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  • Apr 9

    Filing bankruptcy online, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, file Chapter 13 bankruptcy people facing bankruptcy would hope to get out of non-payable debts or hope to keep the roof over their heads by saving their home from foreclosure. Bankruptcy does and can offer a fresh financial start if your bankruptcy filing is real and successful. But frankly speaking bankruptcy filing is a protection offered by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code not found anywhere else and should’nt not be abused. Automatic stay keeps the creditors at bay while providing you a much needed reprieve to work out your financial situation.

    Filing bankruptcy online is provided by a number of companies who have a network presence nationwide. Filling up a short and quick online form on websites such as BankruptcyOnly can help you get in touch with a good Attorney, suitable for your specific needs. The bankruptcy abuse prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) (Pub.L. 109-8, 119 stat. 23, enacted April 20, 2005), is now known as the ‘New Bankruptcy Law’. Under this law people thinking of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy are required to undergo credit offer. A major economic change sought with This act is to make people more financially responsible.

    Credit counseling shows them ways and means to renew their hope and determination in dealing with the financial situation they have brought upon themselves. Selling off every non-exempt possession to get out of debt is only at extreme solution and not a means to start afresh whenever the going gets tough. Instead people can now file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to keep both exempt and non exempt properties from liquidation while paying debts with any source of income still present. These include wages, business profits, pensions, social security, child support or alimony and earnings from royalties and rents. Chapter 7 and chapter 13 address the personal bankruptcy information while the rest address corporate bankruptcies. A business, needs business bankruptcy information, finding itself in dire straits and facing bankruptcy. Chapter 11 bankruptcy deals with this. A business is allowed to continue and the profit revenue generated is used to service the debts. This helps the owners of a business, get rid of their debts while retaining their business. Only a 10 second application form stands between you and legal help. Click here