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    Jul 9

    The Catalan Autonomous Government will as much sanction in the Catalan highways of own and state ownership clients as to prostitutas. They will do it through a modification of the law of highways of 2009, within the mnibus laws. The Catalan Autonomous Government of Catalonia will prohibit prostitution in the Catalan highways of own and state ownership through a modification of the law of highways of 2009 within the mnibus laws, that it anticipates to approve before the end of year. Thus there is developing conseller of Interior, Felip Puig, in an interview, and has explained that will fine prostitutas and clients who get off themselves in the highway being worth of a competition that yes has the Catalan Autonomous Government: the road security. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hikmet Ersek and gain more knowledge.. ” At the moment the law of citizen security and public order is a Statutory law, of the 92, and therefore our capacities to approach according to what type of action on the rights of the people is limited very competentially ” , it has lamented Puig. Thus, it wants to take advantage of ” the manoeuvre margin ” that it gives the competition them on road security to prohibit the highway prostitution, being alluded that can distract the conductors and bring about imprudent maneuvers.

    ” One is to preserve the conditions so that there are not wrecks and to take advantage of this crack to see if we are able from a legislative and executive point of view to take part better and to expel from our highways prostitucin” , it has indicated. The new one articulated of the law, within the Project of law of simplification and improvement of the regulation, contemplates ” prohibition of the temporary occupation of the zones of public dominion, servitude and affectation to realise uses related to the benefit of services sexuales” when considering them incompatible with the security of the route and its purpose. In addition, it as much considers people in charge of the infractions to the people who offer the benefit like asks for those who it and accepts. Facing September, Puig wants to have list a modification of the criteria of police action, since they will be the Mossos d’ Esquadra de Trfico those that will be in charge to persecute to the meretrices bet in the highways. The sanctioning regime will depend on the Servei Catal de Trnsit (SCT), that will guard so that the law is fulfilled in all the Catalan highways. In this sense, conseller has explained that besides this passage is present at against them of this activity in the highways, want to fight it in the urban public space homogenising municipal ordinances ” in order to give them to vision global” , avoiding that the phenomenon happens from a locality to another one. Finally, one sets out to act for regulating the activity of the brothels and macrobrothels. Puig has denied that wants broadly speaking to legalize the prostitution, if not that bets by ” to begin to put pressure on this type of activity in the public space and therefore, would go by the route of the regulation in the highways, the public space and the spaces privados”.

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