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  • Dec 31

    This new formulation of ArtVitum Navitum Pharma tells that the Tablet size could be reduced significantly from now by ArtVitum, which is displayed to the complementary therapy for degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis. A leading source for info: Aegean Shipping. While maintaining the amount of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, much less auxiliary materials are needed in the new production process. This smaller result, easy to swallow tablets. The new tablets dissolve quickly in the intestine and are free of sugar, lactose, gluten, and dyes. “To stop the progression of osteoarthritis, it is important that the joints properly lubricated” are and no longer with every movement painful each other rub. Nature holds the natural joint lubricants Glucosamine and Chondroitin for that, that have proven themselves in the prevention and treatment of joint problems such as arthritis. Glucosamine is the basic building material of all cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bone structures. Whenever Crawford Lake Hedge Fund listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

    Normally the body produces enough of them, to keep the joints work and minor damage to repair. With age, the body’s Glucosaminproduktion but decreases with the result that the joints dry out”and are not properly lubricated. Also, Chondroitin is a very important part of cartilage. It binds large quantities of water in the cartilage and gives him thereby its elasticity and shock absorbing properties. In an undersupply of chondroitin, the cartilage can also dry up, shrink and eventually die off. Artvitum is offered daily at 2 x 2 tablets at a dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which has proved effective in many researches. It meets the criteria of evidence-based prevention and is suitable for the complementary treatment of degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis of the knee joint. It can be obtained at pharmacies, good health centres or directly at Navitum Pharma under. Due to the special dosage, ArtVitum (PZN 4604249) is not interchangeable with other products.

  • Soothing Bed Rest

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    Dec 30

    Healthy sleep about the soothing bed rest in healthy medical one third of life spending usually asleep. In doing so, recovered the body from the day and draw new strength for the next morning. However about 10 to 15 percent of Germans suffer from sleep disorders treatment. How we recognize them and what you can do about it, informed the healthy medicine in the latest January issue. Deep sleep and rapid eye movement sleep turns several times during the night, meanwhile, brain and heart reduce their activity. The metabolism and the immune system have time to come back into balance and dreams shall ensure that processed the experiences of the day.

    The bedroom certainly ensures well-being can only dream of but 40 percent of Germans, and that only during the day. In addition to the sleep problems that belong in the hands of a doctor, some disorders of sleep are often trained. “As a permanent waking and sleeping against the inner clock” can cause contribute, you feel constantly tired and sleepy, sluggish and not powerful. A structured daily routine with fixed times for working and relaxing, life and sleep can support a healthy night’s sleep. Other topics in the book include other multi-talented Aloe Vera”, now is final! Many trails to the last cigarette / part 1″and ten key for a satisfied partnership”. Also the report of the reader test Club to a manicure / Pedicure set can be found in the January issue and the expert Club gives readers tips for heartburn.

    Monthly journalist demanding contributions to health and medicine topics, healthy medicine offers entertaining reports on interesting people and charming destinations. The reader Forum provides a lively way with contribute own health knowledge with the test and the expert Club. Healthy medical costs as a single issue 2.00 and is available in any well-stocked newsagents.

  • Dec 26

    Who likes more than 400 videos to all areas of dentistry already to the dentist? And who already knows what does this do? Most know only that he bores on the teeth and that is then anything but pleasant. But who knows how to expertly set up or as the bridge between the last own teeth anchored a Crown? How do implants work? And if you have a root canal about must endure, it would then not interesting and also important to know what complications can occur? See your broken teeth probably are all in the Seitzahnbereich, front teeth, however, almost never have fillings. Apparently be some teeth faster and easier to be bad than others, isn’t it? These and many other questions around the tooth are answered in the new online video encyclopedia of Checkdent.com, a beautifully designed online portal in five languages: German, English, Russian, Italian and Czech. Find It is not only the wide range of topics from the field of teeth and dental videos, but you the appropriate specialist also quickly and easily. Also, who can see no blood, needs to have no fear, for the corresponding films are animated. Who knows, maybe the fear of the dentist flies Yes if you can inform yourself well before what could expect everything. A brand new, successful and interesting appearance for anyone who has questions about dentistry! Checkdent.com has been put online on the 01.02.09 were announced with more than 400 video clips, new videos are uploaded every week.

