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  • May 11

    These actions are linked to a blind, concealment and integration. These actions are linked to a blind, concealment and integration. From a viewpoint of strategic action by organized crime, conceal and hide the story moves are an integration of action, when the “dirty money” return of the economy as an investment market. At this stage, it is rarely possible to recover the assets generated by illegal activities. Learn more at: Tiggany & Co.. In a context of worsening economic conditions of countries classified as “emerging” on all continents, there are three elements that can be highlighted: a) The fall in profitability of business, a world in which products are produced and services are called real economy; b) The increase in poverty in the world, with a deconstruction of the growing world of work; c) Lack of control of financial markets and capital flows, states and multilateral agencies like the World Bank (IBRD), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Trade Organization (WTO) and multilateral organizations linked United Nations (UN).

    Topics organized crime and money laundering are interconnected as always seems impossible to write about one without considering the other “(pitomba, 2003, p. 21). A fundamental part of the strategy of organized crime, laundering is always delicate illegal action that exposes a busy public authorities and officials. In the early 1990s, no AUGE of his ‘crusade’ against the Mafia, Judge Falcone to pay particular attention to the prevention and control of different (and creative) mechanisms used to launder Mafia: The drug trade requires recycling: It is impossible that the benefits of selling drugs to reach their beneficiaries through official channels.

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    Jun 19

    EP the comedy duo will return with a new space of humor to the 2. His last television appearance as foam was in 2008. Comedians Juan Luis Cano and Guillermo Fesser, or what is the same thing the humorous duo Gomaespuma, they will soon return to television with a new project, specifically in La 2 of Television Espanola, as confirmed by the chain, of has prrido not disclose at the moment data on the content or name space. Cano and Fesser, known as foam rubber for his radio show, again so back to TVE after Gomaespuminglish and programs passing Olympically, both also issued on the second channel of the Corporation. In space passing Olympically, the famous duo told in humorous key, from the same Chinese capital, the news of the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 from Monday to Friday in the Strip in the late night. A year earlier, however, Juan Luis Cano and Guillermo Fesser is premiered on the small screen after leaving the radio with Gomaespuminglish, a program that created the character of the illustrious academic don Eusebio. In addition, in 2009, Guillermo Fesser, already in solitary, introduced section La Pintada, in the program of the 1 59 seconds, in which the journalist and humorist selected and analysed a phrase to stop opining on a topical subject. Source of the news: foam returns to television