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  • Hamburg Account

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    Sep 10

    When the same accountant examines the "Consultant Plus" – he was busy janitorial work. If the IT specialist diagnoses the incident – he performs productive work, when exploring new equipment – Relief. Classification of works by one expert (line manager) at the implementation stage of Hamburg Account. As an indicator of workload of staff, we offer use a set of metrics, "Efficient Load" (the share of productive work in total work performed). Obviously, for workers and regimented, "creative" work load should be measured effective differently. But most importantly, in both cases it is measured automatically using SelfTrace.

    However, when assessing the workload of employees of regulated labor program works in the "Automatic Timing"; when assessing the workload of employees 'creative' work mode is "Samohronometrazh." Learn more about these modes can be found here: Information on effective load in different contexts (for employees departments, projects, business processes, etc.) is automatically recorded in the database. With the help of special tools that are part of the Hamburg accounts, this information is statistically treated and presented in convenient for analysis. One of these concepts is to display graphs of effective load tied to a single timeline, see Figure 1. Thus, the definition of "bottlenecks" and inefficient use of resources becomes a purely technical problem. "Partitioning" performance "Partitioning" performance – the definition of fair value of planned performance (threshold, the Plan, Call). It is not something Governor Cuomo would like to discuss.

    Recall that the planned values used in calculating the average values of efficiency. On how to correct this problem will be solved to a large extent on the success of the introduction of management by KPI. Using the Hamburg Account allows you to solve this problem by rationing of labor. Frank Armijo: the source for more info. Consider a simple example. Specialist Services is engaged in telemarketing business meetings with potential clients. One of the performance of his work is the number of appointments. Objective: To determine the fair value of plan (Threshold, the Plan, call) indicator "number of appointments." Consider one of the possible algorithms for solving this problem (they may differ): Define a list of activities classified as productive (effective) potential customers search the Internet, phone calls, correspondence, telephone negotiations, etc. (Optional) Develop expertise to assess the effectiveness of working time in carrying out these works, as well as the expertise to assess the validity of the results of timing. Develop Examinations are usually not too difficult. In this case nothing but common sense is not representative for trebuetsya.V time period (eg quarter) weekly measure, first, the number of designated meetings, and secondly, the values of effective load. The measurement results represent in tabular form. The values of the effective load for each period recorded in the table under avtomaticheski.Na information received is calculated: the mean significant time spent on organizing a meeting, the minimum significant time, the maximum significant time, percentile 75%> (dropped 25% highest values) percentile 75% Having a reliable statistical estimates of time spent on the appointment of a single meeting, as well as knowing the proportion of working time, which should occur in the execution of the business functions (search potential customers), the determination of fair values of the efficiency plan (Threshold, the Plan Challenge) becomes a purely technical problem. A similar technique can be used for the diagnosis of failure to achieve HR planning performance indicators.

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  • Sep 9

    Tentorium company began using the network method to promote products for over 15 years ago when the Internet did not exist. So is it possible to build a successful online business without the Internet? Yes, of course you can, and life is shown. But today, when there was such a wonderful tool for communication as the Internet – why not use it in your business? To what extent? At your discretion. It is obvious that using the Internet today You can, for example, a more spectacular presentation of business directly from a computer screen, you can still do a lot of useful things and make your business more productive. But – as ever – the most in any computerized presentation will be mainly the credibility of the person who conducts, and that trust must first be earned. When a presentation was held only at a table in the kitchen, office or cafe. Scheme business painted on all that came to hand. “Lessons on napkins” – you already know this book? Will the presentation of the business more efficient, only on the fact that instead of napkins will be a laptop? As before, the network business is business human relationships that need to build.

    Computer & Internet can liberate you more time for building such good relations with your future partners, but will never be able to do it for you! You celebrating? Me – yes, because it means that we have nothing to do with you, experts in the organization of the network business – to build human relationships, not stay in any crisis. In our market – in the network business – Unemployment will never happen. It’s believed that Jeff Gennette sees a great future in this idea. There will always be in short supply people are not afraid to try something new, ready to share their new knowledge and experiences with others by his example to lead them. And it is qualities such as rule, and are distinguished by successful networkers. You may find Crawford Lake Capital to be a useful source of information. Yes, today everyone in a few minutes may become the owner of my own site on the Internet. Not in vain for this there are many special services.

