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  • Jonathan Fabrcio

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    Sep 3

    Then years later Amanda she spoke for Jonathan that was pregnant, therefore Jonathan was very happy Amanda was to make the examination to see if it was same truth, therefore she gave positive then Amanda was anxious to earn already was buying clothes for its baby. After nine Amanda months she was lunchhing with Jonathan in a restaurant when wise person estorou the stock market then Jonathan oque not to make called a taxi and had been soon for the hospital the childbirth of Amanda was complicated was would marry, after some weeks, after some weeks if they had remembered that they had forgotten to botar name in the son then botaram the name of Jonathan Fabrcio. Then of years and years later Fabrcio it was with 11 years, but the mother of Amanda not wise person who had a grandson. But Amanda had fought with its husband and decided to break up itself. Then Amanda caught Fabrcio and was for house of its mother arriving there its mother asked to who age that boy it answered that the father of Amanda was its grandson then had been terrified. But it in its house had accepted.

    Then Fabrcio was going for school and found its father Jonathan ordered Fabrcio for school. Then Jonathan appeared in the front of the house of Amanda begging they to come back then ordered it to Amanda to enter it spoke for it that it loved who it was valid, but that a thousand treasures then Amanda accepted its excuse. Years later the parents of Amanda had Amanda deceased were very sad. The entrepreneur of the parents of Amanda said that its father had left a will saying that Amanda was pra to assume the position of owner of the Amanda company only accepted that it did not have time to take care of of the businesses of the family then Jonathan it asked for that Amanda of this for it the position of owner of the company then left it to it to assume this position. Then months later Amanda discovered that Jonathan was deviating money of the company for its account it also discovered that it was Jonathan that killed its parents to be with a part of the company, but Jonathan was knowing that it had descobrido everything it caught the money that was in its account for ran away from the country but when it went to embark polices appeared it for arrests it Jonathan was imprisoned. Amanda said for its son who the father of it had been imprisoned Fabrcio did not give the minimum importance for this. Days later Amanda it was to visit Jonathan in the arrest and it said to it that they only had lived a LOVE OUTLAW.

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  • Feb 4

    Pointing the photograph in question to direct my intent look. She was Aunt. Only sister of some of my parents I do not remember which of them well. As my mother said, in war times the origin of the allies is not asked. It was enough to me to know that Aunt meant aid during the transit of difficulties that we had to face. Requisite attention to during, therefore Aunt was adept to the filantropia.

    All the moment notified, quantitatively, the size of its aid to the others; for example, how much money had left its hand to give toys to some children who, pobrezinhas, the least had had joy at that moment. In other words, it if it considered the personificao of the spirit nobility and attitudes. Problem had in the fact of that, it was an insect or a person, its feeling of mercy was the same. We also were its insects for a time. Strange world where the inclusion of a null number again makes the tranquility to become fluid itself

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