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  • Aug 3

    Are you looking for rental information about lifts or platforms? Here you will find interesting Web sites. If you are not convinced, visit Hikmet Ersek . Lifting platforms and work platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to the flexibility of use and the many different models that have been developed in recent years, now no place on facades, overhead etc remains more untouched. The issue of security plays a major role when it comes to the use of lifting and working platforms. While lifting platforms for the movement of goods are intended (for example, cars in the garage or pallets at the airport), platforms are intended by their work basket above all for people. Swarmed by offers, Grace Venverloh is currently assessing future choices. The basket can work freely and safely in any amount.

    By the fact that the work with a lifting or working stage partly also can run faster, use of this equipment can affect also positive on the purse strings. Are hardly any limits here through the various forms of the usage area. There are lifts and platforms, the up to heights of 100 meters can be used. Many labor and lifts are rented today also. Around this subject lifts rental has now a portal, which gives first clues related to the renting of lifts the tenants. What do I need if I rent a work platform for the first time? What should I look for when choosing the provider? The portal are many helpful answers.

  • Aug 31

    The world’s established standard of wireless Z-Wave ensures the safe and reliable transmission of signals. The station, regardless of existing power lines, are also freely placeable because they obtain their energy by integrated batteries. Attach the flat wireless switch is possible even on surfaces such as wood, glass and concrete. The installation of the system can be without the press of walls and realize laying cables and caused no rubble and noise does not suffer from the existing establishment of the renovation or modernisation. This fact the tenant not temporarily in a kind of State of emergency particularly inhabited situation is beneficial, because”must live. So that there is no rude awakening when the pull-out, the system is fully reversible, i.e., it can be reconstructed without leaving a trace, and taken. In this way the investments do not go the tenant lost. Justin Bieber shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. More information to the duwi Z-Wave wireless system see: image requests please contact: brief description: duwi duwi, supplier and manufacturer of electrical equipment headquartered in Breckerfeld in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia), applies as a specialist for reliable, attractive and safe electrical products on the DIY market. Common electrical installation materials and accessories of series to radio systems, solar house number light and chime modules offered duwi a broad and innovative product range that meets the highest German and European safety standards and VDE regulations. Driven by a distinctive quality awareness, comprehensive know-how, innovative design and the understanding of trends and market needs has duwi achieved in 2007 a turnover of more than 100 million and established itself as a market leader in the field of DIY electric. More information: duwi GmbH Harken local road 2 58339 Breckerfeld Germany contact: Michael Staudigl Tel.: + 49 (0) 2338-808-0 fax: + 49 (0) 2338-808-30 169 E-Mail: Web: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nest road 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail: Web:

  • The Logistics

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    Aug 16

    For the analysis and the concept of complex logistics tasks FREYLER involves an experienced logistics planners. It is important that the exchange between the designer and the creator of the building starts at an early stage. Because of the logistics flow and the structural measures can be not separated and multiple rescheduling caused avoidable costs”Dosch stresses from many years of experience. Necessarily all plans of the new building of the Approvability, so the question, are subject to how much, how long and how broad the plot must be installed, which conditions to take into account and what exemptions are possibly. The delivery traffic determines additions and departures, the planning of the yard areas, the necessary loading stations and gates. See Tyler Haney for more details and insights. Fire protection measures including the necessary escape routes are also essential, otherwise a fire wall prevents the request path of the goods with expensive fire protection gates or in the construction costs, a sprinkler system must be be expected. Depending on the production, hygiene requirements can play a role also in the logistics building.

    Especially in high-bay warehouses are to take into account the sometimes enormous loads on the floor, not to mention the accommodation of personnel and facilities. , Dosch insured from these examples, we focus our sustainable advice “always on the future development. Because large investments must be future-oriented and to withstand foreseeable developments, either through the possible conversion of individual areas or trouble-free expansion.” All details in the design and completion of logistics buildings for the middle class can not be represented here. When was it clear that the experience of the construction partner with the special requirements of logistics is essential, either with logistics planners to develop everything from a single source or in good cooperation, then can avoid builders serious errors and unnecessary costs. Because a good logistics stops the daily loss of money relating to the actual manufacturing of excellent products. A quick overview of the FREYLER group get on.