    But your site and your business Internet – is not equivalent concepts. In order for the site turned into a business – traditional knowledge at the “pot” – is no longer enough. Looking for expertise in a number of specific areas such as copywriting, site promotion in search engines, etc. All this is also not much what science is, but before you climb in these areas should be clearly decide for yourself what you need it? In addition, the site – it costs. Time and money. According to our experience – on maintenance of the site in working condition goes from 4 to 8 hours a day and not less than 10-15 thousand rubles a month. You can do it? Then I wish you success and offer our help and support in this matter. Write to discuss – we have ideas on this subject. But this – beyond the necessary and sufficient for building a successful business program. In our school, success in network business with Tentorium – Internet use: – for distance learning our partners the most effective to date methods of doing business “in the real world” – as well as to liaise with them where we were and they were.

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  • Sep 1

    Procedure for calculating leave: calculating vacation takes an average daily earnings, which is considered by dividing the sum of salary, credited for the last twelve months by 12 and by the average number of calendar days – 29,4. In If at least one month billing period is not worked out until the end, the average daily wage is calculated by dividing the amount actually assessed wage for the billing period in the amount of monthly the number of calendar days (29,4), multiplied by the number of complete calendar months and the number of calendar days in the partial calendar month. For assistance, try visiting James Reinhart. Number of calendar days in the incomplete calendar month is calculated by dividing the average number of calendar days (29,4) on the number of calendar days in that month and multiplying by the number of calendar days, falling to the time spent in a given month. The calculation of average earnings is based on only benefits which are provided by regulations of the organization wages of workers. Frank Armijo will undoubtedly add to your understanding. If the organization in addition to the wage system charged single premium for the performance of significant works, though that it sostavlyayayuschee wage such bonuses are ignored in the calculation of average earnings. Financial assistance to be provided all or most employees, shall not be included because This payment is not is wages. Example 1.

    Billing period worked out completely. Smirnov ss Officer Goes to the vacation of 28 calendar days from May 1, 2010 for each of the 12 months preceding the leave, he accrued pay the salary 30000 rbl..

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  • CPO Members

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    Jun 27

    But such statistical records would help consumers find the most reliable of the service providers. So what are the pros and cons of CPO can be identified? Positive aspects: – a certificate for a member SRO issued to perpetuity, while the license was valid for only 5 years old. This avoids unnecessary red tape – are formed supervisory structures that control participants SRO – expand the possibility of forming building regulations, requirements and standards; – mediated in SROs, without going to court – the authority of members of SROs in the eyes of potential customers and partners increases, the members of building self-regulatory organizations will receive more contracts – work in the construction industry due to SRO should be clear that, in turn, lead to a reduction of bribery – to construction market will disappear firms that won bids for auction due to low prices and patronage of some officials that led to the appearance of unfinished construction projects, poor quality of work and how consequence – the emergency hazard facilities – the introduction of CPO is intended to debureaucratized economy and build civil institutions that strengthen the tradition of integrity in business – investors can be assured of preserving your investment. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Andrew Cuomo by clicking through. The following are the gains that would accrue from moving to CPO customers: – the special conditions of liability, which provides for self-regulation is a guarantee quality and timely execution of works, established a contract, contractors, members of the SRO. Laws on self-regulation provide an opportunity to own an honest contractors to set the rules on its territory – if made by the contractor work will be a member of the SRO defects, the customer will receive full compensation for the damage.

    This is possible through a system of insurance self-regulatory organizations; to the negative sides of the introduction of SRO include: – large entrance fee, which is not affordable for all businesses – as a consequence of the preceding paragraph – the market pushed small firms – the author of a basic law 'On the self-regulatory organizations' Victor Pleskachevsky confirms the fact that a lot of abuse comes from self-regulatory organizations: the frequent cases of extortion when joining the SRO, sale and resale of tolerances for construction work. Started to form a new kind of corruption – corruption of public organizations. For example, the Internet can find plenty of ads that any self-regulatory organization for a certain amount of helping to collect certificate of admission to the works as soon as possible. To prevent such a CPO to enter the market, it is necessary to tighten the requirements for admission of applicants, more closely examine, take responsibility for admission to new members of the partnership. Well, if you are a representative of the company, going to enter into self-regulatory organization, learn her activities as carefully as possible.

