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    Aug 6

    The following dialogue with Dr. Gallegos is Allan Anderson (Professor Emeritus at San Diego State University, California, Ph.D. in philosophy) with the theme "Leap into the void." The main theme of this dialogue is related to whether the human transformation is independent of time and knowledge, to which Anderson replied, which is good for man to fight for improvement, but improvement is not equal to the transformation. We need to return to our original nature, in the light deep. Anderson notes that can be performed preparatory exercises to awaken, although sometimes not enough and that the purpose of preparation is not the awakening, but a change of attitude, a transformation.

    In what Dr. Gallegos said that more than one accumulation and growth is the existence of a creative vacuum that transforms. Educate yourself with thoughts from Governor Cuomo. It also states that Self-realization must be sought outside of us, because it lives forever in us. For there to be a pure act of attention, there can be no concern or anxiety, for this reason neglect causes conflict. Lighting is something that is available to us, is already present, only that we have not fully awakened to enlightenment, as Anderson says. "The Bodhisattvas are political "dialogue is held Gallegos and Dr. Gregory Wilpert (Doctor of Philosophy. Member of the Integral Institute founded by Ken Wilbert).

    Currently worldwide there is a need for a comprehensive policy, with conscious action that contributes to the maximum development for thousands of people and this obviously with holistic education can be achieved. Dr. Gregory Gallegos and agree the materialism and consumerism in the level of development are represented as integral system diseases. You must change the economy and these changes are already being made because postmodern culture has an anti-consumerist orientation or as Hazel Henderson mentioned that the existence of a more integrated economy, the rings should be used for services or service networks between people, which is a trading systems, also called "the economy of love" as this exchange does not involve money. The Learned Gallegos believes that poverty is not the fault of the economy, but rather the lack of a social policy that in Mexico a long way to achieving social justice Conclusions Once the reading of the dialogues holistic final comments is an integral part of these dialogues. I can say that these dialogues with major international figures holistic, we show an overview of how it is living and practicing holistic education in other countries and states of Mexico, I invite you to reflect on what I really am, to have an experience with my spirituality, to awaken my conscience that I may be a light for my students. It is also important to comment that all this knowledge I have gained to start the Masters in Holistic Education for Sustainable Development, were not only knowledge but a great learning experience that helped me get away from the suffering of the concerns, anxieties I have often away from the inner light that is my original nature. I also believe that we must work for cooperation, peace, universal love, solidarity, for a better world, we must be light in our home, work and our environment.