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  • Game Development

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    Jan 7

    The game is the main instrument of raising a child, close interaction with other children and adults feed from within the child, is preventing many behavior problems, and development. Add to your understanding with Andrew Cuomo. The game has reached an understanding closeness between the child and other children, the entry into the inner world. If the basic trust in the world in infancy is formed following the positive response from parents in meeting the needs, close physical contact, when you exit from infancy to trust the world continues to take shape in the game, the gameplay communication throughout the development in the preschool and early school age. Many Parents no longer go down to the level of play in the interaction with the baby, skipping this step, thus losing an understanding of the child, losing contact with him. How to start childhood? Childhood begins with the game. Unfortunately, Recently, our children are paying less and less time playing. They watch TV more, often play computer games that require no imagination, they play easier, they are crammed with "ready" images and scenes.

    Games Children seem frivolous, carry a tremendous resource in the development of the child. To deepen your understanding fender is the source. After all finished images, stories, gameplay, the game "at one" impoverishes the inner world of the child. There is a shift in the psyche of the child because of such depletion, there are irreplaceable gaps at various stages of development. Game – it is one of the areas of creativity, manifestation of the creator of the qualities in a child. The child is able to dream, sad, laugh and be lazy and spontaneously creative and open to the unconscious desires and impulses. The game has a plot that is associated with the gaming action. Conjures up images of game action, creative thinking, making it necessary.

    When a child plays he imagines a game situation, running a fantasy, and thus formed thought. Already it is no secret that creative thinking and developed a fantasy is inextricably linked with high intelligence. The complexity of the game use regulations, the ability to play with other children accurately determine the level of the psyche of the child. And often, a child who can, apparently, to read and write before his age, is "lagging behind" and has high risk "merge" with their peers more creative, and the process of memorizing the knowledge later. Aggression or passivity – straighten the game. Ability to interact with others, the high communication abilities – are placed in the game. The high level of adaptation, improvement of immunity – are placed in the game. The game has generated the ability to influence the world, the cognitive activity of the child, what child would be in the game – such as he will figure in the adult world. The gameplay allows you to focus on emphasizing the important phenomena, events, aspects that worked out the inner child. Accenting a character, some traits contributes to the development of mechanisms of generalization, typification. As the game takes place simultaneously and enrichment – opening of new features, details and situations that complicate gameplay.

  • Mexican Gift

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    Apr 19

    Choose a gift for someone else – is not easy. By choosing a souvenir supposed to relate to the responsibility, because the gift is often not just a personality characterized by the giver, but under an hour and form relationships. Necessary take into account the personal characteristics and the donee and his commitment, passion and work. Do not forget about the ethnic aspects. For example, in Russia should not be present knives and other sharp objects piercing-. There belief that future relations will be strained, if not more – “at loggerheads”.

    Germans – the people considered to be punctual and is not recommended as a souvenir present diaries and stationery accessories that can be interpreted as a hint not punctual. Learn more at: Western Union. In Libya, never give living creatures, because it is believed that the soul of the animal communicates directly with the soul master, and if the first one is sick or dies, the soul of a man with something like this happens. China has not accepted to give clock as a sign of the transience of time. A hint of immorality perceived purity items as gifts in Japan. In France did not give women the spirits, since it is considered an insult. Traditionally, such a gift can give a husband. In India, the special restrictions on the choice of a gift is not, but here we need only to present his right hand. As the left is the source of evil. That would offend a Mexican hot enough to give way to the hair, even shampoo for example – is seen as a hint of a lack of hairiness, and as a consequence-masculinity. Great gifts for men – colleagues, bosses, friends, etc. can be found.

  • Baby Shampoo

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    Oct 28

    It is known that children need the same thing as adults, only better. This is true for shampoos. The main difference between baby shampoo – in its composition. Every mother needs to understand that the means to wash your hair baby imposed much more stringent requirements, they can be applied only mild cleaning agents, not irritating the scalp and mucous membranes of eyes and do not cause allergies. They contain mostly natural components.

    In the children's shampoos can be no strong perfumes, dyes, synthetic active ingredients, conditioning additives, which are widely used drugs for adults. The pH of shampoos for adults can be between 7 and above, children's shampoo as it should be neutral. Raw materials specifically tested for the possibility of using children's cosmetics. All these differences in the formulas associated with the peculiarities of the scalp and hair of the child. "If a healthy adult person has a protective film of the acid, which is a barrier to the penetration of microbes, the small children, this protective layer is not yet fully formed. Therefore, the skin of children is much more sensitive: harmful substances penetrate through it much faster than adults "- says Anna Vzdornova, a specialist marketing department Concern" Kalina ". "Primary hair (lanugo), which fall soon after birth, appear in the fetus in the sixth month of prenatal development – says Anastasia Maltsev, a medical consultant Bubchen. – In their place grow secondary (permanent) long hair, vellus hair on the body and limbs, hair bristling eyebrows and eyelashes.

    At birth, the baby's hair soft, thin, weakly pigmented, the depth of the hair follicles and hair papillae over the surface – mostly in the dermis and not in the subcutaneous tissue. " In general, baby shampoo – the notion of a kind. Specialists of foreign companies producing baby cosmetics, shampoos divided into three groups: children under one year, from year to three years and from three to 14 years.

  • Noel Papa

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    Nov 29

    He was what my father said one day of one many last Decembers. I felt the impact of that phrase. now? who goes to help ' ' Noel&#039 papa; '? He will be that it goes to leave this? Then I was imagining a store without movement, with the empty shelves, only with one brinquedinho here, another one there, and one velhinho stopped behind a balcony, seeing the time passing, monotonous. It was my vision of poor Noel. Iglu did not see an old one in the North Pole dying of cold in one. I was accustomed to see the store of the imported electronic Zona Franca full, toys, with a tourist mount entering and leaving. In the Christmas, then, the lights and musiquinhas revitalized everything. Now, Noel was poor, behind a balcony, without merchandises and musiquinha.

    I do not know if it was in the same year, but in an eve of Christmas vi mine two new sisters earning, each one, one joguinho cheap of xcaras of plastic. We costumvamos to gain good gifts. In that year nor he had supper. All year had one, and also visits to the grandmothers. My parents had entered in house with two small ones. I remember in the frustrate way as they had given the small gifts for them. They had said some half thing without skill. For me and oldest, nothing.

    We two are in the patio, looking at we do not know what, without saying nothing, with the faces of tacho. He started to rain, we are one there tempinho feeling the respingos, later we enter and we were to sleep. From that night, I perceived that this business of Christmas and ' ' night feliz' ' he was badly counted. Not for not having earned present, but for having seen the semblante sad of my parents. Then I started to be intent the things on the Christmas that the church does not comment, and I convinced myself exactly that it was everything badly counted, since the date of the birth of Jesus until the ornaments. Until I decided that day 24 of December a good date of confraternizao is pra me, only this, without being with weight in the conscience to be esnobando the anniversary of Jesus, therefore, after all, is not. Happily today the truth on gifts is another one. All year the foot of the tree in the house of my mother is full, overloaded of gifts, but I confess: I continue not believing the Christmas. Nor in the Noel, it mind very.

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