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  • Saturday French

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    Sep 14

    The neighboring country is had it jeopardize to protect the free circulation of merchandise and the security of the Spanish warehouses in French territory. The Catalan agriculturists had threatened the cut of freeway AP-7 in the border of the Jonquera to protest by the assaults to his caminones. Minister of Environment and Rural and Marine Medio, Pink Aguilar, assured east Saturday that France has acquired " commitment firme" to guarantee the free circulation and the security of the Spanish trucks in Gallic territory, as well as to reinforce the presence of gendarmes in the Spanish warehouses in the neighboring country. After maintaining this morning a telephone conversation with the French minister of Agriculture, Bruno Le Maire, Aguilar has indicated that the French Government, besides lamenting the violent acts against the Spanish trucks, has given " first step very importante" facing assuring the storage and the transit Spanish fruit and vegetable products in France. " There is a firm commitment of the French Government and of Gendarmerie to redouble efforts and ctivos and to guarantee the free circulation of merchandise, to guarantee the security of the transport and to guarantee the security in the Spanish warehouses " , the minister declared, who said to have raised " with contundencia" the complaints of Spain before its homologous French. " It cannot be that there are merchandise that are being thrown, is being attempted against the market within the framework of the European Union and is, through violent acts, preventing that are a normal transport of fruits and Spanish vegetables while the gendarmes watch for another one lado" , it affirmed. In their conversation, Aguilar and its homologous French also are had it jeopardize to jointly design as of the next week a proposal that will present/display in September before the European Commission to deepen in the regulation of the European fruit and vegetable market.

  • Silvio Berlusconi

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    Aug 11

    All these emergency movements take place in the hope of the reaction that can have tomorrow the markets in their re-opening after the decision Friday of the agency Standard & Poor' s (S& P) to reduce its qualification of the sovereign debt of the United States, the first world-wide economy. In Europe it is expected in addition to see how he will affect to the premium of risk of the Italian debt – that Friday surpassed for the first time to the Spanish from May of 2010 – the announcement done that same day by prime minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, of new economic reforms and the acceleration of its plan of austerity, and so he tries to advance a year, to 2013, the balance of the accounts. Merkel and Sarkozy request quickness the French president, Nicholas Sarkozy, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, considered this Sunday that the application " fast and completa" of the measures announced by Spain and Italy to straighten his finances and to improve his competitiveness he is " essential to recover the confidence of mercados" and " to improve competitividad". " In particular, the objective of the Italian authorities to obtain the budgetary balance with a year of advance is of an importance fundamental" , they indicated. Both agent chief executives emphasized that " the fast beginning and completes of the announced measures is essential to recover the confidence of mercados". Sarkozy and Merkel they also pleaded for an application " rpida" in the agreements of the European summit of the past 21 of July on the second it rescues Greek and the extension of the faculties of the European bottom of rescue, and bet because the parliamentary proceedings in their two countries are surpassed before end of September. The agent chief executives have required " that the authorizations parlamentarias" regarding those agreements, on the second it rescues Greek and the extension of the faculties of the European bottom of rescue, is reached " rpidamente" , before the month end next. Also, Paris and Berlin showed to their satisfaction by the decisions announced by Italy and Spain " in order to accelerate the recovery of the public finances and to improve competitividad". Source of the news: The European Central bank discusses on the purchase of sovereign debt of Spain and Italy