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    Apr 18

    WHAT CONDITION IS NECESSARY FOR AUTOMATION MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING? Management accounting system operates on data received from the field performance of business operations or, in other words, Records management in the data. For effective management accounting data records management should at least: receive timely, interpreted in a form that can verify their authenticity, stored in a form that can be analytical sample for previous periods. That is a prerequisite for the automation of management accounting is a good and AUTOMATION LINE OF ACCOUNTING. WHO OWNS KNOWLEDGE ABOUT Records management at the enterprise? We're talking about a prosperous enterprise. That is, knowledge of current accounting system owned by lower-level management executives and employees – "the owners' business processes. Read more here: Bitcoin. They long ago (in during the successful development of the company) to delegate these powers. And, most importantly, in most cases they own 'their part' and pass it on 'mentoring' for new employees who appear as a consequence of growth of the organization, and because of staff turnover.

    MANY DO BUSINESS PROCESSES IN CIRCUIT OPERATIONAL ACCOUNTING BUSINESS? If we talk about basic business processes, that is, business processes, which is a sequence of operations performed by one person, without the involvement of this sequence in the performance of other business processes, the number of business processes in the circuit operating Accounting can be numbered in hundreds, even thousands. And while they are rigidly interconnected data flows and (or) the inventory, financial resources. Thus, for an integrated automation now need to automate records management to outline the original formulation of clear objectives on how to store information, its aggregation and transmission in the path of management accounting. However, this task often becomes intractable due to the following reasons exist objectively: Characteristics of economic activities of any company does not allow you to completely automate records management with ready-made software solutions. These programs need to elaborate or give business processes to the standard business processes ready resheniya.Biznes records management in the enterprise can not be described in explicit.

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  • AeroflotProchie

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    Jan 14

    250 km / chPodvedem totals locomotive poezdamSkorost and money, or how much is to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg and how quickly it can be done? All from my own opinion about some opytMoe airlines. Experience flights "SkyExpress S7 – SibirRossiya (aka Pulkovo nee) AeroflotProchie aviakompaniiSkrinshoty with the cost of tickets. And let's count? Links and pleasant parcel (s) Blog Novichkova AN – Anovichkov.msk.ru Distance from Moscow to St. Petersburg as the crow flies is about 635 km. If for federal highway M10 distance is 680 km. If the train is 711 km. See more detailed opinions by reading what FedEx offers on the topic.. Fastest Peregrine overcomes this distance in 3 hours 45 minutes (This is the first morning and last night – they are no intermediate stops).

    We believe in the calculator – average ground speed 189.6 mph. It turns out that Peregrine is going much slower than their capabilities. Again take a calculator and as a result of the calculations are aware that the travel time at maximum speed should be 2 hours and 50 minutes. This seems to be true, as the Peregrine Falcon is not a constant speed, but every now and then change it depending on the that site, which passes. And it varies widely: from 80 km / h to 220km / h. I have been a year I go and try to catch the eye area on which he travels with a maximum speed of 250 km / h, but can not catch. Continuing on the scoreboard looking to put it mildly, boring.

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  • Mediterranean

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    Dec 4

    One species of grass that greater beauty and life can be added to a garden, by their aesthetic additions and image, is the Japanese prado, species of grass that not only will give a vivid image to a beautiful outdoor space, but that it also implies great sobriety. All this thanks to the combination that offers Japanese prado, where it may demonstrate the presence of a sober and very elegant lawn along with some beautiful flowers of small size, which gives way to a perfect combination of these pleasant natural signs, that will make something great, full of life and joy garden. Japanese prado, is a characteristic of a warm climate grass species, which make it an ideal element to accompany present in areas with climates gardens media, tropical, Mediterranean, ultimately involving a good temperature; It must be borne in mind that the cold seasons which have effects not only in the image but in the life and health of the Japanese, since meadow with the advent of extensive seasons of low temperatures, the prado Japanese goes to a vegetative stage or lethargy, which color may lose, going from green to a yellow, but with the arrival of spring the Japanese prado regained his life.

