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    Mar 11

    But it is more frequently observed aggressive reactions in people. Rather unload our anger developing all kinds of descriptions to the police and the most arrogant take offense directly. I was very young when I noticed this phenomenon and I also noticed that almost in all cases the offenses were well taken, that is, the real fault was the "defense" of the "accused" was nothing more than a set excuses fetched or not believed themselves. Admittedly, it is. Also found that there was a high correlation between the friendliness of the offender and the benevolence of the police. I also thought that there was nothing worthy to recognize that we ignored traffic rules and since I started driving 35 years ago, I always did well with the police.

    In fact, I paid two offenses and have forgiven me about 15 at least. In one of the two cases the police were in a superior as it was in their hands to ignore the matter and let me go. In the other case I did not like the attitude of the police. I got angry, entered the car without hearing it and told him to do his duty. But most of the time, "went very well" with my offense. This is my advice and so I see things: 1 .- Be honest with yourself and with the police: Do not claim because you committed a violation. Recognize that screwed up, it will be a relief for the police because they've found in you a sincere person instantly relieve stress for him to change their expectations for the immediate future.

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