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  • Nov 21

    Beyond that the professional Advice apiam little our classroom very, making much less of what they would have to be useful to make. we know that the work with health would have more to be valued, therefore these professionals act on lives human beings, a huge responsibility. Of this form, beyond all the impediments that occur in this process of work, as always, in our country the companies, mainly the private ones want to search excellency, if comparing with the foreign and developed countries? searching lines of structure in the quality, in the excellency of the service, levels of acreditao, Joint Commission and etc., when the problem is very bigger, it is in the national politics of health and all the question that permeia the work and the worker of the health. The processes and tools are maquiados when the commissions make its visits, the institutions are believed preset levels, the skeletons are hidden in the closets, and unhappyly the problems still remain and the hospitals are with the pose of Believed, acreditao still ' ' for English ver' ' , a brazilian, full acreditao of maquiagem and disfarada, therefore until the great and famous hospitals still has much what to grow and to improve in its services, therefore this process is slow and to change the head of the people is something highly complex, therefore the general culture of population is permeada by the insignificncia of an underdeveloped country in a tropical axle, where the most serious imperfections in the health and quality exist, and unhappyly is something that still is far from being a concrete reality for all involved in this process (using or customers and rendering of service (professional of the area). for the worker the quality really does not appear, only more work and responsibilities, the wage results how much incentives, really excellent, plain courses of positions and careers, etc. .

  • Health Effect

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    Aug 23

    Which are the effect for the health to drink coffee? Some people have given up coffee after being convinced of that she has a negative impact on the health. They believe it many things, including that to drink coffee she will go to become vitiated them in caffeine, impediz them to sleep at night, and to take to urinar them it with more frequency. It is possible that these things can happen if you to drink much coffee. However, the research showed has some significant benefits, as well as some disadvantages ackward, to drink the coffee that must be considered before brew another cup. It continues reading to discover what the potential benefits can be.

    Any two more person who drinks or xcaras of coffee every day, could be in bigger risk to develop osteoporose. Used research, with about a thousand women explained that to drink much coffee the capacity of the organism can stop to absorb some of necessary vitamins and minerals in the diet. If you are not convinced, visit Jeff Gennette. This can take to osteoporose body in development, that is a good business of loss of ssea density that generally is associated the people oldest. However, some consumers of coffee heavy had been found to have to diminish the ssea density. But, again, he could have other things to explain the precocious occurrence of osteoporose.

    These things consist of drinking, smoking and to use hormone. The study also it mentioned that a mount of bad effect to drink much coffee can be diminished, placing milk in the coffee. Another collateral effect to consume great amounts of coffee is an increase of LDL (lipoproteins of low density) in its body. High LDL comumente is associated with the high cholesterol that many times indicates cardiovascular illness. The incidence of spills, cardiac attacks and vascular illnesses is very bigger between that they have high cholesterol. The research discovered that the filters of used paper, while the coffee beer really to filter many of the harmful elements in the coffee that to raise the cholesterol levels.

  • In Brazil

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    Dec 18

    At that time the medical one was the only qualified person to teach, and was its responsibility to decide which functions would be exerted by the nursing pupils. Florence faleceu in 13 of August of 1910, to the 90 years of age leaving to blossom the education of the nursing. In Brazil, ' ' Ana Neri was one of the precursors of nursing moderna' ' , its name was homaged in the first school of nursing officialized for the federal government, after the recognition of its paper in the assistance to the Brazilian soldiers in the war of the Paraguay of 1864 the 1870. Ana Justina Nri Blacksmith was born in the Waterfall village of Paraguau-BA, in 13 of December of 1814, Ana Nri faleceu in Rio De Janeiro – RIO DE JANEIRO, in day 20 of May of 1880. It is considered the matriarca of the nursing in Brazil. Innumerable abilities and abilities exist that must be developed in the period of the formation and the trajectory of this profession.

