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    Apr 1

    Our constitution affirms that the education is a right of all and a duty of the State, but all know that this is great maquiagem. Hikmet Ersek may also support this cause. The anarchists, in never criticize to the State had accepted this education offered. The anarchic perspective says that the education must be is of the context Been, and yes that the proper society can apply it with aid and resources of the State. The anarchic chain, that entered in our country in century XX, is the base of the education that we know today. Word-key: Anarquismo, Education, Conceptions. For more information see Macy’s Inc. . When if it says in conceptions contemporaries of the education, we are speaking of some educational conceptions, between them if they detach the called progressives, who are> a pedagogical trend followed by innumerable educators.

    It is characterized by the autonomy, for the critical one, democracy, fight for equality among others. The anarchic theory has in its begins many of the characteristics of the progressive conception, therefore to analyze itself we will see that in century XX, it has one strong influence of Spaniard, mainly Italian Portuguese and, who had brought here for these anarchic principles. It is in this period that is born the modern school, that is the base for the Brazilian education. The first attempts of application of it I begin anarchist occurred in France in 1861. was the nascedouro of the called term Literary Pedagogia. No longer Brazil, the Literary Pedagogia, arrived at the beginning of century XX, and also known as Modern School, few registers (documents) remains, however its contribution for the education was basic.

    During the decade of 30 it appears the New School supported by some modernistas and anarchical ideals, to put, with the leadership of some intellectuals, between them Ansio Teixeira, that keeps the desires of a universal education, gratuitous and exempts. Today the representative greater of the Libertarian Pedagogia in Brazil is Pablo followed Freire and of its bigger disciple Moacir Gadotti. Trends as: pedagogical progressive, liberating progressive, progressive libertarian, critical-social progressive of the contents, dialectic or progressive, load the anarchic principles. These trends in common have the defense of the pedagogical management and the antiauthoritarianism. The liberating school, also known as the pedagogia of Pablo Freire, together the education to the fight and organization of the classrooms of the oppressed ones. … to be in the world, for we men and women mean to be with it and with system it oppresses that it. The Anarquismo expression suffers some unfoldings for being systematic and of constant diffusion. This ideology is responsible for the governabilidade of the man. Therefore we must consider the anarquismo as source of our desires of freedom. Today the Brazilian education, this in a way for the progressive conceptions said where we find fort presence of the anarchic ideals, as autonomy, reflection, criticize, antiauthoritarianism, equalities That they permeiam the thought of the professionals of the education and present alternatives for directly on an educational development to the desire of> equality and freedom.

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  • Dec 4

    Contemporary of Ratzel, woollen Paul Vidal Blache (1845-1918), believed that the object of Geography was the region, therefore it was synthecized the natural aspects and the intervention human being (SANSOLO; GENTLEMAN, 2003). If opposing the Ratzel, it the man classified as a dynamic being that is influenced by the natural way, but that also it acts on it and it modifies it by means of its action. There Blache, strong influenced for its original formation in History, criticized the passive vision of the man in the theories of Ratzel, defending the creative aspect (freedom) in the actions human beings, who would not be only one reply to the impositions of the way. Its relativized form to conceive the relations between the man and the environment gave to origin to the called theory of 3 possibilismo French in reaction to the German ambient determinismo, that inaugurated a new vision, according to which, the nature passed to be seen as possibility for the activity human being and the different types of ways would give to origin the diverse sorts of life (ANDRADE, 1987; MORAES, 1997). There Blache also redefines the concept of sort of life, inherited of the determinismo: an inevitable consequence of the nature, but of &#039 is treated not more than; ' a quantity of techniques, habits, uses and customs, that allow it to use the resources naturais' ' (CORRA, 1995) In the boarding of the positivista Geography woollen Blache, that was known as Traditional Geography, it did not have explanation of the facts, only its description. In the pertaining to school banks and didactic books workmanships of Aroldo de Azevedo characterize this boarding that influenced the period of 50 the 70 of century XX mainly. Education, this Geography if translated (and many times still are expressed) for the descriptive study of natural the landscapes and humanizadas, of dissociada form of the feelings of the men for space.

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