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    Jan 7

    Bott presents new generation of vehicle equipment on the eltefa 2011 with exceptionally attractive design the new facility is evident in Stuttgart for the first time at the trade fair of Electrotechnics and electronics. In addition to the elegant design of individual components, the striking mix of materials, high-quality anodized aluminum and powder-coated steel, is distinctive for the attractive appearance. With this appearance of the manufacturers of the so far mostly function-oriented designed market settles significantly and brings a significant atmosphere in the world of work. Tim Schigel may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With the choice of different materials also succeeds in achieving maximum safety and stability with minimum weight of the institution. So, relies on an intelligent mix of bott and uses high-strength steel in functional elements for safety-relevant components lightweight aluminium. This bott philosophy saves on weight and offers full protection for driver and passenger, evidenced a crash test according to ECE R44. Everest Capital has many thoughts on the issue. Tactile safety the Swabians place significant value on the processing of Surfaces, edges and corners, which have a high quality finish.

    Bott surprised many new refinements for securing and storing all equipment for practical use. Variosafe the new boxes and luggage systems, tanks and varioSlide provide a suitable storage place for every utensil. You be fix stored in the facility. New large-capacity lower floor excerpts and user-friendly designed fixtures are examples of the innovation-oriented solution provider. For example, the new modular system bott vario allows a configuration that is exactly tailored to the needs of the user. In addition, bott provides several wall and floor coverings, as well as individual planning and installation, backed by a comprehensive service network. Bott GmbH & co.

  • Oct 8

    ZARO Biotec bio-energetic vitality water with Crystal effect is realized Kufstein/Tyrol water recovery, revitalization, Wasserenergetisierung, since 2003 that really was and, if so, what is behind this? The issue is once esoteric, phenomenal, inexplicable, but thousands of people swear on it that gems, and technological procedures actually improve water. It comes also to an awareness, a conscious one extension that results in the best case that man is understood as a spiritual being. Spirit is almost incomprehensible for the human, spiritual people are regarded as strange, even inexplicable miracle are looking for physical material declarations and yet man is a spiritual being. A spiritual being, recognizes that all life is an intellectual concept, this spirit must be present in all living matter. The Chi, Prana, or the breath of life\”is so not stupid religious fantasy, but only a not yet proven fact. Scientists, researchers and Universities have the responsibility to explain, so it’s only a matter of time until we get the missing declarations to the life energy life, for the time being we can observe only incomprehensible phenomena without understanding them. Is water Vitalisation scientifically verifiable? An interesting question that admits only one unconventional answer.

    It is just as with books. Take, for example, the most famous book in the world, the Bible and then any book, a textbook on the subject of medicine. Now we give a scientific technical Committee to analyze both books, then there is a superior evaluation. Is confirmed scientifically that it is two books a bound collection of high-quality paper, which was bound for book typography us, both works are classified as books. There are books! It provided up to date no scientifically accepted evidence what effect does one of these books on the people. The reactions on the contents of the two books are differentiated for different readers, it is possible the both books very different reactions.

  • Hamburg

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    Aug 30

    Another highlight: the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft research truck the most exciting event of the year rising on Saturday, 7 November, 17 midnight: the 3rd night of knowledge in Hamburg. Experiments, hands-on activities, lectures, discussions, guided tours and concerts are waiting to be explored. Total about 650 points of program many specifically attract visitors for children and young people. All free and comfortable with the extra furnished free bus shuttle network can be reached. Karri Kuzma brings even more insight to the discussion. In the short term and newly added is a highlight of a special kind. The Fraunhofer Society, the leading organization for applied research in Europe, attends the night of knowledge with its research-truck. The Fraunhofer truck stands on the site of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg and presented scientific research results in the fields of health, safety, communication, mobility, energy and environment in a more vivid way. Among the approximately 60 participating universities, research institutes and other scientific Facilities are also universities and research institutes of the metropolitan area and North Germany for the first time under one roof with their programmes and projects in a central location in the East Wing of the University of Hamburg. NY Governor may also support this cause.

