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    Jun 22

    The disagreeable part of the trips around the globe – the jet lag or hour decompensation – sometimes can be so strong that you will begin to think that will never return to sleep again. Or talvez that never will wake up again. It depends on the hour. If it pricked gusanillo to him of trip and is trying to restore his internal clock over a few hour zones, perhaps it wishes to consider these simple advice to obtain that its body adjusts in schedule with its destiny. After all, he would not be the best one of the vacations if all the day in a faint in the room of the hotel went. 1. It takes much liquid during the flight. Part than feels when it lands in a new hour zone is exhaustion by the lack of dream, but another part is by dehydration.

    The air of the airplane is extremely dry, and if you are not careful to take sufficient nonalcoholic drinks, it will finish still more exhausted of the necessary thing. 2. It tries to sleep in his flight. The jet lag is more difficult to surpass if it is not well rested, to begin. In order to help to the capture on board some zzzz him, it tries to use some aid to sleep, like a mask, corks for the ears, and a pillow. If it has a very long flight (eight hours or more), is possible that it wishes to consider a tablet to sleep, like Ambien.

    3. When landing in his destiny, it tries to remain wide-awake up to one hour reasonable to lie down (according to its new location). Unless it lands very early in the morning and it does not believe that it can at least hold 12 hours until the hour to sleep, tries to avoid the siestas at all costs. Simply it will send to his body all the mistaken messages to him. 4. Once it arrives at his destiny, it tries to absorb as much light solar as it is possible. The light of the sun not only will help to that it awakes, but also will help him to convince to its body that it is by day, although ” for usted” it continues being at night. 5. After days to later lie down a little (or a little more early, according to if it has traveled to the east or to the west) all the nights, its body would have to start up and it must not have problems to adapt to its new hour zone. If it continues having insomnia, lack of dream and an incapacity to wake up in the morning and to feel or rested after more than 3 or 4 days, it can again consider the aid of a Ambien. This tablet to sleep will help to lie down him to one hour reasonable (on which you have the control) and after eight hours, will wake up feeling rejuvenecido. After a day or two of this training of the dream, you would have to return to normality.

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