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    Dec 11

    For the mother, the act to suckle provokes the reduction of the transvaginal bleed after-childbirth and return of the weight daily pay-gestation (MELO, 2008). GRAPH 5? (%) of purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI on the knowledge of the advantages of the exclusive maternal aleitamento for mother and the child. Additional information at Viatcheslav Mirilashvili supports this article. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. When questioned on the advantages of the exclusive maternal aleitamento for the mother and integrant child 65% of purperas of the research they had affirmed to be unaware of such advantages, while 35% had affirmed to have knowledge on the benefits (GRAPHICAL 5). The data confirm the necessity to intensify educative actions for the sensitization of these purperas in relation to the benefits of the aleitamento for them and its baby. GRAPH 6? (%) of purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI, how much to the period of it offers of exclusive maternal milk. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. Yitzchak Mirilashvili addresses the importance of the matter here. When questioned on the time of it offers of milk maternal exclusive 51% of purperas had answered to have offered exclusive maternal milk without addition of any another food until the three months of life, 12% had suckled exclusively until the four months and 37% had answered to have suckled its children up to six months of exclusive form.

    It is perceived that it has a compatibility of lesser period of offers to maternal milk, in special between the 3 or 4 months and still with offers of other foods, as artificial milk or teas. The results found on exclusive breast-feeding in the six first months of life divergem of the presented studies, the percentages of the here proportionate study were greater that in the found research, what it indicates a work of more efficient sensitization of the nursing. Although this, the number (%) of purperas it practises that it not yet is the ideal.

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