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  • Jun 20

    Job Search on acquaintance ranked first in efficiency, according to a poll on the site. However, there is not nothing banal phase – 'want with others – start to work with him. " How to make take advantage of acquaintance with any successful person, and not lose their confidence. Myth. There is such a dream seeker – you hire a good position without prior interviews, only on the basis of trust to your friend, and work with you especially do not ask and pay well – also on the basis of trust.

    As in the joke: 'Head: You have worked very well – started a courier for six months showed themselves, and now I want to offer you the position of ceo. Subordinate: Thank you for choosing me dad. " This situation occurs in the family business, and commercial terms and in large organizations it can be found very rarely. Reality. However, to benefit from the existing business and personal relationships is not only necessary, but necessary. Information. The main benefit of using your dating is to gather information about available vacancies.

    Ask your friends about the situation at work, is there any job openings. Check out all of their singles – remember the friends, fellow students, visit the reunion – this is also your business contacts. Not afraid to ask questions about the availability of vacancies, find out more about the field activities of your friends – maybe someone of them are just looking for an employee and your skills they will fit. Recommendation. A second possible benefit may be proposal friends of your candidacy to his supervisor. This requires a fairly strong positive relationship between you and your friend. Because one must be sure that it offers. Oddly, the best in this regard, suitable business acquaintances. Because a close, family relationships is difficult to assess the professional level member of his family, although exceptions occur, and often enough. However, if you cooperate with someone on the business issues, and this cooperation has been successful, your acquaintance with greater confidence can recommend you to their company. Commercial companies are interested in valuable, efficient staff, and many companies, especially in ITsfere even pay bonuses to attract new staff, if he goes on the proposed work. You must meet the requirements which imposed on this vacancy. Because the interview you will remain alone with an employer who appreciates your professional knowledge. Obuchenie.Ne forget about the possibility of learning – sometimes your friend could free to teach you some useful specialization, which is owned by myself and that is currently in demand in the labor market. Psychological comfort. The latter, no less important aspect is the psychological comfort of a job through connections. It's hard to explain, but all other possibilities, even with a good summary and recommendations, with less stress you will experience the interview if you recommend a friend. We all have a circle of acquaintances, and it is our social connections. Trust between people – is what binds relationships, and sometimes allows you to go wherever you would never have got, is not whether you have this friend. Therefore, Meet new people, communicate with old friends, be active in establishing new contacts between devices on the new job.

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