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  • Ethics

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    Sep 18

    The simple concept of Ethics would be to say that it is the research of the moral nature of the human being with the purpose of if to discover which they are its responsibilities in relation to the way of conviviality. In the reality the ethics although to share with other human enterprises in the search of the truth, if it distinguishes for the fact from wanting to take the man what it must on the basis of make the discovered truth. It agrees to point out that one is not only about a precaution, but of a lapsing in its first character. All ethical being has the capacity to reflect on its proper action verifying if it made well or badly for somebody. The Ethics can be divided in its field of research in: Christian, Philosophical, Theological, Social, Pessoal and Christian Ethical ProfissionalA are in the reality the way to weigh the man to the light of Philosophical Ethical the Divina.A revelation make responsible the man regarding what it also knows through the natural reason and in what he says respect to the secular existence. The Theological Ethics deal with that it can be used to advantage of the alleged agreements of one determined community, in regards to this life and of the future. Although enganosa the affirmation, can also be distinguished the Social and Personal Ethics.

    Why enganosa? For the fact of the man to be a social being and all its behavior has meant social. Although this, the social ethics deals with the moral consideraes that say respect to the social behavior. The professional nothing more it is that to keep the professional position, exactly at the moments most inopportune. To be an ethical person a set of valoresEmbora must be followed the concept seems forced, the ethics is not limited only to the way as we deal with the other, but in as the groups if they associate, in order to act in responsible way.

  • Aug 30

    DEEP PEACE AUTHOR. NORM AP SILVEIRA OF 26/09/09 MORAES DEEP PEACE! It is at the moments of meditation In the peace of the Celestial Sanctum That meeting in the reflection the Universal Cosmic flame In the silence of my soul the joy and the ecstasy if finds to comungar with calm and to appreciate these moments that enchant the soul if it makes receptive I appeal To it cosmic that it emanates Sprout light ideas; active to guide the life human being the love is felt with glow the PEACE grows in the heart the LIGHT surrounds then of LOVE and the love and life are GRATITUDE ****** DEEP PEACE TO ALL! LIGHT LIFE AND LOVE ******* DEAR PEOPLE! MY BETTER VOTES WITHOUT PRECONCEPTIONS ARE OS: RELIGIOUS, RACIAL OR OTHERS. OBS: CELESTIAL SANCTUM IS THE NAME THAT THE ROSACRUZES GIVE TO THE ALTAR MADE IN HOUSE FOR MEDITATION. MEDITAR IS TO ENTER IN CONTACT WITH GOD GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE; THE GOD FATHER OF OUR HEART? MEDITAR IS TO HEAR THE SILENCE OF THE HEART? MEDITAR IS TO TALK WITH GOD? MEDITAR IS TO HEAR GOD? MEDITAR IS IF TO DELIVER GOD AND TO RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS DIVINE ' ' THE LOVE IS THE ONLY FEELING THAT BACKWARDS CHANGES AND FIXES ERRORS THAT WE COMMIT, IS THE ONLY FEELING CAPABLE TO WIN THE PRIDE, THE FEAR. ONLY THE CAPABLE ONE TO PARDON, TO BE THANKFUL, TO GIVE AND TO BE. TO BE IS NOT TER' ' (MORAES NORM AP SILVEIRA).

  • Sales Manager

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    Jun 8

    Which are the orders of the manager of sales of its company? You them adimira? Recently, I read a notice of that archaeologists searching coorporativos archives of one old organization, had discovered two boards of rock, where they found recorded teachings managemental. I was surpreso when evidencing that the information in contained them, can very well, to serve of orientation to the controlling of sales of the current days, see: 1.No starts the meeting with critical the team? To criticize, mainly at the beginning of a meeting, will only serve to lower the astral, to create resentment and to inhibit the participation of the led ones; to 2.Priorizar what it is more important? Many times the manager of sales speaks of everything and she does not prioritize nothing. It is important to disclose of crystalline form the focus, so that the team knows as to act in order to reach the established goal; to 3.Ressaltar the victories and not them failures – the manager of sales must value the examples of success in sales. Citations of failures, will be very necessary to evidence, they must have the minimized importance; 4.Pergunte with intelligence – an admirable characteristic of the manager of sales, is to formulate intelligent and directed questions. Exactly that it thinks to know what led its thinks, must act as if did not know and to inquire it on the subject, thus will be able to evaluate the situation better; 5.No goes unprepared for the meeting? The manager of sales must be prepared well for the meeting with led its. He must conquer the team for the knowledge, ability and attitude and not trying to impose the force of the position; 6.Recorra to the scientific data and not it palpites? It does not find to have crystal ball to foresee the trends marketing. It appeals the statisticians of recognized source to justify its positions; 7.Revele with antecedence the points to be treat? It does not leave to evidence the guideline in the meeting. The more chemical preparation the participants will be for the meeting, more productive it will be; 8.No is if bragging on old conquests – Some veteran controlling like of supervarolizar the conquests of its time.

    No matter how hard they are marcantes and true, them they must be dealt with description and not as example of to be copied success. The led ones desire to escrerver its proper history of conquest; 9.No to collate the people? To place a person against the other in the meeting is an unforgivable error of the manager of sales. Being extremely necessary, it only makes this in closed environment and with the involved ones. The paper of the manager of sales is to add the teams to win and not to divide it; 10. It manages with examples and not with words? It does not wait that led its make what you are not capable to carry through. To demand behaviors pedestrians, the example to arrive and to leave in the foreseen schedule, to have professional behavior, to take care of of the appearance, organized being and to follow the organizacionais orders, they must not only be anchored in proper examples and with words.