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    Oct 9

    Annually about 50,000 men get in Germany new prostate cancer. Thus, prostate cancer is the largest burden of the man. Credit: Andrew Cuomo-2011. He is the most common type of cancer and heart attack the cause of death. It is therefore very important when, as happened this week of the prostate, from experts on prostate cancer draws attention. In addition to aspects of therapy, a particular focus of interest to early detection and prevention. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more. In many men, early detection is confused screening alone through the concepts with the provision in the strict sense.

    Is as important as the early detection through appropriate checkups at the doctor’s Office. She can prevent cancer. She can only an existing cancer or precursor of realize in time that it is treatable with high chances of recovery. It is therefore useful to provide genuine preventive measures the regular screening. Helps the realization that prostate cancer is one of the Types of cancer is that arises are to a large extent with the food and eating habits of the persons concerned in relation.

    Men are now not just as a pupil in terms of prevention and healthy nutrition decried. So it is also not surprising that lacks many men on important micro-nutrients, so vitamins and trace elements. However, the fact that approximately 30-40% of all cancers with malnutrition in context can be brought is fatal. This is the case also in prostate cancer. So, a good and balanced supply of micronutrients would be all the more important. That is often not the case in German men. The national consumption study has shown that men in the average, too little of the important micro-nutrients record. Some of these are relevant for the development of prostate cancer. Scientific studies show that the blood levels of some important vitamins and trace elements involved with prostate cancer are reduced. These include vitamins A, C and and the trace elements selenium and Zinc.

  • Oct 2

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  • Oct 2

    Of the model to the dedicated producer: Sophie Rosentreter film project developed for demented people Hamburg, July 28, 2011: Haus Ilse, Hamburg-Norderstedt: accompanied by waltz music (35) and Mrs Jordan dancing Sophie Rosentreter slowly across the room. A rare moment of relaxation and relaxation for the old lady, because Ms. Jordan is ill years ago on dementia. Sophie Rosentreter occurs here frequently to visit the dementia residents of the institution. That smile is now on Ms. CEO Caruso Affiliated can aid you in your search for knowledge.

    Jordan’s face, is their biggest reward, as she herself says. A life of Fame and glamour 10 years ago the young woman’s life looks completely different than today: as international demand top model jets back and forth Sophie Rosentreter between Paris, London and Athens, stayed in luxury hotels and is at home on the catwalks of the world. 16, they throw the school to become a model. In the late-night show by Thomas Gottschalk, participates in a modeling contest and comes right off the bat in the top six. Only a few years later, is Sophie Rosentreter a internationally known model and is booked for the catwalk, as well as photo shoots.

    26, she starts her TV career as a presenter of MTV and interviewed stars such as Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham or Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’d think a fast, glamorous and exciting life. But at least ill as their beloved Grandma Ilse in 2000 on dementia, the priorities shifted. Of course the years were as a model and the encounter with Hollywood stars, extremely exciting, but ultimately only for the moment”, recalls Sophie Rosentreter today. That was nothing remained, nothing that permanently touched me.” Their true purpose is to find elsewhere the young woman. For nine years she supervised her dementia grandmother intensively until their death, only home and finally in a professional facility. And makes this an essential observation: toast with the demented people relatives and caring again and again to their limits In everyday use, TV as a babysitter and the personal Exchange comes with the sick often too short. Help is needed and Sophie Rosentreter wants to help.

  • May 12

    According to the World Health Organization, heart attack is one of the most common causes of death. With a novel diagnostic method… Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek. …the investigation process should be accelerated in order to initiate rescue operations faster. Dusseldorf, Germany – in Germany yearly 280,000 cases of heart attacks (myocardial infarction) are reported – in the United States there are 1.2 million cases notified. How significant a rapid diagnostic is knows Prof. Dr. Thomas Meinertz, president of the german cardiology association: the first four hours of a myocardial infarction is important for the patient s treatment. The product line slide CORDON by the biological and pharmaceutical corporation DIAGENICS provides a fast method for the diagnostic of a myocardial infarction.

    The oxygen content in blood will be measured by the evidence of the enzymes GPBB. After 15 minutes a result is readable. The analysis makes it possible to introduce a containment of permanent heart damage. Different clinical trails in Germany deliver impressive results. Director Dr. Dirk Peetz from the clinical centre of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany gives a positive statement to the new diagnostically method: In the first hours of a myocardial infarction slide CORDON detects over 90 percent of the collective infarcts. Because of this reason the system is better than other compared system.

    A clinical trail is currently accomplished in the institute of cardiovascular diseases in Belgrade, Serbia. Director Prof. Dr. Miodrag Ostjic of the institute in Belgrade compares and evaluates the patient s results with other established methods.