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  • Jun 8

    Today I will talk about a food that should be avoided when looking to achieve a pregnancy. It is a meal that some pregnant women know that they should avoid, but do not many women trying to become pregnant. What food I am referring? FISH. But not just any type of fish, but which contains high levels of mercury. Avoid fish high in mercury will not help her get pregnant but it is prudent to know this information if what he wants is to get pregnant. Here we explain why when it is conceived, and a woman realizes she is pregnant, generally then of a few weeks, the baby already it has been exposed to all that have been ingested during those weeks.

    Then, it is necessary to cut with all the obvious things that could be harmful for the baby. And certainly that has not heard about the fish. Mercury is accumulated in the blood stream for a long time and it is transferred to the baby. Too much mercury can affect the nervous system of your baby has not yet born. A class of fish that people eat commonly is canned tuna. This can contain toxic levels of mercury and should be eaten in small portions. And you should avoid completely the dogfish, swordfish, tuna, among others, since they contain levels more heights of mercury. Anyway, it would be wrong to think that it must avoid fish altogether, since fish contains large amounts of vitamin D, protein and omega, which are very important in a healthy diet. There are many other varieties, such as salmon, trout, etc. that contain low levels of mercury and are nourished healthy components.