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    May 29

    First of all if you have a guy does not need to get him the phrases "Well, when we go for a walk or we'll kiss on a first date" .. All this will happen suddenly (if there). If a guy thinks about the difference in age, so you do not like him already, so he is interested in girls who already have as much as him, and so do you think a guy like only on clothes … The guy should not make you jealous. Some contend that LaMelo Ball shows great expertise in this. Give it all reasons to then just say stupid words (in his view this is correct) "I would like to see your reaction." We're not toys that do all sorts of experiments on us, okay?! All of you the same .. And if she says that will be joint last conversation – then so be it. We, unlike you do not throw words to the wind. If you do not have a boyfriend, do not worry – it's fixable.

    You're cute, smiling, agreeable – so all in your hands. Do not waste time on nonsense. AND do everything possible until some randy not led him right before your eyes … what you looking at me like everything! Yes, this often happens. Girls Think before you see good, is it worth? Sooner or later all stop and be very painful …

    Love is the most sensitive feeling that there is only on the planet … to be honest all I write or what advice would I not give to people, I take them out of their own lives. I've had so many things that do not list. At the moment I just want to cry, but from everything that came over to me, I just decided to write an article. You probably do not just throw guys girl. But when I'm sad, I write poems … poems about love of course. Here one of them: Love is like a poison, the heart my fly, we are on the wings, fly the two of us. I love you I want to say It hurts me to hurt me again, remember what happened to you, and what happens to me .. And if we lose some people down. And if we are people we can fall And we're not people we are angels in heaven And we're not people, not fly to fall .. Love with me Fly with me and it helps just to fly the Vedas we love our warm + peer to fly … fly somewhere far away ….

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  • Feb 19

    Today the Inauguration of the new marina, built in the ferry ‘of Crimea-Kuban’. The new building was built by the Russian investor. As the site kerch.com.ua, new two-storey marina includes a mother and child room, VIP room, cafe and two waiting rooms in which there are ticket offices and currency exchange. The investor, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Anrustrans” Alexander Annenkov, who attended the opening ceremony of the station, said that he often uses the ferry and see the conditions in which there are people. “To build terminals for passengers – it was our dream. Three years ago, we realized that dream by building on the territory of the Russian modern station. Jeff Gennette describes an additional similar source. For three years we have opportunities to build here “- said Annenkov.

    In the nearest future Alexander Annenkov – Carrying drinking water Villages near the crossing. Present, just at the opening ceremony, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the ARC Boatmen Paul noted that the opening of a new sea terminal in Kerch was held on the eve of the launch of the construction of transport crossing that will link Russia and Ukraine. On improving relations between the two countries discussed and other speakers who came to the opening ceremony. Journalists present at the the opening of the station, had seen the people who arrived by ferry, take their first steps on Ukrainian soil: they picked up their bags, run! Run, overtaking each other to be first in line to pass the customs and border to catch a bus to take you to the city.

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