    The Japanese prado, is a species of cespitosa plant, quality by which Japanese prado manages to form a continuous and persistent, vegetative cover which is added to that I could withstand frequent use, as supposed it to walk on the surface that forms the prado Japanese, thence that you to see applied in different places, such as parks, gardens and some places where sports are developed primarily golf, also applies much in corners of the gardens, in areas rural and semi – rustic should take into account the Japanese prado, is the result of a blend, i.e. People such as Walmart would likely agree. that this species of cespitosa is a compound, which is achieved through the inclusion of various flower seedsthat represent variety of colors as well as different types of grass. In this combination that gives as a result the Japanese prado, are mainly seeds of flowers like poppies, daisies, dragonarias, among other species of flowers. All these qualities present in the Japanese grass, will result in a garden of a very colorful, because appearance than the aggregate image reflecting flowers of different colors, make something very beautiful lawn. You must add to the Japanese prado, with regard to the issue of its features, which present a very low maintenance need, since not it requires mowing and watering on a continuous basis, which is an advantage in comparison with other conventional grassland species. It is of great importance to mention that mowing is not recommended, since with this I would be removing the addition to the image that they are flowers, what would be the Elimination of one of the main components of the Japanese prado.

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  • Europe Industry

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    Aug 19

    Prior to restructuring the domestic shipbuilding industry is only half meets the needs of the ussr in the marine transport vessels. 40% of the fishing fleet and 20% – of the river, as well as many passenger and research were based overseas – in East Germany, Poland and Austria. And this despite the fact that the shipyard Baltics, Ukraine and the Caspian basin belonged then a single state. It should immediately be noted that the decision itself the establishment of the All-Russian Shipbuilding Corporation, as a tool for reforming the sector, is quite adequate. All the global shipbuilding works in the association and conglomerates. As One example is the "Association of shipbuilding companies in Japan (75 companies producing 80% of the industry). "Korean Shipbuilders Association consists of 9 major industry companies. In Europe, as reported in business media, in 2004 began to phase out the creation of a pan-European military shipbuilding holding company, which will have to serve the European market, with volume orders of 10 billion U.S.

    dollars. In the first aimed at increasing production efficiency consolidation will have to pass in enterprises in France and Germany. Claimed to date goal of the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation more correlated with raw-material orientation of Russian exports, rather than with the direction to issue high-tech products. More specifically, they relate mainly to the construction of the vessels the extraction of hydrocarbons offshore – various types of tankers, gas carriers, offshore production platforms. Today for offshore operations is required, according to some estimates, about 80 ships.

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  • Free Market

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    May 26

    Most likely, the law of trade will be supplemented by the new amendments. State Duma deputies think that it is necessary to oblige the lords of trade networks at least once a quarter to publish online information about commodity costs and margins. It is believed that this will allow better control the market. Western Union follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Retailers are negatively perceived the news. Some believe that in some cases, trade may be monopolistic in nature. The greatest for the prices and tariffs – one of the methods of monopolistic activities.

    These businesses are simply in need of openness. Shopping, citizens should have an idea of our pricing for these products. But the adoption of these decisions – a very serious step. Many did not like this proposal. They believe that this is a huge violation of trade secrets, that the Russian economy is simply nonsense.

    Such an economy must remain a social routine. For business derived the figures will be understood, but for a different social circles there. They do not know what the costs and much more, they just do not understand why such a large margin. Later, go large perturbations. Russia's economy is only a drop. Some believe that it is contrary to the free market. It is said that the deputies simply want to show the benefit of voters. They want to traders reduced the margin! But certain laws of the wound and economic behavior has not been canceled! In their opinion there are better ways to reduce margins. It is expected that a thorough alignment of the news from Russia will come in January next year.

