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  • Bank NDFL

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    Oct 2

    This may be a reference 2NDFL, help shape the bank statement for a salary account from a bank, an oral confirmation of the head. With priority placed exactly in the order listed. Banks are wary enough of the oral confirmation of income, and not everyone takes such a form of confirmation. Rob Daley often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The most widespread acknowledgment that take almost all banks – this information plus information on 2NDFL form the bank. And the second does not negate the first.

    2NDFL shall in any case. Even if it passes on the amount of much less than real wages. Such returns are accepted for review in full. See Rob Daley for more details and insights. I want to draw your attention that if you work in shifts, a number of banks if they take into account income from such activity, applies the reduction factor. This applies to seafarers. Income from part-time. This is income from activities in which you are engaged in addition to his main work, ie "Part". But in this case, the bank will documentary evidence of your activities.

    Ie must provide an employment contract or in the workbook must be a record of what you are made to this organization in combination. Of course, it is necessary provide proof of your income. And that, as mentioned above, a certificate 2NDFL and any further evidence (if the actual wage differs from the official). But there is one caveat. Income from banks often take part-time is not full, but with a definite reduction factor. For example, your income is 20 000 rubles per month, and the correction factor in the bank equal to 0.8.

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  • Aug 29

    Despite the fact that in many countries today there is a systematic decline in property prices in Bulgaria's prices are still growing in some regions this increase reaches 40%. This is the pillar of a number of reasons. The first of which can be called Bulgaria's accession to the EU, now for the foreign investor, this market is much less risky, the number of buyers and investors are also growing. Pricing policy is sufficiently loyal and prices are relatively low, while the market promises to continue to gain momentum. The main points of the infusion, still remain the capital, regions, which shows the ski and sea resorts.

    Sofia predicting an economic boom. city is growing and expanding. Internal activities it is activated, respectively, that drives up rents for residential and commercial property. In addition, the city also offers good opportunities for the resort business. Ski resorts are also well-deserved success, besides a complete rest possible here, not only in the winter. Epicenters holiday by the sea are probably Bourgas and Varna. Popularity among travelers to these areas provides a good location – close to the international airport, good beaches, excellent service, quite a long holiday season. Almost all of the data objects regions have been constructed over the past twenty years and choice is very wide.

    You can select the apartment without any frills or prefer an apartment in a luxury complex with wonderful views from the windows, pool, fitness and spa in the territory, around the clock orannoy, garage, parking lot, where everything from materials used in construction and for interior decoration, will meet the highest standard. The choice, of course, will depend on what goals and expectations imposed on the acquired object. Property washes to be acquired for the purpose of obtaining rental income, resale, personal use in conjunction with the delivery of leased during the absence of the owner. The most usual scheme of investment – the acquisition of one-bedroom apartment in the prime sector, the cost will be in this case, 80 000 – 100 000 EUR. The cost of rent, depending on the season to average 40-60 EUR. Potential annual revenue – up to 10% of project cost.

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  • House Transaction

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    Dec 26

    Therefore, in this block is entirely your decision whether you will save their time and money to pay for it or are you willing to spend the time to solve this issue, but an economic advantage. Day of the transaction. That brings us to the key stage of our process – the day of the transaction. Of course, you, like many others are afraid of this day, and it seems you are very emotionally difficult. I also went through it and fully understand your feelings.

    Let me tell you about what you would expect in this day. I know that it can seem strange, but at this stage assist the realtor you are absolutely unnecessary. Here's why. If the date of the transaction you will understand that and in what order is what pitfalls await you what documents you will sign and in what order, what they should be and what should not be there, you absolutely can safely do without the services of a realtor and do it better and better, than with him. Why? Because Once you know which documents you are ready to sign, on what conditions are willing to accept in order to feel comfortable while still solve your housing problem. A sense of comfort in such an important day is important. Often a professional will you persuade, persuade, and to insist on his point of view.

    Sometimes you will try to manipulate, just to quickly finish the process, leaving a number of issues in Russian maybe. Of course, this may cause you some level of discomfort. If you are on a transaction without a realtor, then you count only on themselves and are moving at a pace that is comfortable for you. Remember – he who pays the piper calls the tune. You – buyer and absolutely can safely set the pace of the processes, which is comfortable for you. Do not succumb to provocation and manipulation. Make this day comfortable for you. If you possess the necessary of knowledge and know the procedure itself, if you understand that in what sequence should occur, you calmly, thoroughly and deliberately dismantled all of these points yourself. Register of transaction (if applicable). At this stage you need to get to Companies House and pass a standard set of documents in the receive window. This step is simple in content, but complex in execution. This is due to the same problems we have discussed in the section devoted to the collection of documents for the transaction. If you are able to "break" to the window – do it yourself. transmission facility and the completion of the transaction. All documents for this stage you should be physically prepared on the day of the transaction. If so, what part you do not need a realtor. The essence of this stage is that you need to get registered in the registration documents of the House. It is usually made much easier than submit documents for registration. You will then meet with the Seller's apartment, check that it did not happen at the time of registration, and sign an act of reception and transmission flat. Climax. To loud applause you pass the keys to the apartment. Only after that your transaction is completed fully. That is, in fact, we covered the basic large blocks, which you are going to solve your housing question. As you can see, quite a lot of issues we can solve by themselves, and save a decent amount of money. What would I sincerely wish you.

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