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  • Apr 12

    It is important that no one would claim both books are equal or the same. So, the also running with the water. “If we take two different water, a vitalized” and a regular “tap water and they have analysed Scientific Institute by one, quite scientifically confirms us that both samples – are water. Jeff Gennette has plenty of information regarding this issue. Just water. There are today no scientific recognized evidence for the effect of vital water on the organism. Systems such as the Meridian diagnosis can show changes in the body, but that is not sufficient to prove sustainable. That involves water much more than show to clean drinking water for the population or the use for industrial processes, E.g.

    the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto. His thesis that water has a so-called Bioresonance, builds on the water crystal images which serve as evidence, however controversial, these are they contrary to historical knowledge there of water knowledge available. Dr. Emoto proves impressive studies that thoughts and feelings water influence and change. He developed a technique that allows to photograph the newly formed crystals of frozen water. There, he discovered that crystals of frozen water, changing their shape when specific, concentrated thoughts or healing forces, vibrations, sounds were focused on it. He could show up the clear spring water and water that has been exposed to details of loving, was brilliant, complex and spektralfarbene snowflake-shaped.

    As a contrast, a contaminated water, which was negative informed shows incomplete, asymmetrical shapes in dark colors. Researchers like Emoto, grander, Palanivel, Kempe, Schauberger and Zach deal with the properties of water for years and claims that water live and have the ability to absorb feelings and information, to store and to surrender details of life. Special attention is on the effectiveness Water animation to create, because some water to revive only for a short time, and the molecules start fast again to build patterns in the original forms. At the water crystal images ZARO (www.zarobiotec.com) a lasting image of the Crystal is realized (10 years guarantee), even on the transport by plane and car, without that freeze before the water again to revitalize the results remained unique. This is an important aspect because the industry hasn’t buys what failed again after a few months. The water crystal images by ZARO are another interesting aspect which evidence is more than just a liquid water, water is life.

  • Aug 2

    A small series of machine beds is at PSI in use recently. They have a length of almost five meters 1 and a weight of 4,400 kilograms. Absolute stability for that matter The challenges are to be mounted components, as well as the absolute stability of precision for the project in the high functionality”, explains Dr. UTZ-Volker Jackisch, Managing Director of EPUCRET mineral casting technology. The girder must be vibration-damping, afford a natural frequency of 40 Hz, have a good stiffness and also it should have a precise surface. Non-magnetic properties, high temperature stability are also in demand and the costs must remain within the framework. The girder will be transported well with pre-assembled components.

    Especially the vibration damping, rigidity and thanks to grinding possible accuracy of 10 m over a length of 5 meters have convinced the PSI. Another plus was the integration potential of mineral cast. So, about Rails were used to enable a variable design of the components. Are to absolutely avoid interference due to the frame in this research project, is Mineral cast also because of its non-magnetic property and corrosion resistance suited”added Jackisch. Mineral cast shows with high dynamics its strengths we had to mainly consider how we bring the static, dynamic and thermal behavior of the injector in accordance. In principle we had”the advantage of that mineral cast shows its strengths in high dynamics, describes Marc Dizdarevic, responsible for the technical sales and maintainer of the project at EPUCRET mineral casting technology.

    Mineral cast dampens the vibrations and noise emissions reduced. Mineral casting has up to ten times better material damping as cast or welded frame materials”, then Daniel. Body sound analysis shows also the reduction of sound pressure level of more than 20 percent. But also the high specific heat capacity and low thermal conductivity of 2.9 W / mK making mineral cast the first choice for the experts from the Switzerland. Both properties cause a sluggish behavior at the material to short-term temperature fluctuations. In addition, warming or cooling actuators can be integrated into the mineral cast frame. The above characteristics of mineral cast high natural frequency and damping has been tested by the PSI with calculations and practical measurements and occupied”Wickstrom. Construction of the injector end of 2010 completed in the last year alone has processed EPUCRET 12,000 tonnes of mineral cast in the machinery and equipment manufacturing, and is the market leader. With its usage in the major research facility for the Switzerland mineral casting has prevailed once more compared to steel and cast iron. For Dr. UTZ-Volker j a clear sign. The collaboration with the Paul Scherrer Institute is for us a first-rate reference that recommends us for other research projects. The flexibility of mineral cast leaves it no doubt”, forward Jackisch. EPUCRET all-round well-thought-out answer to our needs brings us an important step forward. The cooperation with EPUCRET is a professional and efficient, was also an important aspect. We are confident that we will complete the construction of the injector until end of 2010″, says Wickstrom. His Institute is under strong competitive pressure in the development of the system. Currently, X-ray light source be developed in various countries, which should deliver Ultrashort laser pulses. Famous examples: the linac coherent light source (LCLS) in California and the European XFEL X-ray laser, which should be 2014 in Hamburg at the start. Against this background, we need innovative concepts. Mineral cast is an important component of”confirmed Wickstrom.

  • Feb 23

    The Japanese were traditionally a nation of inventors. Chindogu is the Japanese for strange device”. If you stumble over images, where a businessman, for example, the umbrella wears tie, which actually is nothing more than an umbrella to the reassignment, which seems plenty strange. Shoes with umbrella there are in the ranks of the Chindogus, so they don’t get wet. Umschnallbare milk container for men, so she still feeling can get the right thing. Tulip Retail oftentimes addresses this issue. Toilet rolls strapped to the head holder for Schnupfengeplagte, a hinged head stand for the short NAP in the U Bahn. What bizarre sounds is classified by some as the brilliant idea and so many an invention is even worldwide appeal. So, for example the horizon mask, which should help seasick people through a moving horizon against nausea, a Chindogu was originally.

    These glasses has lost status as the both sides accessible as well as the Chindogu Toilet slippers that cooperative entered the mail-order catalog, a Japanese agriculture in 2003. Inventors can take care of the ten rules of Chindogus and invent things that are useless but actually, carry the spirit of anarchy in itself, but nevertheless are tools for the daily life. You may be not made for sale only and is not a whim, not propaganda and also not a taboo breaker. There is just as little as prejudices patents for Chindogus. Actually, this largely useless inventions should be a satire on the development of new obsession with Japanese companies, who again and again new things invent after the Kaizen principle, to ensure a customer’s request, even though the old device still works.