  • The Goal

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    Dec 25

    Using a network card and a corresponding TCP/IP address of data synchronization over the Internet can be done, including remote-controlled single release and emergency release. Data transfer over a Wi-Fi ensures local independence and avoids additional costs for cable installations. If there is no network connection, can the Traka systems cache the appropriate access events up to 12 months. Key cabinets and specialized equipment electronic key cabinets deposed. In real time via CAN-bus for the key and object monitoring in security areas of real-time CAN-bus is object monitoring. Security keys and objects can either inadvertently or intentionally leave the inner security. Before entering the outer range, the CAN-link interface controls the status of all removed objects. Only after positive feedback from pages of key cabinets and specialized equipment, i.e.

    after return of all removed keys and objects, the locks are released. The corresponding query process is realized within 1 second, so that no unnecessary waiting times at the locks or separation plants emerge. Communication takes place via a in the control units (POD) of cabinets and specialized equipment and control units of the separation systems installed, CAN-BUS module (CAN = controller area network). Quintessence of an anonymous survey last year showed that in German companies about 14% of the workforce more or less strongly deviates from the path of virtue. With the transfer of customer data is in the current case.

    When one combines this knowledge with the fact that prevails in the banking industry are still the manual handling of keys, objects and documents, it is clear for a holistic security solution not only securing the corporate values from the outside must be guaranteed, but also the internal treatment should be addressed mandatory. If the goal is that this absolutely free of manipulation and with complete traceability of the events to take place, then the only solution is the use of electronic logging key cabinets and specialized equipment. The saved values of the company and the cost savings due to the minimization of loss cases and increasing the efficiency of the work time can amortize such investments usually within 12 months.

  • Jul 26

    Are you planning a new building? There are insulated floor panels with the mind. 30 save heating costs the idea comes from Scandinavia. To withstand the harsh climate, the Scandinavians started to underpin the floors of homes with insulation and to lay the heating pipes in the overlying concrete. For the German market, this system is not yet enough to elaborate approval process, also available, but unfortunately for the builders. That should now change: the company Floortech foundations the Thermofundament wants to make Germany’s well-known: we can work with any contractors together – each House can be built up to 2 1/2 floors on an insulated base plate. With a U-value of about 0.17, we meet one of the requirements to a KfW-Bank funded Energieeinsparverordnung to build. Speak with us and save at least 30% heating costs compared to a conventional concrete foundation.

  • Managing Director

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    Oct 13

    I build my house – self Bauhaus weather-independent even finished and build the Burener European precision industries (EPI) GmbH offers a completely new concept for the Bauhaus itself. Customers of the prefabricated house manufacturer can independently make their home in own performance under the professional guidance and set up. Itself is the man”, or I build my house” is the motto of the young company, which was founded by a team with decades of experience in building. With this innovative model, save several thousand euros in the prefab house builders and the building in less than 14 days. This special feature: The construction professionals are in the entire manufacturing and building process to the page. I’m building my house”is the motto of the Burener company, offering everything to its domestic customers, what is needed for the self Bauhaus in its own performance. Who desire new prefab House as cheap would like to meet, GmbH by the own use which significantly reduce manufacturing and construction costs may at the EPI.

    The customer created so be Self Bauhaus. “Thus offers EPI on a sometimes unique concept, in that all the interested parties with the motto I build my house” is: the client works closely with three specially selected volunteers under the direction of EPI building professionals diligently with his own Bauhaus and save money. Weather-independent building, the company provides their large house factory in the industrial area of Burener. With the EPI House manufacturer we have developed a concept, clearly stands out from the conventional production of prefabricated houses as self Bauhaus”, know Franz Peitz, Managing Director of EPI GmbH. “Regardless of weather conditions and other circumstances the customer makes his own Bauhaus successively independently true to the motto I build my house directly and quickly”. Usually, the production of prefabricated components for the self Bauhaus takes not more than eight days.