    Between them: character, responsibility, ethics, love for the profession, good will, attention, understanding and empatia. This activity to take care of of the next one is of pure and ample essence in subjects of cares to the human being Some time behind the attention of the professionals of the health if it limited to the cares and the attendance of the patients, and little it was worried about the proper health in its environment of work. Today he is recognized that the professionals of the area of the health, as well as in any segment of performance they are citizens to the risks of its labor activities. In such a way they are displayed to the industrial accidents, the ocupational diseases and occupational. In the current days the schools techniques and the facultieses of nursing are with high pedagogical level of teach-learning, and also in what its infrastructure in classroom says respect to all, laboratories and in the supervised periods of training, preparing the agent future of the health area, for the diversities that will go to find day-by-day in its. The nursing is the science and the art of taking care of, basically necessary to all the peoples and all the nations. She is necessary to keep the preservation of the life and the health of the human beings in all the social levels. TWELVE OF MAY DAY OF the PROFESSIONAL OF the AREA OF the HEALTH a Homage to the Pupils of the Course of Nursing of the FOYER School Technique

  • Benefits

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    Dec 11

    For the mother, the act to suckle provokes the reduction of the transvaginal bleed after-childbirth and return of the weight daily pay-gestation (MELO, 2008). GRAPH 5? (%) of purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI on the knowledge of the advantages of the exclusive maternal aleitamento for mother and the child. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. When questioned on the advantages of the exclusive maternal aleitamento for the mother and integrant child 65% of purperas of the research they had affirmed to be unaware of such advantages, while 35% had affirmed to have knowledge on the benefits (GRAPHICAL 5). The data confirm the necessity to intensify educative actions for the sensitization of these purperas in relation to the benefits of the aleitamento for them and its baby. GRAPH 6? (%) of purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI, how much to the period of it offers of exclusive maternal milk. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. When questioned on the time of it offers of milk maternal exclusive 51% of purperas had answered to have offered exclusive maternal milk without addition of any another food until the three months of life, 12% had suckled exclusively until the four months and 37% had answered to have suckled its children up to six months of exclusive form.

    It is perceived that it has a compatibility of lesser period of offers to maternal milk, in special between the 3 or 4 months and still with offers of other foods, as artificial milk or teas. The results found on exclusive breast-feeding in the six first months of life divergem of the presented studies, the percentages of the here proportionate study were greater that in the found research, what it indicates a work of more efficient sensitization of the nursing. Although this, the number (%) of purperas it practises that it not yet is the ideal.

  • Obstetric Nursing

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    Dec 8

    Over the critic appreciation and done the card index, the subjects that were in all the used bibliography were identified, the chosen only goal was overtook. Discussion and Results: 49 bibliographies between books, websites and published articles were analyzed. After analyzing them, the categories founded were: ‘ ‘ Historic and theoric bases’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ The care of the health team on the labor’ ‘ and ‘ ‘ Painless labor’ ‘. Conclusion: The psychology support from nursing is really important, being beside the pregnant woman and to her family, hearing then and finding to their real needs; they ploughs the real pregnancy and work protagonists. It? s necessary you be open-eyed about the work care, avoiding drugs and disdain the meanings imputed by the pregnant you the work, because this attitude avoids creating an inhuman atmosphere.

    Keywords: Obstetric Nursing. Midwife.

  • As It

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    Dec 7

    As Scco tells (2005) many researchers have emphasized psychic suffering happened of the hospital work. Between these it is Pitta (1999), detaching that the hospitals have been spaces of concentration of workers of diverse areas, since doctors, nurses, nurse aid, operators of machines, between many others, that if interrelate with the users of the services, in a permeado environment of pain and suffering. As Cavalcante discourses (2006) ' ' the hospital environment is a place with strong emotional load, where life and death if mix to compose a desgastante scene e, not rare, frustrante' '. As It hisses, Saints & Birth (2008), Also the bonds created with the patients and its familiar ones, the established relation, the time of internment, development of the picture and possible identification intervene with the emotional load received by the professionals, who many personal times for its description of life and characteristics do not obtain to assimilate and to answer well to the situation being able to develop emotional problems and/or psychic. In accordance with It hisses, Saints & Birth (2008) the fact of many times not to have the chance to express its feelings of loss and discomfort, or to partilharem its insatisfao or facts of its particular lives, also constitutes a estressante factor that can generate somatizaes and emotional disequilibrium or even though the development of systems of defense from the negation or indifference for the welfare of the patient, who nothing more is of what an attempt of adaptation to the Scco situation (2005) when discoursing on the psychological risk detaches that the psychic fatigue, together with the physics and the nocturnal work the health can unchain damages. It associates, still, these factors as cause or consequence of others as varied gastrites, ulcers, pains, palpitations, aggravation of the arterial hipertenso, upheavals of personality, between many others. Faleiro & Vendruscolo, (2006) had observed that, in relation to the causes that had caused the accident, in first place it appears stress with 50%, followed of the hours of working in excess with 25%. .