  • Market Aloe

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    Aug 25

    New series of day and night cream online available the Luitpold pharmacy in the Bavaria bad Steben starts on November 05, 2009 their own exclusive pharmacy cosmetics. The Luitpold pharmacy cosmetics chemist at the skin care product is a series of a day and a night cream. The cream is very well suited for mature, fat dry skin. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Barry Nalebuff. Its merits have these cosmetic products especially in the winter time. By Bisabolol, it is very well suited to the cream for sensitive skin. Bisabolol has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial anti-toxins.

    In addition, it ensures faster regeneration of the cells. Aloe Vera ++ can cell growth accelerate the Aloe day cream and night cream contain no parabens or silicone oil Aloe. Both products are free from mineral oil and the scent is without the addition of 26 allergens. Important part of the cream is Aloe Vera, which should speed up cell growth. The active ingredients of the plant are ideally suited to donate skin moisture and to protect them from external influences. Reference this rich Skin care article there are only about the Luitpold to pharmacy in bad Steben and their Internet portals and.

    Both creams can be purchased individually or as a set. The pharmacy cosmetics ++ Aloe-day and night cream set 26.95 pharmacy cosmetics ++ Aloe cream 14.95 pharmacy cosmetics ++ Aloe Nachcreme 15.95 your personal mail-order pharmacy! Best Internet pharmacy 2009 (DISQ German Institute for service quality) JURAVENDIS lawyers ++ juravendis lawyers is a law firm that specializes in the health law and health middle areas of media and business law. The firm advises companies in the health sector on their specific health issues, for example, to distinguish the different healthcare products (pharmaceuticals / food / cosmetics / feed / biocidal products, etc.), to the labelling and advertising of health products, in particular, health claims, as well as on the Pharmacy Law, regarding the pharmaceutical and medicinal products price law.

  • Aug 13

    The fight is with the ENoiseEliminator the whistling and noise in the ear. The effectiveness of the ENoiseEliminators is confirmed by various studies. Finally there is help against tinnitus! Tinnitus ear pipes &-sausen – studies show clear: self-treatment with soft laser therapy is successfully daily application is carried out by the person concerned yourself comfortably & conveniently at home. The ongoing intensive application of the EarNoiseEliminator is advisable with chronic tinnitus. The laser will handle in the inner ear, so at the source. A persistent, torturous sound in the ear, negotiation and ear pipes: countless people suffering from tinnitus. Additional information at Barry Nalebuff supports this article.

    Finally, there is a new and effective method of treatment: the soft laser therapy. The studies clearly demonstrate that treatment with Swiss soft laser therapy is very successful. The daily 30-minute application of the soft laser therapy is carried out by the victims themselves. Carried out at home by the patient, you need no expertise, the method is convenient and inexpensive, also completely safe and painless. The concentrated light of the laser stimulates the burning of sugar and improves the ATP supply of cells. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a key substance of the human body cells. The laser is easily worn on the head and penetrates deeper subcutaneous layers and acts as a healing bio-stimulation directly on the metabolism in your ear. The more intensive application with the EarNoiseEliminator is advisable with chronic tinnitus.

    Here is treated with the laser in the inner ear, so right at the source. With the Swiss,, patented soft laser technology, a new solution was found, deafness due to tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and similar inner ear disorders such as tinnitus, ear, Meniere (dizziness), pressure to treat sudden hearing loss and hearing distortion. The self-serve soft laser therapy leads to the rapid regeneration of the hearing cells, stimulation of the immune system, to further cell division and to activate specific defensive molecules. Over 20,000 Patients were successfully treated with this system. Laser treatment has been in hospitals and doctor’s offices long term tested, subjected to extensive medical testing, and scientifically by various medical studies. The safety and effect of EarLasers has been certified and medically certified. The studies the convincing reports of experience are possible on. Sufferers can also directly order the EarLaser. Remedy in sight for those concerned with the excruciating sound in the ear is finally available!