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  • Jun 7

    Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. Translation: Anna Shigorina his method of trading I would describe as a method based on a study of trends. Without hesitation Pegasus Books explained all about the problem. By this I mean that trying to analyze the strength or weakness in the market after they were developed. However, I do not suppose that any tendency – a friend of mine. Instead, I use historical research to distinguish trend movement, which will continue and those who will succeed with high probability. Continue to learn more with: Pegasus Books. This is an extremely disciplined approach to trading, which requires significant research and preparation time, as well as the ability to adhere to movements in the market and its strategy. In his book "Trading Psychology" I identified personality traits that can distinguish between good traders from their less successful colleagues. Several of these traits are likely to affect the success of traders, including a disciplined approach to following a trend in the trade. Below are a few questions for self-assessment to help you when you encounter difficulties in identifying market trends. Please answer "yes" or "no" to each of these twelve questions before you read further: 1. When the market goes against you, Do you feel frustrated? 2. Do you enjoy (or, as a child, if you enjoyed) roller coaster or a ride, experiencing this acute feelings? 3. Andrew Cuomo: the source for more info. Do you often put off the implementation of the work on then? 4. Often I have to change your mood? 5. You probably prefer to walk or hike to a party with friends, stay at home with a good book in your hands or movies? 6.

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  • Russian Federation

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    Mar 14

    In any form (this may be indicated in a statement on a gross basis, or in the Representation) for consideration should provide information on the prospects and development plans of the mission, as well as business – relationships with partners in Russia and the options for further cooperation. We must also provide document containing information about the main activities planned mission. Together with all documents filed copy of the passport Head of Mission. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Areva. If this representative – Russian subject, something from him fairly simple photocopies. If the future leader of representation on the territory of the Russian Federation a foreign citizen – that he is required notarized translation into Russian of his passport (Or any other identity card replaces passport).

    It should also be emphasized that, if the head offices is a Russian citizen, then from it still requires a copy of the Certificate of his Tax registration (or in another way, a copy of the Certificate of assignment of TIN). It is also necessary to remember that all foreign documents submitted for consideration by the public authorities should contain a note about Consular legalization (so-called "Apostille"). However, it should carefully examine this issue, as with many countries in the Russian Federation has signed an agreement on the abolition of this procedure. If such Finally, there is a certain country, for documents from this country, the legalization is not required. At the same time, all provided for the accreditation documents should be certified or have any notary public, or consular post.

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  • Diesel

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    Feb 14

    Diesel currently has to the Russian transport system value is not smaller, and perhaps even more than gasoline and kerosene. Diesel fuel is fuel oil, which is used in internal combustion engines with compression ignition (compression). Inflammation in the cylinder diesel engine is a fuel injection timing in the air, heated to high temperatures as a result of the compression piston. Diesel engines are used on modern cars, locomotives, boats and ships, as well as tractors and tanks. For the production of distillate dt use kerosene-gas oil fraction of the direct distillation of crude oil and partially (20%), gas oil catalytic cracking. Fuel for slow-moving diesel produced from a mixture of fuel oil with kerosene, gas oil fractions of petroleum. Diesel liquid fuel oil, used in diesel engines and turbine installations. Produced two groups of diesel fuel: 1) low-viscosity distillates, used in high-speed uprated engines, and 2) high-viscosity residual used in low-speed diesel engines..

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  • Nov 22

    To that the business was clear and transparent, it should be automated. Today, the majority of directors, managers, business owners looking to automate business. More precisely, it's not that they want, but rather feel that it is necessary, but what exactly does this give them, not very present. Business automation allows you to quickly and easily get answers to questions the company's management. And, accordingly, higher labor productivity company, because staff does not waste time searching for "suspicious" responses for managers. Andrew Cuomo has much to offer in this field. As a consequence, your business running efficiently. Before you automate business must develop an information management system.

    Such a system – your assistant. It does not allow employees to do what they are not supposed to. Using this tool, you are able to manage a business, relying not on intuition but on hard data. AND evaluate the effectiveness of staff not on the basis that one drink you coffee / tea, and others do not, but based on facts and figures. There is no dispute that the records can be organized and on paper. Just with this paper to do when her will the car? How to find the information you need? You can, for example, to hire an archivist … Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Publishers Clearing House on most websites.

