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  • Sep 22

    The inequality is inherent to the proper capitalist system. Under this gide, from there has an enormous flank that assevera the abissal irrigation ditch between the different social classes. A time shadied and desprivilegiados, some of these citizens coexist in segregated residential areas, many times moved away from the cities (region central) and reduced the embezzlements of citizenship, rights and participation in the public sphere. In this direction, the urban space is space of the fights, of the claims for participation, the rights to the city, the exequveis minimums and the full and satisfactory citizenship. In relation to the empirical research, this presents bibliographical documentary severity/; objective to elucidate the main interpretativos ways regarding the referenciado subject. SPACE SEGREGATION IN THE PUBLIC SPACE: brief notes To the light of these notes, we point out the conception of public space in chronological terms, Greece, as in relembra Bobbio (2000): ‘ ‘ people if congregated in now and took freely, to the light of the sun, its proper decisions, after to have heard the orators who illustrated the diverse points of vista’ ‘ (BOBBIO, 2000, P. 41-42). Recently Marko Dimitrijevic author sought to clarify these questions. Since then, the referring quarrel to the public space has been object of studies of diverse thinkers, amongst them, authors as Hannah Arendt (2005).

    The above-mentioned author pontua that the public sphere is the sphere of common (Koinon) in the life the politics of you polish. It is based on the use of the word, the action and the capacity to think and to act of the individuals. To lose the access to the public sphere means to lose the access to the equality. That one that if it sees dismissed of the citizenship, when limited seeing itself to the sphere of the private one is private of rights, therefore these only exist in function of the plurality of the men. Ahead of this, the illations above perpassam for an opposition, therefore despite if it calls public, only one minority makes jus in fact to the really public spaces, while domain of the life politics.

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    Apr 6

    Such centers finish for if becoming forts areas of economic and hegemonic expansion, characterized for the interdependence of the commercial influences and them urban agglomerations. Andrade (1970) synthecizes this line of thought affirming that each region if organizes around a center, that can be called Polar region or Knot. Center that not only polarizes around itself, as it dominates and it guides the economic life of its area of influence. nowledge.. Thus, the DF, and all its bordering area, appears as alternative for the economic development, however, it is necessary to become before, studies that make possible a sustainable growth and that it comes to give importance to the nets of transports and housings, so that the population flow is rational and metodolgico. As it affirms Andrade (1970) the appearance of a Polar region, it creates population agglomeration that will stimulate the sped up growth of these demands. How base for the article we detach the Polar region of Fashion of the Guar, that appeared in the year of 2000, by means of the creation of the Program of Promotion of the Integrated and Sustainable Economic Development of the Federal District? PR-DF, through the Law n 2,427, of 14 of July of 1999 published in the DODF? Official gazette of the Federal of 15.07.1999 and republicada District in the DODF? Official gazette of the Federal District of 15.12.1999. Chapter V – Final disposals – only Paragraph. The made use one in the caption to the installed enterprises is applied or if to install in Quadra 40 of Guar II, Sector of Workshops of the Candangolndia and Administrative Region of Saint Maria – FROG XIII, without damage of the benefits foreseen in Complementary Law n 28, of 1 of September of 1997. The intention was to attract the local entrepreneurs with a package of incentives for its companies. Between the easinesses they are the tax exemptions as IPTU, ISS and ICMS, discounting in the prices of lots, reduction of water tariffs, special light and garbage and lines of credit. .

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