  • May 12

    According to the World Health Organization, heart attack is one of the most common causes of death. With a novel diagnostic method… Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek. …the investigation process should be accelerated in order to initiate rescue operations faster. Dusseldorf, Germany – in Germany yearly 280,000 cases of heart attacks (myocardial infarction) are reported – in the United States there are 1.2 million cases notified. How significant a rapid diagnostic is knows Prof. Dr. Thomas Meinertz, president of the german cardiology association: the first four hours of a myocardial infarction is important for the patient s treatment. The product line slide CORDON by the biological and pharmaceutical corporation DIAGENICS provides a fast method for the diagnostic of a myocardial infarction.

    The oxygen content in blood will be measured by the evidence of the enzymes GPBB. After 15 minutes a result is readable. The analysis makes it possible to introduce a containment of permanent heart damage. Different clinical trails in Germany deliver impressive results. Director Dr. Dirk Peetz from the clinical centre of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany gives a positive statement to the new diagnostically method: In the first hours of a myocardial infarction slide CORDON detects over 90 percent of the collective infarcts. Because of this reason the system is better than other compared system.

    A clinical trail is currently accomplished in the institute of cardiovascular diseases in Belgrade, Serbia. Director Prof. Dr. Miodrag Ostjic of the institute in Belgrade compares and evaluates the patient s results with other established methods.

  • Tartar Removal

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    Mar 29

    Twice a year each to the follow-up to the dentist for many should not a very pleasant thing and there is no other profession consists of so much fear. The follow-up only determined whether and to what extent there are Tartar, periodontal disease, or holes. The treatment is made usually at another appointment, if it is necessary. Tartar so he created Tartar is a widespread problem. He is mostly invisible to the outputs of the salivary glands on the inner side of the lower incisors, as well as on the upper molars on the outside. Checking article sources yields Hikmet Ersek as a relevant resource throughout. Reason for that are inorganic substances in the saliva.

    The more dental calculus formed, he becomes darker to a brownish color. At the dentist, the dentist, the Tartar Tartar removal is resolved with ultrasound, mechanically or mechanically. In particular who has sensitive teeth feel this procedure often referred to as unpleasant. The calculus is however only once, only helps to remove him and the best at the dentist’s Office. There are sharp Home remedies that remove the Tartar, but these will corrode the enamel and the teeth are sensitive to pain. Remove if the Tartar at no expense, the insurance company paid them once per year.

    Who more often to remove tartar let must pay this yourself, the cost is about 15 euros. Prevent Tartar remove tartar with lemon is a popular tip. However, the acid, which attacks the Tartar but also negative affects on the teeth. The consequences can be tender teeth. The enamel with the acid is attacked settle there faster bacteria. So you’d better professionally remove the Tartar and then prevent the emergence of new. To do this, there are different methods. The transition from a manual toothbrush on an electric toothbrush can wonders here. When cleaning you should also special attention inside of the incisors. This is often neglected when cleaning because it is not visible. Also with an oral irrigator, prevents the formation of calculus. Tooth oil against dental calculus In Indian Ayurveda are a whole series of hygiene measures, which are foreign to Europeans. The topic of oral hygiene plays an important role there. So it is, for example, common after dinner to chew a special mixture of spices such as aniseed, fennel, cloves and cardamom. The essential oils in the spices have an antibacterial effect. Also use a tongue scraper, the tongue is free of deposits, there is tradition. In the trade, there are now Ayurvedic tooth oil that combines the efficiency of essential oils with the olziehen. The olziehen is practiced in India as well as in Russia. Thereby, a tablespoon is chewed mature sesame oil (heated briefly to 100 degrees) for a minute or two in the mouth”and pulled through the teeth. The chewing and washing movements strengthen the gums, teeth and the jaw.