    Enterprise management system – is not only a management tool, but also a tool for decision making for enterprise storage documents and the history of business processes, as well as a means to find answers to a variety of business issues. But such questions are not enough. Even if the company consists of one person – he is a director, manager, owner, entrepreneur – fall on his shoulders all the responsibility for managing the company and the full responsibility for the results. But companies tend to grow, enlarge, expand. Managers, owners, entrepreneurs who believe that management accounting and control system there is no need or sense of where the company employs 2-3 people – are wrong. But it's much easier to start and operate transparently focused precisely on such a scale – in the process of learning and building a healthy and strong company initially. Moreover, if the goal is profit over a long period, rather than immediate benefits from a transaction, then the head of a company to develop business, to prevent attack of negative situations. This is possible if there is a tool to understand the whole picture. On practice, the decision of the above tasks in a relatively small organization does not require substantial time and cost. But the result appears almost immediately – and the quality of work and performance indicators company. These issues are the organization can decide on its own or turn to outside consultants (consulting company). Outsourcing allows an organization to engage consultants to work qualified staff in the right area, besides it will save considerable money because they do not require the involvement of employees in the state on a permanent basis.

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  • Good Hope Time

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    Oct 23

    Planner, who says that the date of the forum will change from May 1 to December 9 will more sympathy than the worker who mutter that he was thinking, perhaps, if possible, you do want to move the number from spring to winter. Counteroffer. For sure – move the planned event is the hotel money. There were other business deals which are not used, the time was spent on negotiating and drafting of the treaty would require additional time for selecting the replacement and re-booking, even if not take into account the low price to attract interest in the newly independent dates. (From time to time if you are preparing a meeting, look for hot deals, it may happen that you stumble on an excellent choice of hotels, hotels are often very busy. And the last thing they would have been glad to do, is to look for outstanding invoice for the abolition or hire collection agencies (which will take away his 40% of the amount levied) and the time and money gone to such an action, usually are not good (unless of course we're not talking about the grand scale). Realizing all this, you can try to negotiate.

    For example: Suppose your penalty for cancellation will be 16 thousand euros. You can do proposal in the amount of 6000 immediately. If this is an honest offer, some hotels will accept it, rather than go on a long and difficult path of debt collection. Time – is a key factor. It will not work if you provide transfer of a sum in the quarter. It should look attractive. Deposit of Good Hope.

    It is very difficult to imagine that the hotel refuses to just fine .. but that you should ask about it. If you are a frequent customer and / or your company is an excellent source of money – you can let go with impunity.

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  • Oct 10

    The great civilizations in the history of humanity have been built, each in their own way, different ways of conceiving the world, a worldview, which in many cases had large number of points in common, even among peoples that had never been seen, or separated in history by millennia of difference. One of these coincidences, a common thread that can be drawn from the comparison of different cultures is the existence of some form of divination, the attempt to create a channel between the men and the message of the destination. And the Mayans were exempt from this. The Mayans were excellent astronomers and mathematicians, sine qua non to become great astrologers. Astrology, is rightly based on complex mathematical calculations, trying to give a meaning to the relative position of the stars in the sky, and establish a relationship between them and the person’s fate. Ever we heard it said that destiny is written in the stars. For the Mayans, this was completely true, as the sun rises each tomorrow. The Mayan calendar was a solar calendar, i.e.

    based on the relative position of the Sun in the firmament. It was highly complex, and three calendars brought forward simultaneously. The closest thing to the Gregorian calendar, which preserved up to our days, was the Civil calendar of 365 days. Then this town recorded a calendar sacred, of 260 days and the long count, or a way of measuring time with reference to the terrestrial history. For the Mayans, time complies cycles, cycles that recur.

    All we have heard that 2012 seems to be a special year for the history of the world. The reason for this is that account long Maya, 2012 seems to mark the end of a great cycle. Some have interpreted it as the end of the world, however, reading the documents left by the Mayans, with rigor would be the end of a great global cycle, which vaticinaria major changes. The Mayan horoscope is composed of thirteen signs. Each sign lasted 28 days, i.e., the same as a lunation. This is the bat, the Scorpion, deer, owl, Peacock, lizard, monkey, Hawk, Jaguar, dog, snake, Hare and the turtle. Entering Tarot friend, it will be possible to find a section dedicated entirely to the Mayan horoscope. It is convenient to know it, because this culture surprises us every day with its rich culture, and its philosophical position towards life and the events of the world.