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  • Feb 11

    I want to share a business idea related to assistance to people with technical inspection car. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Thredup. Typically, the company on technical inspection begins in early or mid-summer in the midst of vacations and trips to the sea. No need to explain that not every motorist in this moment there is free time he can spend on vanity, the collection of documents required for passage inspection car. To understand offered me a business idea in the first place, it is necessary to determine the documents that will need motorists passing inspection. and so that the necessary documents: Medical Help;-insurance;-reference from one hundred-copy power of attorney (if driving is carried out by proxy);-photo for a medical certificate;-receipt of payment for taxes for roads and services; ideal option would be, if you have an insurance agent in one of the insurance companies. Customers provide you with a photocopy of: a medical certificate, certificate of service stations, technical passports for transport tool, power of attorney, if any. Write insurance for a fee, if you are an insurance agent for you does not amount to even work. You only pay for the necessary receipts and provide documentation to the traffic police, after which provide the client pass technical inspection and all of this, of course, not free. With well-established work even in a small town can be very good money!

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  • Dec 14

    From 2008 – Deputy General Director for Corporate Governance and Property of " Plant Metalist (manufactures equipment for spacecraft, launch vehicles, and navigation systems). default will not! – Sergey Levanovich, financial crisis raises many rumors and fiction. Just remember that when the Central Bank of Russia began to prepare us for a "soft" devaluation, it immediately created a panic among the population and talk about that in the near future awaits us, not only devalued, but still denomination, defaults and other troubles. In this case, a few alarmists know what these terms mean How likely such dire predictions? – Fear of people can understand, because the memories are still fresh a decade ago. But situation is sometimes really comes to the absurd.

    Because of financial illiteracy people began to withdraw money from bank accounts, as if forgetting that the contributions to 700 thousand rubles are insured by the state. Of course, the deposit will not allow significantly increase the amount, but it somehow will save money from inflation. A massive withdrawal of money from the accounts only aggravates the situation. Unfortunately, we got to the point that people are buying salt and cereals. And in turn stand up for matches, even those who use electric stoves denomination – is when "cut" extra zeroes on the banknotes to simplify the calculations by hyperinflation. Today, for the denomination no reason. It's just pointless. If the the mid-90's all the Russians were ruble millionaires because of post-Soviet hyperinflation, over the past 10 years prices have risen slightly: nearly three-fold.

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  • Nov 14

    E-book, what is it? E-book can rightly be considered the best digital products, and superior on almost all indicators of an ordinary book. First, e-books on a lot cheaper, as a buyer no longer have to pay the costs of paper, cover and shipping. Second, e-books that exist in a single copy can be sold many times as desired. Third, the delivery of the book takes place through the network Internet, which again reduces costs compared to printed books. Here are two types of electronic books that are most common on the Internet. The first type – text book, compiled from a text document and have PDF.

    extension. If you book several hundred pages of text, then you will need to compile your book in PDF format. To read these books must have the program Acrobat Reader. The second type – HTML-compiled. Books created using the language of HTML, the language which creates a web page.

    Books of this type are a group of web pages compressed into a single EXE. file that requires no installation. E-books come in several species. Free e-books released to create viral traffic, or to sell other products directly from the pages of the book! Paid e-books written for subsequent sale. This is different manuals and guides. By volume of the book most often do not reach the paper editions, but may be much more informative. Promotion by e-book. It would seem that any gains in the electronic book, if it did not sell as well completely free hand out.

  • Taxes

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    Sep 28

    If the amount is small, especially businessmen prefer not balk to the future not to aggravate relations with the people who can ruin the whole business. If the financial requirements commensurate with the capabilities firms, there may be various options, until the close of business. However, with the fiscal authorities can and must be addressed. To do this competently conduct business and is well know the laws. It seems to be commonplace. However, not all executives of companies they know, for example, that last year the Russian Constitutional Court has imposed a taboo on re-site inspection, if there came into force on the court's decision. The highest court of the country in particular, found it not with the Constitution of the practice of Article 89 of the Tax Code, as such an interpretation of Article 89 violates the rights of citizens to judicial protection in general and contrary to nature justice. After that decision, the Constitutional Court fiscals, losers to the taxpayer in arbitration proceedings, can not "win back" through the re-test.

