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    Jan 7

    – Verification will be be to enter phrases in various languages alternately in each of the determinants and compare results. I. We test the first-past-the mind of German phrase ich bin: Sentence first program – the German. But the second can not cope even with such unpretentious task and points out that the phrase is most similar to Latin. And nothing, but from the list in 19 languages German on the degree of similarity is worth as much as 15 th place. The third program to determine the language declined, indicating only that the text is entered in Latin. ii.

    Complicates the problem and introduce the Danish text. What does the phrase Herved attesterer jeg underskriften af registratoren We do not know, but for the experiment is not so important. The result is the same: the first program again does not make mistakes, and the second and third again guess, showing maximum similarity with the Norwegian language. iii. Ask the Chinese characters. The result of the mysterious: the first two programs did not show, and a third identified only the family of languages. iv.

    We put a sophisticated experience: provide programs to determine one of the languages of the former Yugoslavia (cruel, but what can I do). Take the Slovenian: Namestnik Dravne davne uprave. The result forces us to say goodbye to one of the test (Talenknobbel), because as answer it determines Afrikaans (African dialect of Dutch). As the saying goes, a good program, pity that does not work. The remaining two participants, surprisingly, no problems coping with the problem. V. Finally, check them out one of the Oriental languages with Arabic script. Take Farsi. . (If you can not copy this example, we believe the word). The first program, unfortunately, unable to cope, but it makes perfect third. Our verdict – very well. Two of the three programs are functioning properly and can be relied upon without any fear. Well, if you do not have possible to do this, ask for help from an omniscient experts translation. They sure these programs are also installed.

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  • Hippocratic Oath

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    Dec 18

    When a young translator is just beginning his career, he still does not know that translation is not all texts. For it is now important experience and number, that is, he tries with might and main to convey the full meaning and style notes of the original author in order to display the essence of the initial translation of the document. In turn, a professional interpreter checks first thing in the text should take on the translation or not. As for the experienced to do a lot of Translation career specialist is the main quality, for example, urgent translation, can often cause a drop in quality! And this is not the only reason due to which the translator has the right, and sometimes even obliged to refuse the transfer. Translators, like doctors with their because of a serious linguistic case is very important tenet: "Do no harm!" And in cases where the translation can be harmful to the translator it is better not to take up work. For example, make an order, transfer instructions to the construction of the atomic bomb, but the translator is not an expert in the field of nuclear physics. Imagine what it can do harm by making several inaccuracies in the translation! Also, for all people, including translators value is morality. Each specialist is, of course, has its own, but there are certain moral framework used for the most part of the civilized world.

    And, when the original text in these frames are not included, the translator should be denied to the customer in the translation. An example of such work can serve as an interview with a famous man, an ardent the enemy of national or sexual minority, if the text is replete with statements of aggressive or derogatory nature, including profanity. A professional translator should not go beyond beyond their competence. It can be a great specialist in the translation of livestock, and even livestock specialist, but know nothing about drama or chemistry. Any linguist should not take up topics that he absolutely not aware of any abhorrent to aesthetic considerations.

    If the interpreter to translate the text unpleasant on medical subjects, for example, associated with cancer, he is not obliged to take up such work. As in any other work, the translators can and should have both moral and personal principles. In today's highly licentious world where substantially thinner line between sensuality and frank sensuality, if not more – pornography, often specialists in translating asked to perform work of similar themes. Translator, again, nevertheless, on the basis of their moral and aesthetic views, has the right to refuse a transfer. Same As, too bloody and violent scenes of scripts or novels. The most visible and common cause of failure is left without paying the previous work for the same customer. If the client has not paid, even if for "good" reason, do not be afraid to refuse to transfer to the payment, no one is obliged to work for free! In particular, if the specialist is burned for any other reason the translations particular client, the first is better not to agree to the following orders of the latter. From the foregoing, it is worth noting that professionalism is expressed not only in an excellent translation, as well as the ability to refuse work, which is contrary to moral principles, ethical standards, financial security, or may cause harm, both customers and target audience, which sent the original text.

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