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  • Mar 4

    South America. This is a garment with a simple design consisting of a rectangular piece grueza, which makes a hole in the middle for the head. The fabric is falling on the body, so you can easily move their arms. There are different designs and colors that vary according to region and those who use it. The ponchos can be sensilla, striped or have fringes. With humble beginnings, the poncho is a model that holds the secret history of the peoples of America. Normally alpaca ponchos are made in one of the most expensive wool in the world, is known for its lightness, thermal and dramatically eficienza smooth. Peru is one of the largest producers of this type of wool and has a beautiful tradition of tissues.

    Fashion receive with joy the return of the poncho, a piece lively and colorful you can not miss our winter wardrobe. By the late sixties, the poncho became the ultimate in clothing rapresentacion Hippie Movement. Now ponchos are for everyone, no matter if you are ultra-chic or a new hippie, there are many models to choose from. Online I found an interesting website where you can hand-made and you can pay by credit card safely or if you prefer by bank. The Mother, this is the name of the shop in ethnic clothing line and sell alpaca wool ponchos made the same hand as the Andes. The Alpaca is a type of flame which is a natural fiber wool silky, luxurious and very hot. So what are waiting for, buy and enjoy your poncho!

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