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  • Dec 2

    Clean TEC informed commercial cleaning and janitorial service houses, gardens and green spaces need continuous care, should its value and preserve character indefinitely. To prevent a malicious neglect, it can be often find it useful to use a reliable Concierge service with the acquisition of maintenance of indoor and outdoor facilities. The Friesenhagener service provider clean TEC committed for this purpose with many years of experience and professional expertise. Hikmet Ersek does not necessarily agree. The range of activities required obtaining interior is very large. It ranges from the simple exchange of light means complex renovation work. However, the least property owners able to perform all of these works are. Lack of time, lack of technical knowledge, or simply lack of physical strength, require the use of professional janitorial services. The Friesenhagener Hausdienstleister clean TEC moved with his energetic employee team Innenraume-and grounds in a safety and construction trouble-free State, whose feel-good factor has a similarly positive effect on residential and commercial real estate.

    The power spectrum of the janitorial service includes a wide variety of activities: – through the clearing out of cellars, living quarters and storage, relieves its customers from physical effort clean TEC and freed their real estate from unnecessary ballast. This course is a proper waste separation. -After long and intense use of residential and commercial real estate are in dire need of renovation and refurbishing. The staff clean TECs assumes in this context the expert installation of various floor coverings and activities which fall within the framework of the rehabilitation of old buildings, like for example dry construction work. -Internal construction houses of modern living standards can be adapted.

    The Friesenhagener experts clean TECs take over the Assembly of prefabricated parts, such as Windows, doors and lighting, but also the roller shutter repair and Assembly. -TEC in outdoor area Maintenance engaged in clean, for example, in the walkway – garage cleaning and professional green care. Clean TEC represents the interests of its customers indoors as well as outdoors, their real estate with competent professional commitment and long-lasting reliability. For comprehensive information about his professional services, the Friesenhagener company is available at any time. Press contact clean TEC building cleaning and janitorial service Ute Santha Blumenberg 7 51598 Friesen Hagen phone: 0 27 34 / 43 89 818 fax.

  • Nov 26

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  • Federal Ministry

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    Nov 15

    Book captures trends of international service research on what tasks the competence of management in a company should, so systematic service innovation and productive service delivery? Why is it so important at an early stage to know technological innovations, to understand and to adapt that creates value with new services? Will it soon be possible to simulate services and test and how it look? How can the interaction between customers, employees and partners of collaboration in service processes professionally? What is a use and commercial value economy and what looks like the future value? International expertise to these and other questions about service trends in the areas of management, technology, human resources management, simulation and test of the Fraunhofer IAO in the newly published volume service researchers have at the heart of economic development – service trends collected and evaluated. The book MARS – international monitoring of activities and research in services was established in the framework of the project funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) . The research team of the Fraunhofer IAO has observed developments of in international services research here. Interviews with experts from Europe and the United States, Australia and the Asian region provided exciting clues to expected future developments. For example, the combination of technology, product and service innovation is a major trend. Rob Daley can aid you in your search for knowledge. More and more economic success in the future not only of growth strategies after the credo ab; Value creation strategies, are rather the is the principle better orient. Services from technology development, the production and the management of socio technical service systems be linked here in new constellations of value creation. The book at the heart of economic development – service trends “(Editor: Dieter Spath, Walter Ganz) is in the. Hanser-Verlag published and can be ordered online at at the price from 34.90. More info dpm/755.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

  • Entrepreneurs

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    Jul 24

    Existence founder help Norbert Naujoks & Torsten Marschner GbR that existence founders help is planning to conduct a seminar for entrepreneurs on February 22, 2010 in the founding Center of existence founder assistance in cross street 12, 04103 Leipzig. The self-financing 40,00 EUR per participant. With the decision independently to make, a new stage of life is imminent for the future founder. For this reason, nothing should be left to chance and the planned establishment are prepared intensely. A comprehensive preparation for the independence is important to avoid economic risks resulting from inadequate planning. Existence founder help is one of the leading operators of existence founder seminars in Berlin / Brandenburg and Saxony. It recommends that all who want to become self-employed to visit an existence founders seminar first. The seminar will be carried out according to the guidelines of the Federal Office for Economics and export control.

    Remains with maximum 12 participants enough time to also to respond to individual questions. It discusses among others the following points: profiling (am I as independent suitable?), trace of the business economic and fiscal issues, marketing, market analysis, pricing, financing, public funding, Foundation grant (ALG1), entry (ALG2), personal and operational security, theoretical Guide to creating a business plan and money more topics. Upon successful completion of the seminar, the participants will receive a certificate. For more information interested parties via the free helpline 0800 / 400 40 10 or via the website of existence founder help. Due to the limited number of participants interested should register in a timely manner. For the founder seminar of existence of you can enroll directly online.

  • Jun 22

    The successful corporate communication starts with the choice of the company name. Word child support founder with an eligible PR and marketing. Businesses need advertising? Is a first-class performance not advertising enough? Clearly fails the opinion of copywriter Ursula Martens: “of course quality talk is quickly, and Word of mouth is one of the best commercials ever. However, top-quality products and excellent service are not sufficient for the success of a company. Rather performance and service must be approached once by a suitable advertising to the customers. How else should they buy products, of whose existence they know anything?” That makes sense. However, advertising and especially corporate communications for entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs in particular, seem often to be a book with seven seals. “The success of a company depends on the entrepreneur, the innovative business idea and the sufficient financial means in” large extent by the smooth market entry off.