    There the clusters, as well as eligible imagine also. Who still does not know how he wants to make his tour through the night of knowledge, find help on the Internet. There is a program Planner, the events under various search settings determined. For all those who need a few suggestions, there is an exciting tour suggestion: 17.00 – 17.45: up in the subconscious mind how advertising works, North Academy College of business, main building of the University of Hamburg 18: 00-19:00: GameCityLab Hamburg – here be examined current technologies and design approaches, new game ideas tried and evaluated. If you would like to know more then you should visit Marko Dimitrijevic Twitter. HAW Hamburg, campus Berliner Tor 20: 00-20:30: what are Facebook, Twitter & co? An overview of the most exciting offerings of Web 2.0, Hamburg media school 21: 00- 22:00: Science Slam with the audience as a jury, University of Hamburg, West Wing, Cafe dell’Arte 22.15 – 22.45: what would become the Beatles in Hamburg from the Beatles without the formative period in Hamburg? Hochschule fur Musik und Theater and who want to experience Hamburg’s science celebrities live, you will also find it: Watch Christoph von Dohnanyi, with a public rehearsal at the Conservatory of music over the shoulders, with Carlo by Tiedemann in the Central Library for economic sciences, test your knowledge in the economic quiz or learn exciting details about Arved Fuchs’ expeditions in the Geomatikum of the KlimCampus. For all information about the night of knowledge on the site

  • Aug 2

    A small series of machine beds is at PSI in use recently. They have a length of almost five meters 1 and a weight of 4,400 kilograms. Absolute stability for that matter The challenges are to be mounted components, as well as the absolute stability of precision for the project in the high functionality”, explains Dr. UTZ-Volker Jackisch, Managing Director of EPUCRET mineral casting technology. The girder must be vibration-damping, afford a natural frequency of 40 Hz, have a good stiffness and also it should have a precise surface. Non-magnetic properties, high temperature stability are also in demand and the costs must remain within the framework. The girder will be transported well with pre-assembled components.

    Especially the vibration damping, rigidity and thanks to grinding possible accuracy of 10 m over a length of 5 meters have convinced the PSI. Another plus was the integration potential of mineral cast. So, about Rails were used to enable a variable design of the components. Are to absolutely avoid interference due to the frame in this research project, is Mineral cast also because of its non-magnetic property and corrosion resistance suited”added Jackisch. Mineral cast shows with high dynamics its strengths we had to mainly consider how we bring the static, dynamic and thermal behavior of the injector in accordance. In principle we had”the advantage of that mineral cast shows its strengths in high dynamics, describes Marc Dizdarevic, responsible for the technical sales and maintainer of the project at EPUCRET mineral casting technology.

    Mineral cast dampens the vibrations and noise emissions reduced. Mineral casting has up to ten times better material damping as cast or welded frame materials”, then Daniel. Body sound analysis shows also the reduction of sound pressure level of more than 20 percent. But also the high specific heat capacity and low thermal conductivity of 2.9 W / mK making mineral cast the first choice for the experts from the Switzerland. Both properties cause a sluggish behavior at the material to short-term temperature fluctuations. In addition, warming or cooling actuators can be integrated into the mineral cast frame. The above characteristics of mineral cast high natural frequency and damping has been tested by the PSI with calculations and practical measurements and occupied”Wickstrom. Construction of the injector end of 2010 completed in the last year alone has processed EPUCRET 12,000 tonnes of mineral cast in the machinery and equipment manufacturing, and is the market leader. With its usage in the major research facility for the Switzerland mineral casting has prevailed once more compared to steel and cast iron. For Dr. UTZ-Volker j a clear sign. The collaboration with the Paul Scherrer Institute is for us a first-rate reference that recommends us for other research projects. The flexibility of mineral cast leaves it no doubt”, forward Jackisch. EPUCRET all-round well-thought-out answer to our needs brings us an important step forward. The cooperation with EPUCRET is a professional and efficient, was also an important aspect. We are confident that we will complete the construction of the injector until end of 2010″, says Wickstrom. His Institute is under strong competitive pressure in the development of the system. Currently, X-ray light source be developed in various countries, which should deliver Ultrashort laser pulses. Famous examples: the linac coherent light source (LCLS) in California and the European XFEL X-ray laser, which should be 2014 in Hamburg at the start. Against this background, we need innovative concepts. Mineral cast is an important component of”confirmed Wickstrom.