  • Dec 6

    Beatriz Antonieta Lopes Notice on the death of babies, children, young and adults caused for leaves me not only to the AFFECTION saddened, causes me revolt! One of the victims most recent was the young college student Fernanda Cristina, with only 19 years, in the RIO DE JANEIRO. The symptoms pointed with respect to the Affection. It passed for some doctors and the received attendance was, at least, superficial! Fernanda after died 12 hours to have had high. Eighteen people had been the death for the illness in the River this year, at least it and more three people had been victims of delayed diagnosis. Some doctors seem not to know that, the first day without fever is most critical: the evolution can be for a slow recovery or the serious hemorrhagic picture and its complications, most of the time fatal, many for the lack of medical attention. the result: Plus a family the loss of a person for the indifference cries that is the Health! The lack of a correct work to eliminate the vector! The alert one is of the infectologista of the UFRJ, Edimilson Migowski: ' ' Important it is to give attention to the general state of the sick person. It is more important of what measuring the temperature, she is necessary to give attention in the general state of the patient. According to professional, in the case of the affection, fever it is not aggravation parameter.

    ' ' The culture is to value the fever. In the affection, she is necessary to value other signals: vomit, pressure low, bleed, refuse to take liquid and pain abdominal' ' , it teaches. My revolt has a reason of being, and loads these questionings: Professionals of health (doctors), knowing that Brazil is dominated by the mosquito, WOULD HAVE to be intent, to observe the symptoms, especially high temperature (fever above of 38), chronic headache, other symptoms can or not become gifts such as pains in the body, vomits and diarria.

  • Intensive Therapy

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    Aug 8

    The investigator if dirige intentionally the groups of elements of which it desires to know the opinion, in individual way. The universe of individuals that had answered the questionnaire had been 60. The deductive Method was used, therefore such method consists the scientific method par excellence, therefore, it makes possible to build a theory that it formulates hypotheses from which the gotten results can on the basis of be deduced and which can make forecasts, that, in turn, can be confirmed or be refuted (12, P. 34). (As opposed to Hikmet Ersek). In this research also it uses of the statistical method it tabulate the data gotten with the questionnaires applied with the visitors to the patients of a particular hospital of Ceres of UTI. For Snake (5, P. 33), ‘ ‘ to analyze the effect of the two or most changeable ones, it is common to appeal to the methods estatsticos’ ‘. To follow presented the applied questionnaire the visitors of the Unit of Intensive Therapy UTI..

  • The Managers

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    Jun 8

    Of this form, the ESF if also constitutes as an important source of data on the received population, making possible conduction of studies epidemiologists who allow to know the magnitude of the problem. It still provides to a quantity of data and useful and necessary information to the planning in health and the taking of decision for the managers in the diverse instances of government. Half of performance of the nurse articles According to analyzed the nurse who acts in the strategy health of the family has diverse fields of performance for positive interference in the preventive field of diabetic foot 21, as for example: In the meeting of the team with orientation for the communitarian agents and technician of nursing with the information on the illness objectifying to stimulate all the team as reproductive agents of the care and the information. In the consultation of nursing with the diabetic patient and its familiar where the moment will be created where it will be able to perceive as the patient perceives its illness and the adhesion to the treatment supplying the necessary information to the incentive to this adhesion. During the domiciliary visit with insertion in the context economic partner of the patient and the educative process. Still during the nursing consultation the nurse must request complementary examinations, to prescribe/to transcribe medications, especially in the severity of the control of the glicemia and therapeutical intervention when it will have indication, these actions are guided by specific protocols of the Health department for subsidy of the actions of the nurse in the Strategy health of the family. To supervise and to co-ordinate action for qualification of the communitarian agents of health and nurse aid, with sights to the performance of its functions. At last the nurse also will have to be always if bringing up to date on the lines of direction of the health department on the treatment the diabetic patient and to innovate its action becoming them attractive its population.