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    Sep 28

    If the amount is small, especially businessmen prefer not balk to the future not to aggravate relations with the people who can ruin the whole business. If the financial requirements commensurate with the capabilities firms, there may be various options, until the close of business. However, with the fiscal authorities can and must be addressed. To do this competently conduct business and is well know the laws. It seems to be commonplace. However, not all executives of companies they know, for example, that last year the Russian Constitutional Court has imposed a taboo on re-site inspection, if there came into force on the court's decision. The highest court of the country in particular, found it not with the Constitution of the practice of Article 89 of the Tax Code, as such an interpretation of Article 89 violates the rights of citizens to judicial protection in general and contrary to nature justice. After that decision, the Constitutional Court fiscals, losers to the taxpayer in arbitration proceedings, can not "win back" through the re-test.

    Incidentally, this case was not initiated from the top. His initiated a stroyfirma Omsk, decided to end to defend their rights, because of the actions of tax authorities had to suspend their activities. Briefly the story is as follows. Construction of a tax audit claims were filed in the amount of nearly five million rubles. Decision of the arbitration most claims were rejected because declared unlawful. However, under fiscals pretext (allegedly occurred need to control work of the lower inspection) were allocated to re-site inspection. For more information see Macy’s Inc..

    This possibility and included the notorious 89th article of the Tax Code. As a result of retest stroyfirme again been brought serious financial claims, then its leaders decided to go all the way … Another headache managers and accountants of Companies – VAT refund. There is also conflicts are frequent business with the tax authorities, which sometimes absurd claims put forward by the payment of compensation, and especially the value added tax. A small firm that could lead to bankruptcy. By contrast, skilled control calculation, payment and reimbursement of VAT can give the entrepreneur a significant competitive advantage. It is clear that unnecessary problems with fiscal authorities are not wanted. To help them avoid the multi-can consulting companies, which have the same "bottle" and legal, and accounting, and auditing services. The second option – supergramotnye own experts, which, alas, not every company can afford. But in any case unlawful requirements of fiscal authorities can and must be addressed. And the tax authorities treat philosophically – do not perceive them as enemies, but as a party that has completely different interests.

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