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    Sep 23

    If you’re responsible for an Internet page surely you may be wondering: what can I do to improve my site? This questioning by elementary to appear is the portal engine and the best guarantee of success. The design of any element that represents an innovation is usually the detonator of a series of creative efforts, illustration, photography, development, layout and programming that if they converge harmoniously delivered surprising results. Some of the items that we will surely observe more in 2011 are: simpler color palettes looking for better communication, reading and especially larger cups conversion, the use of two or three colors helps to better target the user’s navigation and contrast action items besides that lets you add images and video without that everything looks like a large collage. Depth shadows and reflections are a thing of the past, high impact designs have evolved and are focused on delivering different Visual dimensions that allow you to bring in first flat certain sections of the site operated as a guide for the user. More sites in the sum of HTML+CSS+JS HTML5 is extremely powerful. Deandre Ayton will not settle for partial explanations.

    To the extent that users adapt new browsers and that corporate giants do also (is incredible the amount of world-class companies that have Explorer 6 rule) to flash eventually your time will come. CEO Caruso Affiliated pursues this goal as well. Design for navigation touch tablets boom is undeniable, studies that conservatives are even a little estimate that more than 50 million Americans used them for the 2012 requires us to make our sites friendly to be used with fingers and not with a mouse. If we want users to navigate without frustration for our sites we need to make larger items. The typical box youtube or dailymotion video integration tends to disappear. Thanks to better connections to the Internet the possibility of using video as a dominant graphic element on the site will grow significantly. A/b Testing conditions are given to create, deliver and compare deeply different sites, not doing so would be a sign of arrogance. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Daryl Katz. It presents options for your users and their actions to determine the best path. Explosion of the Reviews as brands and products must abandon the fear of being criticized, usually already make it behind our backs.

    The reviews are highly effective when they are good and extremely valuable when they are bad. Device independent content the consumer must be able to receive your information in a similar way regardless of the device from which you visit. Cell phones are an indispensable for user search tool and so far in Mexico have remained behind the scenes, however, sure we’ll see more mobile sites this year. Typographic explosion this trend has been repeated in recent years without highlighting really but thanks to several developments made in 2010 finally will become a reality and becomes a distinctive design element. If your site already has, or is at least working on these elements surely you will be those that will push the bar Another little and marcaras future trends. If you took by surprise starts to work quickly on them.

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