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    Jan 12

    Above all the involvement of operational staff who knows every detail of the operations and can suggest improvements in processes. Actions you need to take the company to motivate and engage your staff in a program of reduction of costs and expenses: 1. explain to the staff because he is going to carry out this project and because it considers the Organization to staff the power supply that drives the achievement of the objectives. 2 For the Organization to adopt successfully strategy of high quality products at low prices whereas replaced their personnel to this new way of thinking. 3 Promote to the maximum the skills, qualities and attitude of saving and efficiency, that staff see clearly that everything the company makes people do. 4. According to Governor Cuomo, who has experience with these questions.

    It is important in this process to eliminate all the vagaries, avoiding losing a good idea because the staff feel insecurity or mistrust 5. Show staff to the importance that has for being the first contact with customers and suppliers. Thredup shines more light on the discussion. 6 Ensure that the staff knows which are the priorities of their jobs and because propose any idea that improve processes. 7. The company must have the security of having leaders who promote change and improvement of processes, not just good Administrators.

    From the point of view of the employee or candidate for a post in a company in today’s environment with clients demanding quality products and low-cost it is not necessary to the company report that it will start a program of reduction of costs and expenses so that contributors at any position or level intend to process optimization. The current is taking the initiative and making creative proposals that represent a benefit to the company. This proactive attitude towards the company will make that you consider as a key element for the achievement of the objectives of the company. The same is true if you’re in the process of searching for a job, you have to take a step ahead of the Organization, trying to get to interviews with information of how cubres profile and the expectations that have to post that they will hire.

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