in the presence of the driver, with his direct participation.

    The driver has the right to make comments, point out the important from his point of view, the circumstances and require the entry of both the documents. All columns and sections in the primary documents must be completed. If the is insured 'Civil liability', should notify the victim of that, he did not begin to repair his car up until not be held inspection of the damaged vehicle and prepared inspection report. All of the above documents (except for explanations of other participants and witnesses of an accident) are registered the presence of the driver, with his direct participation.

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  • Feb 24

    To feel confident on the road, you just need avtoinstruktor. Many have already seen that not all driving schools can please a good quality driver training. Obviously, you will learn the basics of driving, explain the theory, but the driving is likely to only run for exercise necessary for the exam in the traffic police. In the end, the rights you get. But it often happens that driving on the exam tested only formally.

    But The foregoing shall not apply to one of the best professional driving school in Penza. How to be a new driver? How can he get the confidence that it would be safe on the road and do not fall into a dangerous situation? That such problems and should seek to avtoinstruktoru – a specialist in the business! A professional teacher will be able to improve your confidence, to show how to navigate the roads and demonstrate application of the knowledge in the classroom. And, of course, except the driving avtoinstruktor will help you to understand the rules of the road. For example, in Penza popular professional driving school such service as driving with avtoinstruktorom for people who already have a driver's license. Professional avtoinstruktor detail can pass those points that were missed during training in a driving school. For example, such an individual situation, as the trip from home to work and back. Avtoinstruktor will travel this route with you. Show, where you can not turn where it is safe to park, will show the shortest way.

    Should walk with you on all the details and answer all the burning questions. Education is constructed so that then driving will be for you an indescribable pleasure! Another major difference between individual sessions with avtoinstruktorom driving in a driving school lies in the fact that you can learn not only academic automobile driving schools, but also on their personal. Since you already have the right, the car should not be necessarily equipped with redundant pedals. More all that is in a driving school where you prepare, it was not the same car as yours. Consequently, sitting behind the wheel of your own car you feel insecure on the road. In such a case would be useful to work out your car with avtoinstruktorom – you get used to it, and avtoinstruktor protect you from possible mistakes and related accidents. Remember – the road does not forgive mistakes. Better to find time for additional training, than to neglect health or even life.

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