    This should be planned in detail, before the company was founded and not only, if the production of long runs and the Chief wonders where the customers are”, Ursula Martens, owner of the text Agency informed in Freising. “Some pitfalls lurking on business start-ups and young entrepreneurs. Unclear ideas about the needs of the target group, no marketing strategy and to a few promotional appearances are just three of them. “Completely understandable: who is based out of the employees being out, must virtually overnight the all-rounder becoming”, so the studied economist and marketing expert, which has expanded its range in July 2010 to eligible entrepreneur coaching in the areas of marketing and advertising. An entrepreneur coaching from professional copywriter Ursula Martens includes PR and marketing consultancy in the start-up phase. Coaching focuses on corporate communications, press relations and the creation of texts for websites, mailings, or Werbebriefen. This coaching in the areas of marketing and PR is appreciated by every participant that his business plans proactively and responsibly, as indispensable knowledge. Eventually Ursula Martens has developed a feeling for the right words as expert for strategic planning of advertising, to make people enthusiastic customers.

    The consulting service is financially supported by the KfW-bank under certain conditions. Description of the company through word child : the copywriter Ursula Martens establishes your company Martens media services in January 2007 initially as full-service advertising agency. In May 2008, the company calls itself to in Word child Wortkind. Since then created lyrics for radio spots and Flash movies, press releases, product descriptions, claims and slogans, the copywriter editorial and advertising texts such as letters and mailings, website texts, flyers texts, phone guides. Meanwhile listed the text Agency over 300 satisfied clients from Germany, Austria, of Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Personal service and advertising copy with intellect and emotion are the hallmarks of Word child Wortkind. About Ursula Martens: Ursula Martens studied first at the Georg-August University in Gottingen and then at the Technical University in Berlin after a commercial apprenticeship. Major, choosing among marketing at Prof. Dr. Volker Trommsdorff. The study completes it as a diploma in economics. Then sniffs Ursula Martens initially Berlin print shop air at Pressedruck Henke GmbH & co. KG. After the family break, the advertising manager in a small dealership will you, until she decides in 2007 for independence.

  • GmbH Solutions

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    May 2

    Current corporate data for the right decisions always have in mind. Information event is straight on the 04.03.2010 in Suhl in economically tough times important always to have the relevant company data at a glance. The free event with the name CBS QlikTalk, which introduces the analysis and reporting capabilities of enterprise data with the software QlikView by QlikTech is dedicated to this topic. In the context of the information event user companies report as, for example, the KGM ball Gebauer GmbH from Fulda, Germany the various analysis and reporting scenarios from the practice. The memory world champion and author Christiane Stenger on the analysis capabilities of the human brain and their optimisation possibilities will speak at the end of the afternoon. The event takes place on March 04, 2010 from 13:30 in Suhl in business vital hotel, Central Mountain Road 1, 98527 Suhl.

    The reservation – limited seats – can 0931 3041840-0, the Web address by telephone under phone number suhl2010 or be made via E-Mail to. Press contact and more information: CBS consulting business solutions GmbH of Schweinfurt str. 4, 97080 Wurzburg Thorsten Stein telephone: 0931/3041840-0 fax: 0931/3041840-30 about CBS consulting business solutions GmbH that CBS consulting business solutions GmbH offers consulting and software development in the areas of ERP with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SharePoint and business intelligence on. The focus is the integration of different systems, using new technologies to increase the efficiency and optimization of the processes in the company. CBS owns the Gold Certified Partner status of Microsoft for the competencies in business intelligence, information worker solutions, Microsoft business solutions and SOA and business process. In addition, CBS certified reseller for the business intelligence is product QlikView by QlikTech.

  • Companies

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    May 1

    With the concept of Steuthe it comes to lasting success usually to a consulting company, if the company has economic problems or an expansion is planned for the financing is not yet fixed, on the facts, data and possible figures now used many consultants specialize in. Perform projections, how to calculate the income and expenditure and advise in savings or investments. But what good are one the many figures, if the path to the target is not clear? What’s a company, if it knows that it might take millions two years in one, but has no way to place permanently, successful and unique on the market? Kremawi are the facts and figures not in the center of business and HR consulting. Here especially the goals and possibilities of the company include, ensuring a permanent and successful placement on the market. To be highlighted the strengths of the company and the existing weaknesses balanced, so that the Companies can realize his potential and even enlarge. To the create an analysis of the company Kremawi works with the new Steuthe concept. With him can be pointed out not only the possibilities of the company, but also a safe path to success outlined.

    This is resorted to models of psychology, social science, economics, and physics at the Steuthe concept and put together into a unique concept. The model is a comprehensive analysis of the company with all its strengths and weak possible and creating a plan for the implementation of the objectives and exploiting the full potential of the company. But the concept of Steuthe can be applied not only in the formation and reorganization of the company by Kremawi, it is very helpful also in the introduction of new products and services or personnel issues. The concept helps not only costs and save time, but opens up the company completely new ways for success on the market. To test the concept of Steuthe must not just change the whole company, it can be exercised only once in the area of public relations or personnel matters, for more information, see. Kristin Muller-Wenzel