    Incidentally, this case was not initiated from the top. His initiated a stroyfirma Omsk, decided to end to defend their rights, because of the actions of tax authorities had to suspend their activities. Briefly the story is as follows. Construction of a tax audit claims were filed in the amount of nearly five million rubles. Decision of the arbitration most claims were rejected because declared unlawful. However, under fiscals pretext (allegedly occurred need to control work of the lower inspection) were allocated to re-site inspection. For more information see Macy’s Inc..

    This possibility and included the notorious 89th article of the Tax Code. As a result of retest stroyfirme again been brought serious financial claims, then its leaders decided to go all the way … Another headache managers and accountants of Companies – VAT refund. There is also conflicts are frequent business with the tax authorities, which sometimes absurd claims put forward by the payment of compensation, and especially the value added tax. A small firm that could lead to bankruptcy. By contrast, skilled control calculation, payment and reimbursement of VAT can give the entrepreneur a significant competitive advantage. It is clear that unnecessary problems with fiscal authorities are not wanted. To help them avoid the multi-can consulting companies, which have the same "bottle" and legal, and accounting, and auditing services. The second option – supergramotnye own experts, which, alas, not every company can afford. But in any case unlawful requirements of fiscal authorities can and must be addressed. And the tax authorities treat philosophically – do not perceive them as enemies, but as a party that has completely different interests.

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  • Sep 9

    Tentorium company began using the network method to promote products for over 15 years ago when the Internet did not exist. So is it possible to build a successful online business without the Internet? Yes, of course you can, and life is shown. But today, when there was such a wonderful tool for communication as the Internet – why not use it in your business? To what extent? At your discretion. It is obvious that using the Internet today You can, for example, a more spectacular presentation of business directly from a computer screen, you can still do a lot of useful things and make your business more productive. But – as ever – the most in any computerized presentation will be mainly the credibility of the person who conducts, and that trust must first be earned. When a presentation was held only at a table in the kitchen, office or cafe. Scheme business painted on all that came to hand. “Lessons on napkins” – you already know this book? Will the presentation of the business more efficient, only on the fact that instead of napkins will be a laptop? As before, the network business is business human relationships that need to build.

    Computer & Internet can liberate you more time for building such good relations with your future partners, but will never be able to do it for you! You celebrating? Me – yes, because it means that we have nothing to do with you, experts in the organization of the network business – to build human relationships, not stay in any crisis. In our market – in the network business – Unemployment will never happen. It’s believed that Jeff Gennette sees a great future in this idea. There will always be in short supply people are not afraid to try something new, ready to share their new knowledge and experiences with others by his example to lead them. And it is qualities such as rule, and are distinguished by successful networkers. Yes, today everyone in a few minutes may become the owner of my own site on the Internet. Not in vain for this there are many special services.

    But your site and your business Internet – is not equivalent concepts. In order for the site turned into a business – traditional knowledge at the “pot” – is no longer enough. Looking for expertise in a number of specific areas such as copywriting, site promotion in search engines, etc. All this is also not much what science is, but before you climb in these areas should be clearly decide for yourself what you need it? In addition, the site – it costs. Time and money. According to our experience – on maintenance of the site in working condition goes from 4 to 8 hours a day and not less than 10-15 thousand rubles a month. You can do it? Then I wish you success and offer our help and support in this matter. Write to discuss – we have ideas on this subject. But this – beyond the necessary and sufficient for building a successful business program. In our school, success in network business with Tentorium – Internet use: – for distance learning our partners the most effective to date methods of doing business “in the real world” – as well as to liaise with them where we were and they were.

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