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  • Mar 5

    The new way to make his company even better known and more successful. Kollander media in Barleben, near Magdeburg is pleased to announce, that after a long preparation time finally is the electronic business card available. For now, companies from Saxony-Anhalt and especially the State capital Magdeburg, Barleben and environment are addressed. All employers are required to carry out a free test entry on BarlebenTel.de and extensively to test the “electronic card”. Get more background information with materials from Tulip Retail. It does no matter whether it is a small business without employees or a global trading company. The electronic business card adjusts individually and can hold hundreds of phone numbers, emails, addresses or free text per entry.

    Something there of our knowledge for the first time worldwide. After a test phase, the possibility to permanently establish the contact information for each entry on the platform. Internet addresses are very popular to search engines with a phone extension and are consequently very high up in the search results listed. This means that each entry is found easily by potential clients and has immediately all contact information at a glance forward. Owners of a smart Phon or the organizers with Internet access have to tap the option in the search results directly to the telephone number that is displayed. The connection is established automatically by the device. Exactly how it works by clicking on the email. Your E-Mail program opens automatically, and the message can be written.

    Just as easily, the entire card with one click can be directly printed out or downloaded. This is the opportunity of the interested companies to improve its reputation. The order also orders can be generated, must be not explained. Bjorn Andersson, the owner of Kollander media declared that in the near future the model of electronic business cards also national and nationwide can be used. About details he wanted to not be expressed but still. Only so much: We see the Kollander media forward, to a future in which still by himself will make speeches.

  • Sep 15

    New awards for fashion week 2010 and ORGA Systems trailer Bonn. Two other awards have rounded off the year 2010 for Meavision media. “The 22 awards the corporate media master awards in Ostfildern received equal to two awards at the Bonn experts in the field of 2D and 3D animations: the award-winning projects of promotional video to the partnership between DHL and fashion week 2010” and trailer of by ORGA Systems ‘ are each have been awarded with a certificate for high standard. “In the category video in fair use” provided the elaborate production partnership between DHL and fashion week 2010 “caused a sensation. With stylish moving images which have been placed directly on the catwalks and events of international fashion week exclusively for DHL in scene and sophisticated animations Meavision media convinced the jury. The video is either non-vocal or with English speakers around the world in use, for example at the fashion weeks in New York, Berlin, Milan and Sydney. The high-quality work received special praise for the conceptual Communication performance and the creative elements. With the Orga systems company completely in 3D animated trailer a particular coup succeeded the design experts of the Meavision: A Newton pendulum in the high tech look presents the customers as a modern, unique leader in the field of real-time billing and charging. Especially the elaborate design elements and the interplay of sound and animation helped the trailer on the podium of the coveted corporate media master awards.

  • Jun 7

    Advertising in the company need to be a sophisticated strategy journalism meets PR. Independence of the media is corporate target. You think you can’t? -It’s quite that Public Relations can be designed, the reader of the message itself can recognize the added value, without thinking about bare advertising. This should be this conviction represents the PR consultant Sahab, even the aim. A press release is good, if not in any record company name or product name.

    Advertising worked then when the customer comes when he needs something. Just in time in the online media increasingly take the dominant position and each published that on the Web, what he thinks, a sophisticated communications for a company is increasingly important. Anyone can write anything though. It is also so that the things that once published on the net, are there also always find only. Also rather counterproductive or negative. Therefore you should not simply by the way make PR and marketing, but plan to do so and think through.

    To do this, there are agencies and professionals who deal every day so. The DPRG certified PR consultant Sahab, for example, specializes in small – and medium-sized enterprises. Much ‘by the way advertising’ will be written in this area, the communications expert explains. And just one could make very many mistakes. It is true that it is better to be, as that one is not talking about a company in the conversation. When the tenor but negative, there is a lot of energy, again betting to make this. Ramona Schittenhelm communications rock marketing, PR & journalism Martin 1 85107 Baar-Ebenhausen